Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Austrian Grand Prix

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Ring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Austrian Grand Prix.

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2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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134 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Austrian Grand Prix”

  1. 4/10

    It started off well, but after 30 laps or so things just fell flat. Can’t think of a single exciting thing that happened in the second half of the race.

    Lovely track though, although the overlaid ads became annoying and a bit of a running joke in the live chat I was taking part in.

    1. If Lewis had not lost 9 tenths in the first stop, he could have been pressuring Rosberg after the first stops, and not stuck behind Bottas. If Rosberg ran wide with Hamilton on his tail it’s conceivable that Hamilton would have won it!

      1. if…if…

        1. If ifs and buts were pots and pans we’d all be scrap metal merchants.

      2. If…if…if it wasn’t Rosberg it was something else….
        6/10 Wasn’t anything special…since Mercedes got in front the race stopped and was like a tour the Austria….

        1. *to Austria

    2. That live chat wouldn’t happen to be on VIPSports would it, @pjtierney ?

      1. Nope, Reddit.

  2. 7. Decent race. Different strategies made the race interesting and also there wasn’t too much artificial overtaking, but obviously the final result was inevitable.

    1. this was what i liked about it. the DRS didn’t make overtaking farcical. it maybe allowed drivers to get closer at turn1 and then they could get a normal slipstream up the hill to turn 2. there weren’t too many motorway passes (apart from bottas on rosberg on lap 1, but that was just pure speed – and he needed a decent tow to do it).

      this should be a lesson – use the DRS to get cars closer, not to make pass boringly easy. so in canada, the DRS should be on the straight before the hairpin, not after it.

  3. 8. Lovely turn up of the Austrians. Great crowd and atmosphere. Decent racing, although less exiting at the end.

  4. Great race, great overtaking. I feel bad for Massa though.

    1. Why? His racepace wasn’t good enough compared to his teammate. As usual.

      1. Exactly. I just don’t think Massa has the raw speed anymore.

        Bottas on the other hand has future champion contender written all over him.

        1. Yh, i mean, pole position shows hes really slow….

      2. Well yeah, exactly. That’s obvious, and exactly why I feel bad for him. He must have thought he had a shot at the win or a podium after that pole, and then reality set in.

    2. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      22nd June 2014, 15:51

      Flexibility to outdo the tyres is the difference between Mercedes and Williams today.

  5. 6. The reason is because I really like this circuit. The race was boring, almost from beginning to the end.

  6. Great start but then became a bit boring! Pity the Williams can’t keep up, great race by Perez and Ferrari still struggling to move up! dropping Raikkonen would be a great help!

    1. Ferrari are dropping Raikkonen all by themselves by failing to pit him when he needs it and by terrible strategy calls from the pit wall.

      1. Yep, sometimes I think they are doing it on purpose.

        1. Just accept Massa is a better dirver than Kimi. I maintain if Alo was in the Lotus he would be WC. Kimi is being made look silly

          1. What you write is really funny. Massa will never be the driver that Raikkonen is, if Alonso would have been at Lotus, he would have LOST the championship to Vettel in 2013 and the year before! But you can always dream about fairytales…

        2. after this race i am sure they do it on purpose..

          1. I doubt that. After all, why drop MAS if they were going to treat RAI just the same. Ferrari also lost millions by hiring RAI. They pay him a lot more money than MAS… but the results are just the same. So, they dropped MAS because they needed a driver to do a better job, add more points for Ferrari in the WCC than Massa used to do. Yeah, I think that Alonso is the driver they think about 1st between the 2, but I also think that is 100% based on their performance. ALO just beat RAI almost every time -> he proved he’s doing a better job with the same equipment. What would you wan them to do, compromise ALO race just to get RAI 1-2 more places ahead? A 5th and a 10th somehow look better than a 7th and an 8th. If things would have been opposite, I’m pretty sure Ferrari would have gave RAI the priority. But it didn’t happen. Same thing happened with Massa.

          2. michael last time i knew Rai was right up their 2012, you telling me he was in a slwer car than FA. Just accept it Rai went downhill ever since 07. Beat by Massa in 08 and 09. And was getting beat by Grosjean last year, whi is no Alonso. Rai is slower than Massa lol it is a fact. Today is embarrasing

      2. I feared this when I heard Raikkonen was going back to Ferrari after what happened when he was there before. Lotus only needed some more capital and maybe a bit of better tactic-guys, but other than that I think Raikkonen was really happy there and they really made an effort to give all he&Grosjean needed. The “other” option might have been RBR (atleast was speculated) and I really would’ve liked to see him accompany Vettel. Ferrari = politics, has been and will be until eternity (or until top management changes).

        1. To be honest since Germany last year he’s been comprehensively beaten by his team-mate- Grosjean as well as Alonso. He’s got the look of an ex-champ in a downward spiral he’s not able to get out of – think of Hill and Villeneuve at the end of their careers.

          1. just can’t understand their strategies…why do they call Kimi in so late all the time..even when Alonso’s race is gonna get compromised…in spain Kimi is in front and yet alonso can go in first but not kimi..why??
            it is true Kimi is also struggling..but i feel the way ferrari are treating him..and the way they are just concentrating on one driver is also the cause for Kimi’s lack of improvement in performance..every race it feels as if they’ve just given up on the other car..it feels like ferrari has only a single car on the track every race…they need to help kimi..he’s got the speed…i’m sure if they help him and concentrate on his race too..he will get the confidence

          2. @danieru That is true. Though we might feel it’s for different reasons because we don’t know it for sure. Being 1,5 out of 2 years well ahead of your teammate and suddenly dropping the ball on the last 6 months could be what you said. It also could be reaction to not being paid in the last 18 months. It could be reaction for eyeing another team already and not giving a flying f what happens to the team during the last races. Or something else. But as many commented when he came back with Lotus, he was invigorated and doing a very, very solid job. That’s undeniable.

  7. 6/10, I’m afraid. No real fight for the lead until the last 3 laps. The previous Austrian GP 2003 was way better. Still remember Schumi on fire and him calmly driving away.

  8. Perez for DOTW..

    1. Being out-qualified by your teammate on Saturday doesn’t make up for his good race on Sunday IMO

      1. Huh…. so when was qualifying more important than racing results. He had a great race… gained 10 positions overall.

        1. It’s not, but a driver of the weekend also needs to have a good qualifying for me ;-)

      2. What? You’re a Ros fan and Ham was far more impressive than Ros. Sure his qualifying did not help. Ham would have been gone he would nothave won by 2seconds.

        1. You know Dan, Sometimes you need to READ the comments instead of always assuming that it’s about Rosberg VS Hamilton. @sushant008 said PEREZ for DOTW, to which I replied that in my opinion you aren’t a worthy “driver of the weekend” if you are outqualified by your teammate and don’t make the cut for Q3.
          It was NOT a pro-Rosberg argument, so go and proclaim your love for Hamilton in an other section of the comments, thank you!

        2. This Dan is hilarious. He has made about 15-20 posts about how HAM shoulda, coulda, woulda and nothing else. You can scrap 14-19 posts and we already got it that you’re diehard HAM fan and can’t give credit to anyone else in the grid.

          1. @lari Ros is a match for Ham in race pace it is very close is that not a compliment?. Sorry mate but he has one world tile i want him to have same luck as his teammate. Why hate on me because i like Hamilton? It is just hard for Alo and Ham fans who we all no their better than Vettel. And Vttel has 4 world titles. 05,06, 08 is long fr those paticular fans. And Gilles sorry my firnd i misread you’re post. I meant it as you said a driver who makes a mistake in qalify does not make up for in race. I meant Ham did that was all

          2. @Dan I don’t hate you, I don’t hate Hamilton fans, I only hate what/how ppl like you write. Like for example your response to Gilles just shows how much you pay attention to other posts and how blindly you respond to everything with only 1 thing in mind.

    2. I would say Alonso or Bottas personally

    3. I would say that more drivers should look into using the harder tyres for their first stint. It’s obviously the better strategy.

      Although current regulations make that pretty much impossible other than missing out on Q3 (like Perez keeps doing). Not sure what the idea was to fix tyres on the fastest lap in Q2, but it has definitely made sure there will be no different strategies among the drivers going through to Q3.

      1. @patrickl, you are quite right, everything they do with the crappy tyres makes the racing worse not better. Anyone care to explain to me how the teams were supposed to “get on top” of tyre management when the tyres are so badly affected by the track temperature difference between qualifying and the race and the cars are locked in parc-ferme ? it’s just another random effect favouring some and handicapping others, otherwise called dumb luck, and after the novelty wears off it just adds to frustration for teams and fans.

  9. 8/10. Lovely track, this really punishes mistakes… being a little bit off line is really harmful for your laptime.

    The race itself was great, sad it took too much to get it going again after the 2nd pitstop.

    Score not better because of all the Red Bull related, irrelevant stuff. Showing Dietrich signing autographs mid race, the cheeky tv print on the track saying “Congratulations Mr Dietrich”… I understand it’s basically their race, but there are cleverer ways… the end for example, with everyone in the grandstands showing the austrian flag, and the bull sculpture in the middle of the track. The rest is just cheap stuff that annoys viewers. Show the race instead !

    1. At what point in the race the “congratulations mr dietrich” shown? I seem to have missed it

  10. It was a pretty good race until the second stops. Fantastic opening lap as Hamilton charged through the field. Once the Mercedes cleared the Williams it seemed to settle down a bit though. I’m quite disappointed the brake issues the Mercedes seemed to be having stopped them from having a square go for the lead in the dying laps. Really pleased that Bottas managed to grab his first podium.

    1. Petered out a bit yeah. Lovely track to look at, but it seems these cars have trouble getting past.

    2. Yep, that’s how I see it too, quite a good race but the last bit was a bit flat. Still an 7.5 for me, I think.

  11. An hesitating GP. When you take a look at the live timing and see that a driver is less than one second to another, you expect some racing action.

    At this track, you can overtake at Turn 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Seen in GP3 & GP2…

    Kudos to Bo77as.

    1. @jeff1s I think it was mainly due to the tires – it was very close to make the 2 stop work. If the tires were closer to a 1-2 stop window then all on 2 stops would have risked a bit more.

  12. 7/10.

    Not as thrilling as some other races this year but there was plenty of close racing, Some good overtaking & some other bits of interest/excitement through the race.

    Overall I enjoyed it.

  13. This was a typical 90s race. Boring nontheless, coming from a Williams fan. Happy with the result. For me it looked like Williams never really expected to be even contenders and just went for 3rd and 4th which they knew was easy pickings in a normal race.

    Also a shame we didn’t get to see a great recovery race from Hamilton. He just had a brilliant start and was in P4 already. Might have spiced things up a bit.

    Also did anyone else notice the different lines through T2 Alonso, Massa, Button and Bottas took? Seems like an old habbit and Massa told Bottas it’s faster or something.

    1. Williams dropping the ball and underachieving, as usual this year.

      1. 3+4 was an optimal result… unless they threw the dice and tried to back up cars behind. But that risks dropping to like 6+7 if you run out of tyres at the end.

      2. @julianwins Dropping ball? You honestly believe they could’ve challenge the Mercs without any technical probles for them? Stop dreaming. Williams did the maximum they could with their current speed, no doubt about that.

      3. Sad thing is that i don’t think they dropped the ball – They never even picked it up. Williams not pitting Massa until two laps after Lewis was their way of letting Mercedes know that they didn’t want 1st or 2nd. I think this contributed to it being a rather dull race.

      4. I really think they need to work on their pitstops, Massa’s again being slower than Bottas’

    2. Also another thing that bothered me was the it almost looked like there were only 5 cars racing at some point. It was obvious nothing was going to happen, show some other cars then…

      1. As usual, there were plenty of passes down the field that the TV director didn’t bother to show us.

      2. The FOM director (again) did his best to miss all the live action.

  14. 6/10 just dissappointed after the first lap because of both red bulls and then the race wasnt all that exciting

  15. 8/10 – good race. Unfortunately no one could get even close to Merc and ROS was too cool to let HAM anywhere near a chance.

  16. 6. Was expecting much more. Was tense for the first 20 laps, but then got set on rails pretty much… Also, the broadcast… we haven’t seen much of what was happening further down the field. Or was it because nothing was happening?

  17. 7/10, that 1.9s extra time in the pits for HAM vs ROS cost us an interesting finale over the latter laps!

    1. It is really disappointing to see slower pit stops for Lewis. I feel Merc wants to give more advantage to Nico. Sick team :(

      1. They seem very consistent in making a slower pit stop when Hamilton comes in.

        1. @alokin and @paeschli Do you people really believe that Mercedes on purpose give Hamilton slower pitstops?

          Crazy (young) folk, them Hamilton fans.

          1. I don’t think its the team doing it on purpose. Maybe its how Hamilton parks the car. Rosberg seems to come in much faster and the crew seem to really throw things at the car. Hamilton’s stops seem lethargic the crew place the wheels on much more and he pulls to a stop much slower. Its really something they need to work on as its happens in a few races now and when they are battling for every 10th on track, to lose two seconds in the pits is costing Hamilton.

          2. It is not once, it has been observed that it is only Lewis gets slower pit stops. why can’t they work on it and solve it. when Nico was getting poor start they took Lewis’s help to solve it. If they think it is something car positioning then they should work together and solve it and give fair opportunity to both.

          3. @xtwl, it does seem to consistently happen to Hamilton though, I am wondering if higher temperatures in the brakes and hubs is making wheel removal more difficult.

      2. As a Hamilton fan getting frustrated with his luck this year (as in my view he should be BLITZING this), I really cannot understand this crazy talk. Can you recall just ONE race ago, Rosberg delayed at his second stop by one second which contributed to Hamilton jumping him? It was wasted anyway because his car died that same lap, but still. The picking and choosing of events to back up a theory whilst ignoring everything else that doesn’t back up the same theory is not a good statistical analysis.

  18. 7. Solid race but predictable result, although after a lot of action.

  19. 5/10, I slept through the last 30 laps.

  20. 8/10 Great race track. Good race by Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Perez and Magnussen. Now that he has gotten a Little bit of F1 experience all rookie Kevin Magnussen needs is a fast car and he will in top in most races.

  21. 5/10. Boring race and I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. Expectations very high after yesterday’s qualifying, but they didn’t materialize. Familiar faces on the podium (except for Bottas), not much action on track, because Mercedes were playing waiting game to get past Williams and latter were just trying to collect their points. Another failure for Vettel, I’m starting to feel very sorry for him. And finally, a few champions fighting (they didn’t really) for the last point (what a shame).

  22. great 1st lap from lewis.. from then on, nothing but strategy… to be honest, pretty boring race… Merc didn’t allow their drivers to race until the very last lap.. that take away the show.. Canada was intense .. compared to that its nugget of Canada…i guess this season is going to be boring with more and more Merc team orders (not to mention well in their terms boring race management)… unless some hell broke lose at Merc

    1. @fractal Thank you for also spotting Hamilton his poor race. Brilliant start but very average race for his doing.

  23. Good, solid 7. Great racing through until the end but lacked a bit of drama.

  24. Keith, could you post the Merc pit stops, of both drivers, since the begining of this current Championship?

  25. decent, but after canada it was hard for this to get a good rating.

  26. A bit of a dull race. Mercedes one-two as usual. 7/10.

    1. But still a 7?

  27. 8 lovely track nice atmosphere rd the circuit and DOTW perez

  28. Gave it a 6, mainly for the Williams.
    The race somehow failed to provide real excitement. The best overtake goes to Ricciardo who managed to pass a Mercedes engine driven by Hulkenberg, that was wheel to wheel action. But definitely the fuel management does not produce any good, everyone slowing down at the end of the race, what a nonsense.

    1. Absolutely! That overtake by Ricciardo was amazing! When they showed it in replay from the incar camera of Ricciardo, it was several corners of neck and neck driving. Great balls of fire on RIC :)

  29. I gave it a 5. Meh. Looked promising but lasted two laps.
    And on top of that, no drama between the two cars till the last three.

  30. 7/10 for the race. Some nice although rare overtakes and a good battle between Williams and Mercedes (and Perez) in the first half of the race. Now I’m off to watch the WTCC.

    Wait a minute!!! It was on at the same time as the F1! DOH! :p

  31. 5/10
    Nice track and atmosphere.
    First 3 laps and last 2 laps where interesting, but the rest of the race bored me to death…

  32. Somewhere between 6 and 7. I’m gonna rate it the latter since I’m happy with the fact that F1 is back on a classic circuit that can (and I’m sure it will) produce great races.

    Other than that, an anti-climatic race to yesterday’s quali session. With such a close field I would have guessed we’d have much more on-track shuffling for position. Instead we got a typical strategic race which, while I’m sure it provides the piece of the cake for some, doesn’t entirely cut it for me.

    Nothing against this season, really, but watching Vettel retire again, Raikkonen struggling with lack of power, Button struggling with lack of grip, various drivers struggling with the brakes and so on makes me wonder if the new regulations really achieved any of their goals in leveling the field up and making the competition closer and more entertaining. Were there even such goals? Because watching Red Bull (when they’re functional) and Williams (when it doesn’t rain) take turns every other GP in chasing Mercedes down with no result, while everyone else stands around watching hopelessly, is going to eventually become terribly boring by the end of the season, whether there is a fight between the Mercs for the championship or not.

    Thinking about how the FIA are looking at all sorts of gimmicks like standing restarts, in order to increase overtaking chances and make the whole competition seem even more artificial, while the gaps between the teams seem to increase even with the new rulebook is a little bit baffling to me.

    1. @tony031r

      makes me wonder if the new regulations really achieved any of their goals in leveling the field up and making the competition closer and more entertaining. Were there even such goals?

      Well, no. The point of the new rules was to give the manufacturers the engines they wanted, stop them from leaving and try to encourage more of them to come in.

  33. 7/10
    There was no real fight amongst the top four, positions were settled during the pit stops. The result was inevitable, but a little more fight would have been nice to see. Though the track seems simple I was happy to see drivers on the limit with small mistakes at turns 3 and 7.

  34. A normal “borefest” is a 6/10 for me.

    This race was 7/10.

    The result was somewhat predictable and there were not failures like the Team brackley cars had in canada or the Canadian Marathon in 2011. No crashes, no SC.

    No, FIA, Don’t try to raise my ratings, I gave a 7, I’d say the race was a bit boring, but I’m anything but disappointed with that – apart from DRS and the Super Bonus Double Points Season Finale Bonanza that is.

  35. 7.
    An Okay race that could keep you watching with a trip or two to bathroom or the kitchen. A bit processional but there were are few few racing developments to look forward to.

  36. Oops, pressed 6 while I mean 7.. Love the track, but have to be a bit harsh on the lack of overtaking and the fact I missed nothing getting drinks and even printing something for my studies twice..

    If we’re talking atmosphere and how much I would have liked to be there, It’d be a 9, though.

  37. Overall The race started promising, but quickly became very boring. As much as I enjoy watching F1, this was one of the bad ones. Surely there was plenty overtaking, but there was no real excitement. And sadly that is the case in more and more races. Not just this year but in recent years too.

  38. 10/10. Great race, great track, great winner.

  39. It’s such a pity Mercedes seem to favour Nico over Lewis. I can’t believe Lewis lost 3 seconds alone in the pits in Austria, I think it has happened at other GPs too. If Lewis’ second stop had been a low 2 second stop (similar to Bottas’) or even slightly slower, Lewis would have been ahead of Nico when Nico came out of the pits, then Lewis could have stretched out a lead over Nico, since Lewis was clearly the faster driver of the two this weekend. However, it was an epic first lap by Lewis, and I think that must have earned him best drive, although Bottas had a very good race too.

    1. @williamstuart That is nonsense. They even pitted Hamilton before Rosberg, despite being behind, with the aim to ease the overtake on Bottas. Lewis just screwed his quali, there is not really much else to say.

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t entirely serious, and after saying that I heard that the ‘cake tins’ (is that what they’re called?!) on Hamilton’s wheels were slightly damaged, meaning it took slightly longer to change wheels. But do you think it is possible for Mercedes to be slightly favourable to Nico because it’s a German owned and funded team? But that is incredibly unlikely and I think they’re most likely not interfering with the drivers championship in the end.

  40. 6/10

    This track has very nice environment, but the race was not too exciting.

  41. just plain boring race

    1. No where near as boring as your comment.

  42. Neil (@neilosjames)
    22nd June 2014, 16:28

    Not a great race, but I give it an extra mark or two for Bottas on the podium and Hamilton’s first lap.

    Too much running close together with no real challenging.

  43. I gave it 4/10.I was hoping for a close race after qualy,and Massa to be on the podium.Bad pitstops compromised his race.BTW congatulations to Bottas for his first podium.Maybe if the temperatures were lower the williams might be going for the win too.

    1. Yeah it’s frustrating after seeing the speed of Bottas’ pit stops, a similar situation to Mercedes I think.

  44. Far from the best race, but also far from the worst.

    Impressive drives by Perez, Bottas, and Massa, even though Williams really screwed their drivers up on pit strategy. Alonso did well to bring the car home in P5 while Raikkonen yet again showed that maybe Felipe Massa wasn’t all that bad the last few years. Shame Hamilton didn’t have the time or the pace to bring it to Rosberg at the end, those pitstops were costly. 7/10

  45. In the next GP Lewis should ask to make his pits in Marussia garage…they seems pretty much faster. It’s the only way tho get a fair treatment…

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how unfair would you say Jos Verstappen’s pit fire was at Hockenheim in 1994, while Schumacher’s pitstops went smoothly? Or Bruni’s pit fire, while Baumgartner’s stops were fine?

      What about that time those pesky Ferrari mechanics gave an advantage to Mika Salo by forgetting to bring all 4 wheels to Irvine’s stop at the 1999 European GP?

      Then again, Mercedes did of course have benefited Rosberg before, dating as far back as the 2012 Chinese GP when they ‘forgot’ to attach all wheels to Schumacher’s car. You can’t trust those pesky pit crews, working under such light pressure, with so little that can go wrong!


      1. I’m nothing talking about one race…it’s been consistent from the begining of the championship.
        Some say that is Lewis fault because he’s not parking correctly…but he used to park well when he was on McLaren…doing 2.3 on pits…

        1. Looks like I’m playing chess with a pigeon again..

          1. +1 lmao :D

          2. hahaha, @npf1 shame we don’t have a section called “cheeky/funny comments of the day”, you would feature tomorrow

  46. Good start then became very boring. I started playing FIFA 2014 and just listening to the race around lap 50. There is clearly a problem when several teams have brake issues at a circuit that shouldn’t be too difficult on brakes. On top of that, the teams all seem to be managing things until the last few laps when they know they have the brakes, fuel and tires to push, and that period of management is very boring.

  47. 2/10

    Great track, never expected the race to be that boring. Williams did everything strategy-wise not to get in Mercedes’ way. Great drive from Perez though.

  48. 6: The radio communications got me thinking it’s only a matter of time before Google arrive with a self driving car.
    Robotic racing and very dull. + the cars look and sound like ****.

  49. There was a Mercedes battle at the front, but this was no Barhain, despite Mercedes’ excited tweets suggesting otherwise. As soon as Hamilton’s engineer came on the radio urging him to cool his brakes, even before he was really attacking, it never looked like he could challenge Rosberg on track. Still, I thought it was an interesting race with Williams leading intially, and with Perez once again spicing up things at the front. 7/10.

  50. 7/10 Pretty entertaining race thanks to Williams and Perez managing to keep up with Mercedes for a bit. The back five of the top ten was close, and Hamilton pressuring Rosberg all race long created some good tension.

    Were it not for the brakes-saving, we might have had more wheel-to-wheel racing and a stronger contest from Hamilton for the lead instead of the usual slower middle stint of the race.

  51. I actually gave this a 9 because I was totally enthralled to see NR get to first place and keep it all the while expecting until the very end that either LH would catch him or would NR bobble a bit and suddenly have LH even closer. I knew LH had the car to work his way up the field but just not so quickly, so I got worried for NR right away, yet he didn’t crack under the pressure. He did go wide at one point, which added to my concern for him keeping it together, but he did. I think this is only going to strengthen NR’s resolve, especially knowing that he might have had an easier go of it today had he not had to abort his quali lap when LH went off. I am always glad when DRS isn’t as effective and we don’t see gift passing from it.

  52. Want to rate 6.5, but have gone for 7 rather than 6 simply because of the track. It just looked good to watch the cars driving around it.

    Otherwise… It was just a nice simple average solid race. Wasn’t fully engaged but was never bored either. There was enough going on on-track that was pretty good to watch, some decent overtakes, some decent racing, all that add up to make it a nice race to watch. I’m glad F1 is back at this track.

  53. Nothing special. Massa and Bottas could’ve had it but there was some screwy strategy on their part. And the overlaid ads were an absolute joke. FOM needs to stop with those. And the whole “Congratulations Mateschitz, thanks Bernie” thing was real dumb

  54. As someone in the crowd. I’d have to say its a nine for atmosphere etc. But sadly maybe a seven for the race. After yesterday qualifying I maybe expected a more exciting race.

  55. 5/10 race for me, there was so little action up at the front, and even though there was plenty of action behind again the FOM director decided to focus on everything except the battles going on on track. Even though I love the sport it’s quite clear why it’s not gaining new fans.

  56. 7/10

    Most has already been said, except: Did all of you miss that last lap pass from Ricciardo on Hülkenberg around the outside of turn 5, after running side-by-side through 3 and 4? I was close to give the race a 6/10 until that.

  57. Gave it a 9, but a very long way from the excellent Canadian race… Wished FMassa finished better but it is very refreshing to see some different drivers/teams in the points. Both force india in points, RedBull must be pulling their hair out with the DNFs for SVettle …. feeling just a tad more sorry for Seb … remember FAlonso’s statement last year about SVettle will run out of luck …. well it probably took longer than Alonzo thought but it has become painfully true for Seb and RedBull. I also think it very, very prosaic that Seb’s team mate DanielR is Australian and also seems like a heck of a nice guy (like Mark Weber) plus beating Seb fair and square in almost all situations. In deference to an earlier posting, anytime Nico beats Lewis it is a good race by my standards. Lewis is known for his lack of ethics and team work from several years ago … remember when Lewis and Alonzo were team mates. Thanks, RnR

  58. Like several others I was torn between 6 (a little better than average ) and 7, settled for 6 due to excessive tyre management and poor TV coverage.

  59. It has become a rather interesting season.

  60. For me it was a Three at most. It was not only predictable, but it had NO entertainment value and I cannot think of a single moment of excitement in that race. Yet another yawn fest from start to finish. 100,000 thousand people show up to the race and bet more than half of them were on their phones texting and playing games on Facebook.

  61. Had to be a 7 for me, I wanted it to be higher but the battle between the mercedes drivers never happened and a battle between bottas and massa didn’t really happen either. Most exciting part was wondering if Maldonado would be clean when being lapped, he actually pleasantly suprised me today, good drive from Perez to make up for his stupidity last race. A few nice overtakes and a nice first lap but tapered off towards the 2nd half.

  62. ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZzzz

  63. Great crowd, nice place, disappointing Massa, cold-headed Rosberg (he knew it all at all times), courageous Hamilton (never giving up), “The knife in the mouth” Alonso (as usual), a nice first half GP, the rest a bit boring, happy the DRS is not any longer such an artifice !
    Silverstone should be interesting !

  64. Beautiful scenic surrounding the track. After the first few laps race became rather predictable and boring. Gave it a 5.

  65. I gave the race a 6.5 rounded up to a 7, but I was tempted to leave it at a 6.

    If you had described the race to me I would have thought it wasn’t that good and would have given it a lower rating, however watching the race it somehow was more enjoyable than I thought it should have been, and that was only the BBC highlights not the race live.

    I don’t know why I found the race more enjoyable, as traditionally I would not be that impressed by many of the elements.

    Even though Williams had both cars on the front row from even before the race I thought that Rosberg would end up winning and that although Hamilton might catch his teammate he would not get past him. So there wasn’t really much excitement and tension relating to the victory itself for me.

    Also I didn’t think there was that much on track action through the rest of the field.

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