2014 British Grand Prix grid

2014 British Grand Prix

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Row 11. Nico Rosberg 1’35.766
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’37.386
Red Bull
Row 23. Jenson Button 1’38.200
4. Nico Hulkenberg 1’38.329
Force India
Row 35. Kevin Magnussen 1’38.417
6. Lewis Hamilton 1’39.232
Row 47. Sergio Perez 1’40.457
Force India
8. Daniel Ricciardo 1’40.608
Red Bull
Row 59. Daniil Kvyat 1’40.707
Toro Rosso
10. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’40.855
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Romain Grosjean 1’38.496
12. Jules Bianchi 1’38.700
Row 713. Adrian Sutil No time
14. Valtteri Bottas 1’45.318
Row 815. Felipe Massa 1’45.695
16. Fernando Alonso 1’45.935
Row 917. Max Chilton* 1’39.800
18. Kimi Raikkonen 1’46.684
Row 1019. Esteban Gutierrez** 1’40.912
20. Pastor Maldonado*** 1’44.018
Row 1121. Marcus Ericsson**** 1’49.421
22. Kamui Kobayashi**** 1’49.625

*Five-place penalty for gearbox change
**Ten-place grid penalty for unsafe release from the pits and five-place penalty for gearbox change
***Excluded from qualifying due to insufficient fuel to provide a sample
****Failed to set time within 107% of fastest Q1 time, given dispensation to start

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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117 comments on “2014 British Grand Prix grid”

  1. Did Lewis have an issue at the end of Q3 or did he not even try a flying lap at the end? It looked like he didn’t even try…totally excusable.

    1. He just went in the pits, nothing more. He must’ve seen the delta and thought it was impossible.

    2. He thought he had pole in the bag and pulled out on his lap, let Rosberg through. Huge mistake, the final sector was completely dry.

    3. Toto just said Lewis decided it was too wet and gave up.

      1. I guess Nico is hungrier after all.

      2. @marik
        It was actually too wet in the 1st and the 2nd sector but the 3rd was completely dry, Vettel was actually 2s down from the best time heading into the 3rd sector, and then he was on provisional pole, very strange !!!

        1. Exactly, last sector dried and that’s it.

        2. This leaves me wondering, is there an issue with the timing? It’s a bit too strange for me

          1. what sort of issue?

          2. No issue. The last few corners were just very wet at the beginning of Q3 so when it had dried up you can make up lots of time. @paeschli

          3. Hamilton just gave up.

    4. Was he told to come in? Again he ‘makes a mistake’ his body language says he is not happy!!!

    5. The last sector surprised everyone.
      I don’t blame Lewis for aborting the lap, seemed like unnecessary risk.

      The elements seem to be working in Nico’s favour, so far anyway.

    6. I meant to say “inexcusable”. Very disappointed as a HAM fan to see this sort of thing happening far too often with Lewis. There always seems to be *something* going on. I believe he’s the quickest driver on the grid, but we often don’t get to see it.

    7. At least he made a decision for himself – I never liked it when he waited for the team to decide things for him – and he’ll be past the McLarens and Force India in no time.

      And I think we’ll have a Williams in the top ten by turn 3.

      1. True. And I did like that he simply took responsibility for it himself and just moved on. But dang, I am so ready to see him get back on top.

  2. Silverstone never fails to deliver. That is it!

  3. Hamilton should really stop screwing up his quali …

    Sauber proved again that their problem is not the car, it’s their drivers. Come on guys, you are behind Max Chilton …

    1. Yeah. I honestly don’t get why they chose to keep somebody who scored a 6 points compared to his team-mate who scored 51. Even for rookie standards that is absolutely dreadful.

      And Sutil, who is simply old-news and has nothing more to give now.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if even Caterham ended up beating them this year.

      1. I honestly don’t get why they chose to keep somebody who scored a 6 points compared to his team-mate who scored 51.

        I don´t think that was their choice. They just couldn´t pay Hülkenberg, as they were/are in financial trouble, and they just had to stick with Gutierrez due to sponsorship-deals. Keep in mind that Sutil is a pay-driver, too, though paying less than most other pay-drivers out there.

      2. Worse even, they could have hired Bianchi given that they are close to Ferrari. I’m pretty sure a Bianchi – Kobayashi line-up would have scored points this year.

        On Hamilton, the only thing that can save him tomorrow is rain

        1. I assume Ferrari might put Bianchi there next year (unless Marussia end up being faster than Sauber).

    2. Indeed. He’s compromising races on Saturdays. He will need a massive race tomorrow to win at home. I wish him luck.

  4. What a stunning Q3!

  5. I don’t think Muhammad Ali was ever that cocky.

    1. I liked Rosberg using a phrase from Magic Jordan to explain why he went on despite being slower in the first 2 sectors (Saw a picture of Hamilton with Jordan last week, certainly one of Hamilton’s heroes)

      1. Jordan, Michael. Johnson, Magic. The picture was with Magic Johnson.

        1. Ok, sorry for that one, keep mixing them up!

  6. That was a crazy quali

    Great value

    Many drivers kicking themselves for not going out , ric thought he was safe ended up 8 th

  7. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
    5th July 2014, 14:08

    Hamilton! Every single time…. Next time, just finish the quali… :-(

  8. Wooooohooooooo, ROS is the chaaaaamp !!!!!!!

    What the heck happened to Ferrari ?!?! Stupid lads, they did not go out in FP3… and this is the result !! They copied Mercedes strategy, but forgot that the Mercedes car is a lot better !

    1. FP3 had nothing to do with it. Williams and Ferrari messed up their strategy in Q1.

  9. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    5th July 2014, 14:09

    The qualifying always seems be better than race when it comes to Silverstone, hopefully the race lives up to the hype, outstanding session.

  10. Hamilton should be fired. His championship is basically over now.

    1. Fired for being the quickest driver on the grid but getting caught out with unbelievable track conditions in S3? Get real.

      1. Everyone else had the same track conditions & they decided not to give up & push to the end.

        Lewis made an idiotic mistake by bailing out of the lap after only 4 corners just because he felt it was too wet. Everyone else felt it was dry enough so carried on.

        Lewis still making rookie, stupid errors. he doesn’t deserve to win this championship because of that, Rosberg has been outsmarting Lewis all year while Lewis has been crumbling under the pressure just like 2011.

      2. Caught out?
        He didn’t set the time when he should be and backed off thinking he and his team -mate couldn’t improve and he said its his fault,
        Fired may be exaggerated but he should be told to use be him self more which is what he was not doing for some time now

    2. Why to be fired ? Actually, I think Mercedes is happier now: the gap between their drivers is increasing, so a lot of pressure disappears. Both drivers are still 1-2 in the WDC, Mercedes no.1 in the WCC… so no problems for them.

    3. Huh? Half way thru the season and it’s over?

    4. That’s a ridiculous comment. We’re not even halfway through the season, and Hamilton could yet win tomorrow. This qualifying should be a reminder that anything can happen in Formula 1.

      1. Sure can, especially when you stop trying

    5. Hamilton comes in too soon!! Team instruction? He is an experienced world champion. His body language says it all. Is he making mistakes or just obeying team instructions?

    6. @tino852 Absurd comment, what a surprise that is, seeing as there are so many on the internet. It was a mistake, but it was so incredibly easy to make considering that it had been raining and that it seemed like no chance in hell that people would improve. He was really unlucky in my opinion.

    7. @tino852 Kudos. I genuinely don’t believe I could have got two quite such ridiculous exaggerations into just ten words.

      1. Thanks it takes a lot of practice.

        1. @tino852
          well done champ.

          Takes some heat off Lewis … :)

    8. @tino852
      And there’s only 4 points separating them now…. :D

      Lewis gets the last laugh.

  11. I will not yet believe that Rosberg will win this championship.

    1. @magnificent-geoffrey Nor I… at least I don’t want to. Your profile picture is pretty funny by the way

      1. @wpinrui Second time I read that, what is with his avatar?

    2. @magnificent-geoffrey
      Same. I’ve had a soft spot for Rosberg since his debut in Bahrain 2006 but I remain overly skeptical. ;)

  12. Yep, Rosberg is going to win this championship by making much better calls. Completely frustrating being a Hamilton fan, and knowing he is (slightly) faster all told, but one or two poor decisions is undoing several races of edging the race on track. Once again puts himself and the car under extra, unnecessary pressure.

    1. and even more frustrating when you take out car failures and even out the pit stops, Hamilton would have as much lead if not more than ROS.

  13. Why Alo and Rai are higher on the grid?
    Congrats to Ros. Ham made again a mistake in a key moment.
    Congrats to the Hulk. Hope for a podium.

    1. Penalties for Gutierrez and Chilton.

      1. Thanks, I just figured it out)

  14. Perez was so close to having a great qualy.

  15. Thank you Lewis for showing my kids what happens when you stop trying

    1. +1

      exactly this. Even if he felt he couldn’t improve it wouldn’t have killed him to do an extra lap and celebrate with all the fans, especially at his home gp.

      as it happens it cost him and im glad it did because its unforgivable to give up.

      Shows how much better Rosberg is right now. Choosing to stay out despite being much slower and seeing your team mate pit. Look at that for someone who never gives up lewis.

      1. I wonder what you would’ve said if he pitted and still had pole? it was calculated gamble not a “give up” as you suggest. even RBR did something similar by keeping Ricciardo in the pits.

        1. The same thing. Drivers were still pushing and he backed off after one sector. In mixed conditions thats simply unforgivable. Im sorry but in sport you never give up.. Hamilton did and it rightly cost him.

    2. I heard comments made about arrogance, and I do partially agree with them. Of course, nobody predicted that, but he was so sure he was going to get pole – and then he didn’t. In retrospect, not an intelligent move, and little things like that will prove costly in a tight championship fight.

  16. Michael Brown
    5th July 2014, 14:12

    I would have thought the same as Hamilton. The first two sectors aren’t any good, and there won’t be enough time to make up in the final sector. How wrong I was.

    Best qualifying session I’ve ever seen.

  17. Highest Ferrari engine on the grid is 12th, a Marussia! Who would have thought!

    Very interesting grid for tomorrow, though. I have to say that qualifying sessions in 2014 never fail to deliver.

    1. Sods law for Chilton tho, the one time that he qualifies high enough for a 5 place grid penalty to make a difference! lol
      18th is still better than normal tho!

  18. Jesus. Another gift for Rosberg. Shell shocked. Can’t be bothered watching it tomorrow; I’d like Rosberg to pick my lottery numbers please. Joker.

    1. Taking right call is not a gift from others. It is not Rosberg fault that Hamilton gives up.

      1. In an environment where one should expect everyone to do the right thing, your main opponent doing it wrong is a gift. There´s nothing wrong with receiving gifts, though. I mean, who would say no if someone else just says “Here, have your WDC, mate”?

    2. @slava is right. Don’t start criticising Rosberg when it was clearly Hamilton’s fault. Rosberg did what was required of him, Hamilton didn’t.

    3. I don’t know trying hard to achieve what ever you can is also called as GIFT

      1. @harsha but but… Hamilton is the one with gifted driving skills…

        1. @ruliemaulana
          He was on pole because he put a better lap than his team mate
          He was not on Pole because he didn’t put a better lap than his team mate
          where is the Gifted option came up here

    4. Indeed, first Lewis gave Rosberg brakes in Canada, in Austria he gave his Q3 lap, and now another Q3 lap!

    5. I’d like you to start a sore loser hotline. Everytime I feel like a sore loser and start to despair because my favorite drivers aren’t winning, maybe I could get a hold of you and remind me what an actual sore loser sounds like?

  19. I’m still utterly gobsmacked. I thought Red Bull and Vettel had had another almighty screw-up, but a 3s+ gain in the final sector – now that I did not anticipate.

    Ferrari and Williams also, and Bianchi, and McLaren, and Hamilton & Ricciardo…

    1. I first thought there was an error in the times displayed.

    2. @vettel1

      I thought Red Bull and Vettel had had another almighty screw-up, but a 3s+ gain in the final sector – now that I did not anticipate.

      Nor did Red Bull. or they would have sent Ricciardo out as well.
      It’s looking more and more like they’re trying to keep Vettel unsettled. Why on earth would they not have him go out together with Ricciardo when, up until then, he was actually (a lot) quicker than Ricciardo. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just like the 2nd pitstop at Canada.

      That bit in the end was finally a bit of luck for Vettel this season. Something that has been long overdue. But who knows, his engine might die again tomorrow and he’ll be back to square one again.

      1. That bit in the end was finally a bit of luck for Vettel this season. Something that has been long overdue. But who knows, his engine might die again tomorrow and he’ll be back to square one again.

        The way they showed Mark Webber in the garage at Red Bull will have fostered a lot of superstition, particularly if his engine does indeed die tomorrow!

        1. @vettel1

          LOL. Yeah, something to look out for.

          Perhaps Webber didn’t actually leave RBR but instead he’s now controlling the team from the shadows…

          The ultimate payback. Not bad for a number 2 driver.

      2. It is strange though, isn’t it @baron-2? Vettel was quite clearly a lot faster – for perhaps the first time this season – yet Red Bull sent him out too late, in (at the time) sub-optimal conditions.

        I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist, so I don’t believe it was malicious, but they’ve made a few questionable decisions this season (as you have highlighted) and Vettel has had in contrast to Ricciardo an alarmingly high rate of unreliability.

        1. I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist

          Me neither. Maybe it’s just a run of tough luck paired with some unfortunate calls from the pitwall. We’ll see how this progresses.
          But in the back of my mind I’m already wondering if Red Bull know a little more about Vettel’s future than we do and that they’re not too happy about it.
          Something to do with Domenicale’s phonecall perhaps…

  20. Shame for Williams, hope they’ll recover tommorrow.

  21. What a silverstone!!

  22. What a thrilling qualifying session! Shame about the result for Mercedes, though, since Hamilton is too far back to stop Rosberg from walking away with it. It’s looking like a thriller from 2nd place down though!

  23. I am not a Hamilton fan, actually I do strongly support Ferrari, but watching his interview on BBC made me very sorry for him. Go Lewis, go! (never believed one day I could have said that…)

    1. Same here, not a ‘fan’ of him but I really would like to see the two Mercedes drivers closer to each other in the championship.

  24. Button P3, Magnussen P5
    Alonso P17, Raïkkönen P19

    This makes my day!

    1. I’ll never understand people enjoying other’s failure.

      1. its called sport. im happy Hamilton is 6th :)

    2. Kills mine, but Alonso clearly found the situation of 4 front cars being at the back so ridiculous he was almost laughing at his own loss.

      I have nothing against McLaren, and don’t mind seeing them succeed, but I am a Ferrari fan and this result is just a disaster.

      1. I must admit I found Alonso’s attitude in the press pen surprising. In a good way of course. Seems he’s decided to just enjoy himself this weekend, and not worry too much about a championship he’s probably not going to win anyway :-)

  25. Can anyone remember a larger gap between pole and last place in recent times ?
    Like 15 seconds ,

    1. quite normal in mixed conditions.

    2. The weather conditions made it like that though. If the weather and track conditions change between Q1 and Q3 then it is perfectly understandable.

  26. i am a Ham fan from the start but he seriously has a mental mindset problem. it is obvious he thought he could screw up Rosberg lap as payback. Unless he gets his own strategist & some guidance from someone like Mika Hakkenin his year & career is finished.

    1. Not Lewis fan, but he really needs to start getting himself together. He is so talented that it is a sin not being able to deliver your best

    2. Or if he bothered to finish laps. He made the same mistake here as in Austria.

  27. What a great result for the Marussias!
    Shame for Ferrari and Williams, Sauber drivers as disappointing as usual, big kudos to Rosberg, Vettel and Button !

  28. Not bad for Red Bull #2 driver today ;)

  29. In 2008 Heikki Kovalainen took pole position for the British Gp. On July 6th 2008, Hamilton won the British GP. Tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of that day.

    1. Rosberg is also Finnish, so therefore what we are saying here is… Button is going to win the Grand Prix!

    2. If it rains tomorrow (if, if …), Hamilton could win it yeah ^^

      1. Yeah, no. If it rains there is no DRS, and there is a Red Bull in front of him. If Vettel defends, he’ll have a hard time.

  30. For a split second I thought we were going to see the Vettel finger :p.

  31. Here’s hope the weather will stay as unpredictable as today. It’s time for another Button win.

  32. Wow, Vettel, Wow!!! And did he do it?!! And Nico still beating Ham like a pro! Great job. Well, great qlf. Let’s hope that tomorrow delivers us a great race too.

  33. what a surprising finish to qualifying. It would have been more interesting if Hamilton finished his lap, he would have finished it ahead of Rosberg – which would have had rosberg fuming that Hamilton held him up, and then it would have been a never before seen investigation into holding up – as they would have finished 1-2. watching rosberg’s onboard of his final lap, it is obvious he was going faster then Hamilton. as it stands – another costly mistake by Hamilton in qualifying, not entirely his fault, but still.

    1. Well, look at it this way.
      Had Hamilton finished his lap and got on pole… He would have been given a 5 place grid penalty for impeding, and would have started 6th, anyway XD

    2. It was entirely his fault.

  34. Common sense has killed Lewis qualy. He gave up because people were over two seconds downs by sector 2… but S3 was the place to be. Wish you and epic race, otherwise Rosberg will extend his lead even more.

    1. he was also told by his team that if he cant go fastest to let nico past. so he let nico past – great job by nico to keep the pressure on and try all the way to the end, even when it looked like it was not possible. 1 up for rosberg in the mental games. unfortunate for lewis, if rosberg was 2 seconds behind him entering the final lap, it might have been different, but rosberg won, he was the one pushing lewis to get that last timed lap in, which led to the team telling lewis to move over if he couldn’t go quicker (ironic as no one was going quicker)

  35. Wow, Vettel, Wow!!! And how did he do it?!! And Nico still beating Ham like a pro! Great job. Well, great qlf. Let’s hope that tomorrow delivers us a great race too.

  36. Gideon Hadi (@)
    5th July 2014, 14:49

    I did not watch the Qualifying because I went to Concert, but by looking at the grid this look like a thrilling Qualifying

  37. Great qualifying by Button and K Mag. They show great skill when conditions are tough – as good drivers do.

  38. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    5th July 2014, 15:00

    Lol gotta love all these Monday-morning quarterbacks.
    Just shut up. It was a crazy session and it caught out several of the top teams like Ferrari, Williams as well as Hamilton.

    Anything can happen. People just love to say “it’s over”. Fools.

  39. I’m a Hamilton fan. It is really hard to take this right now. We support you, and we will continue to support you. I just wish you better luck. At least try and make Rosberg work for this championship. Rosberg is potentially going to be a 2 time champion if the Honda PU is not good enough and Ferrari and Renault do not respond. I’m just stunned.

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