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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the German Grand Prix weekend.

Romain Grosjean, Friday

Romain Grosjean had a fright during practice on Friday when his DRS jammed open. “That was quite a special feeling” he commented.

Nico Hulkenberg, Friday

A major talking point of the weekend was the sparse crowds on all three days of action.

‘Vettel’s Wohnzimmer’

However what the crowd lacked in numbers they made up for in imagination. These fans built ‘Vettel’s Wohnzimmer’ (living room) in one stand, complete with working television.

Frank Williams, Susie Wolff, Friday

Frank Williams looks on as Susie Wolff takes Valtteri Bottas’s car for a spin in the first practice session.

Unlike most teams who run test drivers on Fridays, Williams do not rotate which of their regular drivers gives up their seat – just as when Bottas was in Wolff’s position two year’s ago. Therefore this was the fifth time this year Bottas had sacrificed his first practice run for Wolff or Felipe Nasr. It didn’t put him off his stride, however, as he went on to claim his second front row start and third consecutive podium finish.

Nico Rosberg, Sunday

Nico Rosberg wanted to celebrate Germany’s World Cup victory with a special helmet design, but was forbidden from using a photograph of the trophy itself, and so a hasty redesigned was needed.

He wasn’t the only German driver marking their recent success with a special helmet – Sebastian Vettel did too:

Start, German Grand Prix

When Kevin Magnussen backed out of an attempt to pass Bottas at the first corner, the other Williams of Felipe Massa failed to see him and the pair made contact, flipping Massa out of the race.

Pastor Maldonado, Romain Grosjean, German Grand Prix

The Lotus drivers ran different tyres at the start and Pastor Maldonado passed team mate Romain Grosjean, his brakes glowing as he prepared to make his move.

The first half of Maldonado’s maiden season with the team may have been a disappointment but over the weekend they announced he will remain with them for another season.

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was left with a lot of passing to do after a brake failure in qualifying left him 20th on the grid. He made many successful passes but this one on Jenson Button did not go according to plan – Hamilton damaged his front-left wing, which blunted his pace in the second half of the grand prix.

Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, German Grand Prix

Vettel finished ahead of the two Ferraris after a bold pass down the inside of Kimi Raikkonen on the approach to the Spitzkehre.

Nico Rosberg, German Grand Prix

Rosberg enjoyed a straightforward run to a home victory for himself and Mercedes.

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Images © Pirelli/Hone, Red Bull/Getty, Lotus/LAT, Force India, Allianz, Williams/LAT

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