2014 German Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 German Grand Prix

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The German Grand Prix weekend was not short of drama.

A heavy crash during qualifying meant Lewis Hamilton was relegated to the tenth row of the grid.

Another spectacular accident at the start of the race saw Felipe Massa’s Williams flipped upside down.

The racing action didn’t disappoint either – Sebastian Vettel went wheel-to-wheel with the Ferrari drivers, and his team mate Daniel Ricciardo had a lively battle with Fernando Alonso in the closing stages.

All this and more was captured by fans at the track. Here’s how they saw the action.


Hamilton’s qualifying crash

Massa’s first-lap flip


Kvyat tangles with Perez, Red Bull and Ferrari do battle

Hamilton puts pressure on Bottas

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2014 German Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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10 comments on “2014 German Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Nice guy clapping as Hamilton goes crashing in to the barrier…

    1. The Germans even have a word for that: schadenfreude!

    2. I noticed that too, completely disgusting.

      Btw @ferrox-glideh – it’s Schadenfreude, with a capital S.

      1. A Capital S? Those Kooky Germans!

  2. Just a query on the flashing red lights on the rear – I’m under the impression this indicates that energy recovery is taking place. Is that right? If so, does this only happen when the car of “coasting” i.e. when no acceleration or braking is being applied?

    Notable that the Ferraris are always “harvesting” on the approach to the hairpin, the Mercs aren’t. Appreciate we only see them a few times, rather than the 60 odd times they came past. Also, this may be as a result of how teams/drivers decide to distribute the power across a lap…

    1. also – that angle shows just how much Massa came across towards the apex on turn 1.

    2. I was sure that the energy recovery happens under braking. The ERS-K acts as a brake, converting the rotational kinetic energy of the wheels into electrical energy, charging the batteries. Hence all the problems with brake by wire, trying to get the right amount of balance between the conventional disk brakes and the braking force applied by the energy recovery.

      The rain light flashes when there is a reduction in torque due to harvesting (I believe), so lift and coast, MGU-K or MGU-H harvesting. On why we don’t see the Merc light flashing, I have no answer to that. But I did also notice that the Force India’s light also didn’t flash at the hairpin. Maybe the Merc engines harvest more effectively in different parts of the track and so at the hairpin dont need to. They have a max amount of energy they’re allowed to harvest (2MJ I think..?) so it wont harvest in every braking zone.

      1. Much appreciated!

  3. I’ve had a pretty good view of the KVY/PER clash and a couple of other scenes as well:


  4. Good videos! :)

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