Perez “100% sure” Mexican Grand Prix will go ahead

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez says he has no doubt the Mexican Grand Prix will take place in 2015.

A race in Mexico was mooted for the 2014 season but failed to go ahead. However during today’s Hungarian Grand Prix press conference Perez said he is “a hundred percent sure that we will go to Mexico next year”.

“No doubt about it,” said Perez, “everything is confirmed.”

“Last year was in a difficult situation due to the time that we had to build the circuit but now there is no doubt. We all can think that we’re going there. Already they’re building the circuit, they start on the circuit so yeah, we’re definitely going there.”

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez will be substantially overhauled in time for the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix, including the distinctive 180-degree Peraltada corner at the end of the lap.

“I suspect they are going to do some changes,” said Perez. “It’s a very historic corner. Everybody that I have been talking in the paddock, they all tell me ‘ah, we’re going to have the Peraltada’, everyone is really excited about Peraltada.”

“There’s a lot of things to be changed,” he added. “Obviously the circuit is quite old. The last time they raced there was 22 years ago. They already started to build basically a new circuit and it will be fantastic.”

Perez is eagerly anticipating his chance to race on home ground for the first time in over a decade.

“Since I left my home 13, 14 years I never raced in Mexico,” he said. “I never raced in my home country.”

“So now to go back after so many years and raced in Formula One is really great. It’s great for my country, they’ve been really pushing for so many years since I came to Formula One four years ago. The spirit of the fans is massive back home.

“So it’s great for my country, for all the fans back home and I’m sure you all will be surprised of how good the event will be. I’m just very proud and excited and yeah it’s great that we can confirm we will have a Mexican Grand Prix next year.”

Fellow Mexican driver Esteban Gutierrez has competed at the circuit more recently.

“I think this is a great step to have a grand prix,” he said. “It’s really a dream come true for many of us.”

“I had the chance to race once back in Mexico City in 2008 when we did the World Finals in Formula BMW. And it was a great experience, it was an introduction of what it can be but obviously very, very small in comparison.

“But now we will be able to go and do the biggest thing in Mexico and to really share with out fans, with our supporters, to share with them physically the sport.”

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8 comments on “Perez “100% sure” Mexican Grand Prix will go ahead”

  1. I like how Sergio tried to give the impression he knew of everything that was going on regarding the Mexican Grand Prix, and yet didn’t even know that the Peraltada isn’t being used… Made me chuckle.

    But anyway, I hope he’s still around for the Mexican Grand Prix next year. He seems to have been instrumental in recent years of raising interest in Mexico and appears to have been quite vocal in trying to get a Mexican Grand Prix, it would be nice to see him finally get his chance to drive at home.

  2. Couple of small corrections:
    1. Half the Peraltada is being used
    2. Perez isn’t claiming whether they’ll use it or not, he’s simply repeating the paddock buzz about it

    1. Damn, that was meant to be a reply to @bradley13

    2. @raceprouk – In the press conference he stated he was unsure as to whether they were using the Peraltada or not.

      And by ‘the Peraltada isn’t being used’ I meant, ‘the Peraltada isn’t being used in it’s entirety.’

  3. Are they both sure that they are going to be in F1 next year?

    1. For Perez im sure he will as much as it bugs me and for Guitierez im not so sure, something has to be changed in Sauber

      1. @gremlinwon Ever since Matt left, it seems Sauber have the gone further downhill. I think they need to make a better car so they can ditch their two crappy drivers and bring in Simona and, well, ANY one else would probably work better than their current lineup.
        @nidzovski PER has a two year contract, extending through the end of next year, along with HUL

        1. @beejis60 yeah I know but he was oust from McLaren before he even knew, so … Not that I appreciate what McLaren did with him last year but you need to be insider to know how his attitude was in the team. I’m just saying that in F1 you never know. Especially with pay drivers. Easy come easy go. The real problem in todays F1, besides enormous amounts of money needed to enter and survive there, are lack of testing for younger drivers. It’s miracle to finish first season not to mention to have a good result in the way. I’m truly amazed with the results of Marussia drivers apart Canada.

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