Sergio Perez, Force India, Silverstone, 2014

2014 British GP qualifying team radio transcript

2014 British Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez, Force India, Silverstone, 2014The ever-changing conditions during qualifying for the British Grand Prix could hardly have been better designed to test the skills of the drivers – and their strategists – to the limit.

Occasional flurries of rain made for volatile track conditions which made judging which tyre to use extremely difficult. It led to some surprise eliminations in Q1 including both Williams and Ferrari drivers.

In Q2 Romain Grosjean and Max Chilton believed they could have gone faster had it not been for the double waved yellow flags at Luffield after Esteban Gutierrez crashed his Sauber.

But the biggest surprise of all came in Q3, where several drivers made significant gains in lap time despite being slower through the first two sectors. Jenson Button was tipped off about the potential to gain time in sector three, which was a message Lewis Hamilton could have done with hearing as he abandoned his final flying effort after just four corners.

He had picked his way past Sergio Perez on the out-lap and Force India were unimpressed their driver had lost his place in the queue. He failed to begin his last lap in time and dropped four places to seventh as a result.

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2014 British Grand Prix qualifying team radio transcript

Phase Time From To Message
Q1 18:00 Gary Gannon Max Chilton OK Max, so we’ll send you down to the end of the pit lane. There’s about one minute ’til the green. One minute until the green. So wait at the end of the pit lane.
Q1 17:01 Craig Gardiner Esteban Gutierrez We’ll target a constant SOC [state of charge] – so constant pushing, no charging lap.
Q1 Esteban Gutierrez Craig Gardiner OK, so this first corner seems pretty dry…
Q1 16:09 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Everybody’s on Inters.
Q1 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton No sync in first gear.
Q1 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Track is very dry.
Q1 14:00 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross I mean, it’s really dry out here at the moment, except for turn eight.
Q1 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy, copy. Do you want to do just one timed lap to get a lap in and then box for hards? Should just get a lap on board, Nico. So just prepare for a lap, Nico. Go for ‘deploy’, so will be strat five.
Q1 11:59 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez So Checo, for your information, we have more rain. We have more rain on the pit wall. Very light, but it is raining again on the pit wall.
Q1 11:35 Jenson Button Dave Robson The rears need to cool down.
Q1 Dave Robson Jenson Button Yeah, let’s cool the tyres down. Look for the wet patches.
Q1 10:56 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington If the weather stays just as it is, I think it should be slicks. If we can get the temperatures up.
Q1 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Yep, we agree with you there Lewis.
Q1 8:05 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross I mean, there are some corners where it’s still difficult. So, err, don’t you think better [medium tyre] maybe? What is the downside of going [medium]?
Q1 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg The only downside Nico is that if it doesn’t rain, we won’t have a new set for the race.
Q1 7:45 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg OK, we’re going to go [medium] tyre. So we’ll pull back into the garage, Nico and fit [medium] and just discuss our settings.
Q1 7:33 Kevin Magnussen Mark Temple We’re not going to go quicker on these tyres. They’re gone.
Q1 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen OK. We think it might be ready for dry tyres at the end, so we don’t want to pit too soon and lose temperature. So let’s try and go once more past and try and keep temperature in the brakes.
Q1 5:55 Tim Wright Kamui Kobayashi Box, box, Kamui. Box, box. We have an issue, we will have to go back into the garage. Box, box.
Q1 5:08 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, so all the cars we are competing against are on Medium tyres.
Q1 4:40 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat OK Dany, good warm-up on tyres. Good warm-up on tyres and brakes.
Q1 3:51 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis, caution on pit exit. It’s quite slippy.
Q1 3:28 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel, you’re going to get one timed lap on medium tyres. One timed lap on medium tyres.
Q1 1:38 Jenson Button Dave Robson Why is my DRS not working?
Q1 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, it has been disabled. The system has been disabled. Jenson, you did go off the track, so we need another timed lap. We need to make another one count, Jenson.
Q1 Jenson Button Dave Robson Yeah, I went off the track because I had traffic in front!
Q1 1:04 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel OK Sebastian, mode seven, mode seven. People are still improving. Mode seven to start your timed lap.
Q1 0:00 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Really wet, the second sector. Can’t improve.
Q1 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK, understood.
Q1 0:00 Marco Schupbach Adrian Sutil Sutil has spun off.
Can you continue, Adrian? Try to continue.
Q1 Adrian Sutil Marco Schupbach No! No… Stucked [sic].
Q1 0:00 Marcus Ericsson Angel Baena Ericsson also went off during Q1.
I tried to give you my all on the slicks, but… Difficult. It was different wet at different parts of the track. Need to improve a bit but, yeah… that’s what it is.
Q1 0:00 Kimi Raikkonen David Lloyd It’s still wet, I almost lost it.
Q1 0:00 Andrew Murdoch Felipe Massa We’re P18, Felipe. We’re P18.
Q1 0:00 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas So, Valtteri. Unfortunately, P17. Massa P18, so we’re out. Both Ferraris got knocked-out as well. Not our day… So box straight back into the garage.
Q1 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Unbelievable…
Q2 15:00 Gary Gannon Max Chilton We’re P7 and we’re currently in for Q2.
Q2 15:00 Francesco Nenci Jules Bianchi We should be in, Jules. We should be in, OK?
Q2 15:00 Gary Gannon Max Chilton OK Max, we’ll be queueing again, so wait for the green.
Q2 14:51 Craig Gardiner Esteban Gutierrez Remember the mediums are two-plus-three. Or all eight in a row.
Q2 14:25 Xevi Pujolar Jean-Eric Vergne OK Jev, track is clear. We can do three timed and two timed.
Q2 13:02 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, currently 13 cars on track. Everybody is on a new inter. Car in front in Perez, he’s got a reasonable gap ahead. You’ve got a ten second gap behind to Hulkenberg, who’s on an out-lap.
Q2 12:23 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Err.. Track is inter at the moment. Yeah, a little bit wet here also.
Q2 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy, copy.
Q2 11:56 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Jules’s first sector was .5 quicker. First sector, Jules, .5 quicker.
Q2 11:22 Max Chilton Gary Gannon Car’s loose, front-end.
Q2 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Understood, Max. Understood. Go to diff-4. Diff-4.
Q2 9:51 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Yeah, it’s drying up pretty quickly. It’s still more damp than it was before. But it’s drying up pretty quick. Tyres are OK for now.
Q2 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK, so look after the tyres this lap. We’ll go for one more.
Q2 7:48 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So Lewis, confirm – do you want to go to slicks now, or do you want to leave it another couple of laps?
Q2 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I think we should come in now.
Q2 6:20 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian, some cars are coming in for dries. Pit this lap, pit this lap. Your fastest lap has been deleted.
Q2 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Yeah… box.
Q2 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Press ‘reverse’ if you can. Press ‘reverse’.
Q2 6:03 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo What do you think about the track?
Q2 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Yeah, it’s started to dry out again. Think we can have a crack on slicks.
Q2 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Yeah, understood. We will pit stop now for slicks.
Q2 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Do you want me to push on this lap?
Q2 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Yeah, keep up the pace, please. Keep up the pace.
Q2 4:59 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, tyre switch purple R1, please. Tyre switch purple R1. OK Jenson, quick as you can please. Quick as you can.
Q2 Jenson Button Dave Robson Yes Dave.
Q2 3:34 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How are people finding the first lap?
Q2 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK so Nico’s finding time, but it’s not a lot. He’s found a tenth in sector one… and he’s gone purple sector two, so looks like sector two is improving a lot. Bianchi’s now gone purple sector one, a second quicker. So your diff is fully locked through turn one, you may want diff high speed four, have a think about that.
Q2 1:05 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Keep pushing, keep pushing.
Q2 0:55 Gary Gannon Max Chilton So .1 slower than Jules, all middle sector, Max. You’re quicker in the last sector and quicker in the first sector, your delta to Jules is all in the middle sector.
Q2 0:00 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel So to confirm, pit this lap mate. The DRS has been disabled, so I don’t think you’ll improve. You’re currently P3.
Q2 0:00 Max Chilton Gary Gannon Gutierrez has crashed into the barriers at Luffield
It was a double-waved [yellow]! I had to do more than a lift!
Q2 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Yep, understood Max. You did the right thing. The chequered is out, so in now. In now.
Q2 Max Chilton Gary Gannon It was a double-waved! You can’t be going quicker.
Q2 0:00 Pastor Maldonado Mark Slade Maldonado stopped at Woodcote. He was later excluded from qualifying after his car was found to have too little fuel on board.
What happened there? Losing power.
Q2 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado We’ve lost fuel pressure, Pastor. We’ve lost fuel pressure. Stop the car please, Pastor. Stop the car please.
Q2 0:00 Gary Gannon Max Chilton If you’re still there, Max – so we’re P13. Excellent job. And you did the right thing on the yellows, you did what you had to do. And in now, Max. In now. Jules did not go quicker – he’s 38.71.
Q2 0:00 Francesco Nenci Jules Bianchi OK, it’s confirmed, we are P12. P12 is confirmed.
Q2 0:00 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK Romain. Sorry – P11. Good effort though, good effort. Good effort mate, we missed it by… err… three tenths.
Q2 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Yeah, I lost four by the yellow flag!
Q2 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean I think our planning was right though and you did a good job.
Q2 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Yeah and the car is feeling better than ever, so that’s good direction.
Q3 10:27 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel, so some advice – stay away from the limiter, third to fourth gear. We’re losing some performance, third to fourth gear upshifts, make sure you hit the lights.
Q3 10:16 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat Good work on tyres and brakes. Tyres and brakes. Don’t be too close to Jev. Jev is six seconds in front of you.
Q3 8:44 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Starting to drizzle in Stowe…
Q3 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy, copy.
Q3 7:39 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Heavy rain on the back straight. Heavy rain.
Q3 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood, keep pushing. That could still be the best conditions.
Q3 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin No, I think inters is quicker. Honestly. But I’ll stay out for now.
Q3 7:10 Jenson Button Dave Robson It’s raining at Stowe. Let me know what other people do.
Q3 6:00 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, looks here like the rain has stopped. But we’re going to box this lap and we can sit in the garage and we’ll go at the end of the session.
Q3 Jenson Button Dave Robson Roger.
Q3 3:35 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg So we’re P8 at the moment, Nico. This next set of tyres has to go back anyway, so we might as well run.
Q3 1:49 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Use your head, OK? Just have a look.
Q3 1:17 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen We can’t afford to back off too much as it will be very tight to get a timed lap. So keep up with the car in front and make a gap at the end.
Q3 0:36 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington It’s pretty slippery out here…
Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis. If you don’t think you can do a lap, then let Nico go. Let Nico go. If you think you can complete the lap, then carry on as you are.
Q3 0:01 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Tell Lewis that he needs to speed up!
Q3 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy, copy!
Q3 0:00 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, keep pushing. Keep pushing. There could be a lot of time to find in sector three.
Q3 0:00 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Perez had begun his final out-lap in front of the Mercedes drivers but they overtook him at the exit of Stowe.
Checo… What happened, mate? We’re down to P7.
Q3 Sergio Perez Gianpiero Lambiase [sighs]
Q3 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Checo, why did we let the cars through after Stowe? Why did we let the cars through after Stowe, mate?
Q3 Sergio Perez Gianpiero Lambiase Because I had very cold tyres. I went off into Copse. I had no temperature to do the lap.
Q3 0:00 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg And that’s pole position! Well done, Nico! Go strat one, box, box, box. Really good job, really good job.
Q3 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross That’s damn awesome! Come on!
Q3 0:00 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel P2! Atta boy!
Q3 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin OK guys. Kept our heads cool. Good job. I tell you, this kind of rain… England is the only place in the world where you can see this! It’s not necessarily nice, but it’s unique.
Q3 0:00 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington The track’s… slower.
Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So currently no one finding time, Lewis. So no one improving.
Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton No reply broadcast.
OK Lewis, I’m afraid that last sector really picked up some pace. So we’ve been bumped mate to… so we’re now down in P6.
Q3 0:00 Dave Robson Jenson Button We are P3, JB. That’s a fantastic lap. Great job at the end there.
Q3 Jenson Button Dave Robson Ha! I know it’s not pole, but, [unclear], so good job guys!
Q3 Dave Robson Jenson Button That’s a magnificent effort, JB. That last sector was pretty damn good. So Rosberg, then Vettel, then yourself in third, Hulkenberg, Kevin in fifth, Hamilton sixth, so, yeah, we’ve got a few good scalps there. Great job!
Q3 0:00 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Great job, Nico! P4 with that, P4!
Q3 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce Really? Jesus! Did everyone who run get out at the end, or not?
Q3 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Most people did. Three cars didn’t. But that’s P4. P4. Great job mate.

Phase/time: Refers to point at which message was broadcast. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PQ = pre-qualifying.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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17 comments on “2014 British GP qualifying team radio transcript”

  1. nice to know why Perez slowed up. Rosberg just had enough time to get his lap in. Funny to hear the Hulk’s reaction to 4th

  2. Watching that again, shocking how fast the last corners were, Vettel was down over 2 seconds 2/3 through the lap

  3. Hamilton’s race engineer also feels that, the track is slow. But when did he say this?

    1. It does look like that feed bacj from his race engineer may have influenced him backing off.
      The way the transmissions are listed is not in cronalogical order but rather for each driver as the time goes to 0:00. At a guess this conversation was in that first sector when then let risberg past. His race engineer should have said keep pushing.

      1. @theoddkiwi

        The way the transmissions are listed is not in cronalogical order

        They are in chronological order as far as is possible based on how they were broadcast. But as the messages are not broadcast in real time (unlike, for example, in IndyCar), it’s not possible to be specific about the exact order and timing of messages. Indeed, some could have been simultaneous.

  4. Great work as always!

    Interesting to hear Perez went off at Copse, didn’t catch that one (maybe because there was so much going on at the time).

  5. Interesting that Button’s engineer would see that time was being made up in sector 3, and urge his driver to keep pushing, while Hamilton’s man (at nearly the same moment, or possibly even afterwards?) told him that no one was improving. Obviously, Hamilton should have kept his foot down regardless, but maybe some bad info is partly to blame?

    1. The transmissions are anachronistic, cant really make any judgements based on this

  6. PB-> LH: ‘OK Lewis. If you don’t think you can do a lap, then let Nico go. Let Nico go. If you think you can complete the lap, then carry on as you are.’
    PB -> LH: ‘So currently no one finding time, Lewis. So no one improving.’
    DR -> JB: ‘OK Jenson, keep pushing. Keep pushing. There could be a lot of time to find in sector three.’
    GR-> SV: ‘Understood, keep pushing. That could still be the best conditions.’

    Rosberg was up two tenth in S1 (according to TV commentator), so the team knew the track is getting faster. S3 was 3/4 seconds faster, and that info was never passed to Lewis. If he was still on the track, even after deciding to abort (I assume in this case abort means not trying to go fast), Lewis could have gained 3/4 seconds in S3, PB should have asked him to push.

    Instead of Lewis saying he has made a mistake, his team must take the full responsibility for not acting in time IMHO.

    Instructions to JB (P3) and SV (P2) were spot on. Also, in the transcript no mention about any instruction to Rosberg, perhaps there wasn’t any!!! He just knew S3 was 3/4 seconds faster…but JB and SV needed help.

    1. I was wondering about that at the time. I guess Merc’s strategist didn’t realise it was a possibility. Nico thought of it himself (and didn’t feel like sharing ;) ), some of the other teams did, some didn’t.

      Ham should still have shadowed what his team-mate did though, pointless risk not to.

    2. The very message you quoted shows the decision was left to Hamilton, and at the time no-one had finished S3, so no-one knew it’d be worth 3-4 seconds.

      1. This is precisely my point, the fact that LH was left to make a decision (who had no knowledge of what’s happening to the rest of the track). Was NR asked to do the same? I doubt it! Other drivers (JB, SV), had no decision to make. They were told to push. Where LH made the mistake was to when PB said ‘…let Nico go. Let Nico go…’ (not once, but twice) he should have interpreted that as Mercedes is in danger of losing P1 and they wanted NR to get it. LH should have ignored the message and pushed harder.
        Even accepting the fact that no one knew about 3/4 secs gains, messages to JB and SV shows McLaren and RedBull were far more professional, in helping their drivers.

        To me, Mercedes couldn’t careless what position LH finished.

    3. iAltair (@)
      6th July 2014, 11:08

      It was a different story for Vettel altogether.

      He had not previously set a time, so nothing was loss for completing the lap.

  7. The pit wall is beginning to influence outcomes way more than the driver is. I believe they have to find a way of limiting this effect, or else the driver will simply become a ‘minder.’

  8. Pat Fry, Ferrari’s Strategy Chief is a genius! Wonderful Q1 for his cars!

  9. If I was Lewis I would DEMAND my own strategist now. Without that he is dead already because now Rosberg is ahead Merc will always compromise his strategy for Rosberg!

  10. Got to love Formula 1.

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