2014 British Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 British Grand Prix

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A look at some of the video highlights captured by fans at the British Grand Prix, including a new angle on Kimi Raikkonen’s crash.

Perez and Vergne tangle at start

Raikkonen crashes


Lap 3: Rosberg leads, Hamilton chases Button

Lap 12: Hamilton chases Rosberg, the rest far behind

Alonso takes Gutierrez

Vettel passes Alonso

Crowd cheers Hamilton win

Hamilton celebrates

Home winner on the podium

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2014 British Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2014 British Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. The sound of the cars from the ‘lap 12’ video were absolute stunning. I just wish that came across more on the TV. Love it.

    1. Sound is good, yeah. The issue is the volume.

      Compare it with last year’s fans videos… and cry.
      (especially this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DZRrTxah-0)

      What a shame…

      1. @bebilou It’s not just the volume though, in a normal TV broadcast we have the sound of the track changing depending on what camera angle the director has selected, they never follow a car all the way down the straight in one shot, so we only hear small pieces of the whole range of sounds.

    2. paul sainsbury
      9th July 2014, 13:06

      I have been, they sound like kitchen waste disposal units. I am not kidding.

      1. Mark Hawthorne
        9th July 2014, 15:46

        I was there too and I’ve been sitting on the fence with the sound issue until having first hand experience. And I must say as much as they sound ok the F1 sound and excitement of just isn’t there anymore. I love the sport and I will always keep going back but an F1 car passing just didn’t give me goosebumps like it has in the past. I’ve heard about the FIA trying to split the exhaust to produce more noise and I’ve everything possible crossed in hope that it works.

    3. I was at Spa last year and the noise we all found annoying. Everyone was wearing earplugs so its a pain to talk to anyone and you lose a load of the atmosphere. You might as well be in your own little bubble.

      I reckon the sound here sounds great.

      1. You see, I just cannot understand this. Seriously, you found the sound ‘annoying’………? Prior to this year, I found it an HONOUR to listen to that mighty noise. Before 2014, if there was one thing that people invariably would be totally blown away by at f1 circuits, is was the sound of the cars. Time and time again, that would be what you heard from people who had experienced F1 live for the first time. Now we have these Hoovers and there seem to be a whole load of people now who think that they should be able to attend a Grand prix and bring the family dog. I am so disappointed, f1 should be FRIGHTENING!

        1. Forgive me for say this but if you find the sound of the engines ‘annoying’, then you probably shouldn’t be at the track in the first place.

          1. @aimalkhan I have to disagree there. Formula 1 is also about drivers trying to control their machine, about drivers trying to find the limits and drivers trying to outwit their opponent. There’s more to it than just the sound.

        2. I was at Spa last year too: I knew it was the last chance for me to hear the atmospheric engines.
          My first time on a Grand Prix was also at Spa, in 92. Like some others said, I was very very very impressed by the noise. It was an incredible and unforgettable feeling.
          And like Paulguitar said: F1 must be frightening !

      2. Sure, there certainly is more to it that just the sound, and I agree all the things you mention are important. Having said that, the sound was a massive part of F1, and now that it has been lost, at the circuit the spectacle has been reduced enormously.

      1. Sorry Keith, got thrown when I saw the 2012 preifx :/

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