Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2014

2014 German Grand Prix championship points

2014 German Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2014

Work out how the championship points will add up at the end of the season using the F1 Fanatic Points Calculator

2014 German Grand Prix

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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41 comments on “2014 German Grand Prix championship points”

  1. lol at Ros 14 points ahead

  2. Williams 3rd overtaking Ferrari!

  3. Championship goes on!

  4. 2nd would have been nice but 3rd will do considering. Fric-ken Button though. What are you doing hanging your car out like that then cutting down to the apex??? You’re already outside, just straighten your car and accelerate. Makes no sense *sigh!

    If he says he didn’t see Hamilton, then he’s up to his old tricks again.

    1. Because it’s not at all possible that Hamilton was at fault?

      1. @raceprouk

        All i see is you either saying sutff about Ham or defending Ros. Is that your function on this forum. Actually maybe go watch the replay why the guy thinks it. Ham seemed to apologise but it could also be a sacrcastic wave. No doubt about it Ham is very unlucky, i suppose it was his fault yday.

        1. @raceprouk, Ham admits his fault so sorry

          1. Damn, you posted that while I was replying. So ignore my reply below ;-)
            And we’re cool :-)

          2. And you would’ve known it already just by watching the race, they even replayed Hamiltons sorry wave… Jeez.

        2. Yay, someone being selective in their evidence. I suppose that’s what I deserve for daring to have my own opinion on the Internet.

          1. @raceprouk
            Yes sorry dude, just thought it was a really wierd apex from JB i was wrong.

      2. What for overtaking a car when a gap existed and getting hit by the other car pulling in?
        Suggests you think Hamilton is at fault for just being on the track racing…

      3. Ultimately it is Hamilton’s fault, but there was absolutely no reason for Button to do what he did. Button and Massa have both reached their expiration date.

        1. When I get to a corner, I tend to go round it. Button did exactly the same.

    2. @sudd
      Don’t be so naive… Hamilton was coming from far too far behind.
      Button should have been more aware, yes… But Hamilton had no right attempting the overtake from the position he was in.

      1. If Button hadn’t chopped down on him, the pass would have been made nice and clean. Button gave him the corner then suddenly changed his mind. How about you stop being so naive? Hamilton put his hand up to diffuse any tension and make sure nothing more becomes of the incident. It’s not like Hamilton dive bombed…he was invited in. He felt like his fellow countryman was letting him go by just like he did in Silverstone. Misjudgement on both parties.

        1. Button did not “give him the corner”… It’s stupid to think anyone would do that and then change their mind.

          It was a misjudgement on both sides, yes… But not for the reasons you mention.

          1. @cgturbo, so what’s your explanation for Button hanging his car outside a la team orders style? Button replied and said he wasn’t trying to make it easy for Hamilton because he was out doing his best and it would be boring to let him pass. Never mind that’s exactly what he did in Silverstone and here, but then reneged his offer. The Wily old fox is playing his tricks again.

        2. Hamilton fans….. EVEN HAM HIMSELF admitted that it was completely his fault. he even apologized to Button DURING the race(when passing him.)

      2. It was clearly Hamiltons mistake, but I can see how he thought Button was leaving the door open for him. We see a lot of drivers choosing not to defend, and button was very wide into the hairpin. I think that was due to his tyres being worn as he pitted a lap later. Hamilton was much stronger on the brakes and just mis read what button was doing. Lucky to get away with it and not hurt buttons race as well.

    3. look how far back Hamilton was, button could take any line he wanted and not expected Hamilton to try anything. Hamilton himself said it was “his bad” – he poked his nose in for no reason when he had no chance of passing. you are probably jealous that Jenson got more points then Hamilton when teammates.

      1. Oh dear KP even Button said he can see why Ham went for it check his twitter. And for all the incidents people say he had how come Kimi and Alo get a pass for touching? Oh they were lucky to not damage each other. Yet because Ham’s wing part comes off people give him a bad rap. Loko, Ham is giving Kimi a lesson in how to drive, what were Kimi’s excuses today. He likes that 11th and 10th spot lol.

    4. Hamilton did really stupid moves all the time.. I was a bit surprised how long he get away of it. That guy just dont have passing skills.. He was lucky when most of field just yield and let him go. It was ridiculous to watch how poor his attempts were..
      Kimi and Button gave him a little lesson that you still have to use brains even if you have superior car :

      1. so you think Hamilton has no passing skills? before the drs was introduced, he was the only one with some balls who tried to overtake and at the same time making the others look like fools out there with his impressive moves.

  5. Massa’s lack of point is hurting Williams so bad, they could definitely be 2nd.

    1. Well, in Massa’s defense, he has had pretty bad luck, although I agree with you in that he should have more points than he does. His accident today was definitely his fault, he left Magnussen nowhere to go, and in Canada, that was partially his fault for trying to pass through turn 1. However, in Australia he looked like a real contender for a podium but Kobayashi’s brakes failed, and took Massa out, and Kimi took him out in Britain, so i think that if he had better luck, he’d have about 60 points instead of the 30 he does have. Still would put him 31 points behind Bottas though.

    2. ………hmmmm, sounds just like his last 4 years at Ferrari!!

  6. Button’s car language said “go ahead take the inside” and when Hamilton comes in BAM! But Hamilton put his hand up and said he misjudged so that’s that I guess.

    1. Yes, that’s that, BAM!

    2. BS. Accept it.

    3. look how far back Hamilton was, button could take any line he wanted and not expected Hamilton to try anything. Hamilton himself said it was “his bad” – he poked his nose in for no reason when he had no chance of passing. you are probably jealous that Jenson got more points then Hamilton when teammates.

      1. KP cart why are you hating every post?. Jelous about more points who cares 2-1 in seasons my friend(bet Button fans are jelous about Ham in a great car). If Ros wins world title this year by a point come back to me and say well Ham got more points in the 2 years. It is a stupid stat. You just being immature because you’re envious of Ham’s car. You’re gutted you’re fav driver don’t drive it. Folks this is a guy who said he wishes Bottas was in Merc as he would beat both the drivers. You can not take that seriously atall, when his teammate Mr slow man is top 4 ahead of Alo all the time, which proves how quick Williams is.

  7. Even Ham has doubts in his team. Natali said still in the hunt for the title, Ham had a long pause and said i guess so. It is annoying having to constantly come back, can not be good on the mind. To me Hamilton is one of those drivers who will be at home stewing over the result. I think he thinks about next race can not come quick enough. No one can deny all season life as been sweet for Ros, can we say same about Hamilton?

    1. @Dan, emphatic NO! Lets hope Hungary is better.

    2. To be honest it would just be good to have a straight fight in qualification and the race for the first time in who knows how many races, no mishaps or DNFs, but including Bottas, for example, in the mix. Or some rain.

      1. it would be more interesting if other teams are involved in the fight, and not just 1 team.

          1. +2. Then we wouldn’t keep hearing from Dan, Guy, David BR2 and Michael C for the constant rants when it goes south for Hamilton, or when it’s going great for him. There’s 20 other drivers on the grid.

  8. Williams running in 3rd in the championship halfway through the season, when did we last see that? That said, had Massa not gotten punted out in Australia, got hit by Kimi last race and hit Magnussen now, they might have even been in 2nd.

    1. In writing that, I forgot about the points from a top 5 finish in Canada if not for the shunt with Perez

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