Bianchi’s best-ever result ‘could have been better’

2014 British Grand Prix

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Jules Bianchi said he was capable of lapping quicker in qualifying despite claiming the highest ever qualifying position for Marussia.

Bianchi will start from 12th position after claiming a place in Q2 during the rain-hot qualifying hour.

“After our first points in Monaco, it’s great that we have now achieved the team’s best ever qualifying result,” he said.

“Today’s situation was not easy and so this result is down to a combination of great strategy, judging the changing conditions to perfection and then just making the most of the windows we had out on the track when the conditions were right for the tyres.

“It was a real gamble, but we had everything to gain from taking some risks, so for the last run we put the slicks on even though the track was right at the limit.”

Bianchi lost his final attempt to improve after Esteban Gutierrez crashed at Luffied.

“I had a really good lap and then the yellow flags came out for Gutierrez’s spin,” he said. “Had we not encountered these I could have improved for sure and who knows what might have happened then.”

His team mate Max Chilton qualified 13th but will start 18th after being given a five-place penalty for a gearbox change.

2014 British Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Bianchi’s best-ever result ‘could have been better’”

  1. Liam McShane (@)
    5th July 2014, 16:45

    Bit awkward to find the Marussia was the highest Ferrari powered car on the grid.

    1. Wow, only noticed that now you mention it. Shocker

  2. maybe it’s a little misleading the track position due the rain and all, but i see in bianchi some near future ferrari material..

    1. I expect him in the car either replacing Raikkonen in 2016 or Alonso in 2017.

      1. Either him or Marciello.

  3. He definetly could have improved.

    Who knows? had he gone through, he could’ve surprised many ! considering how mad that last bit of Q3 was…

    1. I could easily see him starting from 6th given different circumstances at the end of Q2…

  4. Michael Brown
    5th July 2014, 17:24

    He was about 3 tenths away from Q3

  5. Is that still Chilton’s best starting positon ever despite the penalty?

    1. Not at all, he qualified 16th in Belgium last year, 17th in Australia this year and 18th in Austria.

      1. Austria should be Spain :)

    2. I don’t think so, he started pretty high up at Spa, P15 maybe

    3. It’s a shame that his 13th was tainted by the gearbox penalty… Those small steps forward keep on coming.
      Though being over a second slower than Jules is still a bit steep.

  6. Well done! I rate Bianchi quite highly.

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