Ericsson to serve penalty after race starts

2014 German Grand Prix

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Marcus Ericsson has been told he must serve a ten-second stop-go penalty after the start of today’s race.

The Caterham driver has been penalised because his team neglected to fix a covering to his car while it was in parc ferme.

As a result Ericsson, who was already due to start last having failed to set a time from qualifying, will now begin the race from the pit lane. On top of that he has been ordered to serve a ten-second stop-go penalty within the first three racing laps.

“The reason for the dual penalties is to serve as a disincentive to a breach of parc ferme resulting in unsupervised access and significant extra time to work on a car between qualifying and the race,” explained the stewards.

Caterham’s failure to cover the car was noted three-and-a-half hours after qualifying finished.

2014 German Grand Prix

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  1. That’s one way to punish someone who will not be effected by a grid penalty…

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