2014 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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31 comments on “2014 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. If not all the taken points from Daniel in Australia he would be just 51 points behind Rosberg… great stuff. Such a pity that he wasn’t at Red Bull for the past 4 years.

    1. If we are going to do “if onlys” don’t forget the 3 wheel/unsafe release that ruined 2 races for him as well.

    2. What a silly statement, why not give both Merc drivers all their points they lost aswell.

      1. the merc drivers are not the best in the field and have the best car. be greatfull for what they have.

        1. All hail kpcart! The arbiter on what/who is best!

    3. I agree with the first remark that alone would give the championship some life not to mention the tribulations at Malaysia. Your 2nd remark though is completely unfounded, completely different cars in 2014.

      I’m surprised by the pace of Ferrari. The race pace of most of the grid has been slightly different ever since, unfortunately the Force Indias didn’t show their race pace for comparison. Lewis suffered with the rears whilst Alonso with one more lap and on the softs was struggling with the fronts, anyway at different stages of the GP Alonso was relatively quick with old softs which proves in my opinion some improvement from Ferrari, their traction is improved and perhaps in slow tracks their electrical boost works more effectively. RBR still struggled with top speed and they weren’t faster than the mercedes in any sector not even on the middle one so I guess no team is eking out on the Mercedes but I do believe they are pushing to the limit in many fronts, as shown today. In the end I still believe that in normal circumstances Mercedes is first, followed by Williams and then RBR that has Ferrari as close as they’ve been all year round.

  2. Who cares championships today?

  3. Certainly not saying it’s going to happen as I think the Mercedes are too strong… but Ricciardo is only a race win and an Abu Double away from the WDC lead. Would be interesting to see how Mercedes react to their dominance being threatened if Ricciardo can be close to the top in the coming races as well.

    1. @ben-n I was just about to say I’m calling this championship for Ricciardo haha

    2. i still reserve my views on this year’s championshiop, till after spa… that is the turning point for Redbull all these years…

    3. Of course that’s assuming Mercedes pick up no points in those two races.

    4. That’s not quite some fantasy. If mercedes keep breaking down and having terrible race strategy (and race craft), it could come good for Daniel. Especially if Vettel commits to helping Ricciardo…

  4. No one can defend Ros being told to be let past criminal it was. Nico did not even have a look under breaks. Clearly Ham was lucky with saftey car, but i would rather he had chance to fight for pole he could took 7 that way. Ham should have stayed out another 2 more laps and went on the softs he had great lide when he pitted mediums, look at diff with Ham overtaking Vergne, Ros was holding them all up.

    1. Nico if wasn’t hold up by baby Hami would have won this race.Clearly as day when we see where he finished in the end…in Hami gearbox.

      1. I think Mercedes have quite the bank of constructors points and Lewis is fighting for a world championship. Rosberg wasn’t even in a position to overtake, unless you really expected Hamilton to lift for an entire second or two and play right into Nico’s strat while undermining his own.. Nico hanging out behind JEV may have hurt him more than seeing Hamilton’s backside. Well played Lewis. Lady Luck seems to be bipolar.

      2. @dex022 Lol Ros would have had to overtook Ric good try my friend. You call Ham the baby? Think you missed the radio today. Ros could not even overtake Vergen with DRS, ham done it with non DRS

  5. Obviously their is no conspiracy and it’s a waste of television airspace and internet bandwidth to even start suggesting there is – after all, for every failed brake or failed engine there is a gearbox failure for your team mate or a fortuitous safety car period to benefit from during the race.

    I am just hoping we have some relatively normal pole position shoot-outs and more on-track battles between the Mercedes pair in the concluding part of the season.

    1. Yeah there’s been far too little of that through one circumstance or another. However I don’t think Rosberg really deserved a higher grid slot than Hamilton, as he couldn’t get close on newer tyres despite those ridiculous team orders that would’ve only served to aide the conspiracy theorists that Mercedes hate Lewis. Great drive from the whole of the podium, all deserved their result, I just hate how Lewis sulks on the podium, it’s so childish he gained 18 places and finished ahead of Rosberg, if you’d given him that before the race he would’ve been overjoyed with it.

      1. David Moondi
        27th July 2014, 16:21

        Only a looser will be happy (fighting for wdc). He knows deep down that he lost the opportunity to win this. Let’s just assume that he didn’t have to nurse the medium tires and switch to soft at the same time as Rosberg. You can see an opportunity here. Both Alonso and Ricardo are very happy because this is a rare thing for them.

  6. I wish Hamilton was happier on the podium. Chin up mate, he chipped points of Nico and at this stage if he keeps doing that he’ll win. Speaking of Nico, he better hope Hamilton’s qualifying issue’s don’t stop because overtaken is looking like a serious gap in his arsenal.

  7. Kimi’s contribution today is obvious in the WCC !!!

    1. @tifoso1989 Indeed, finally! Good to see him bring good points, it’s badly needed!

  8. Sauber had a massive opportunity today. Both Force India’s retired, both McLaren’s (which ultimately didn’t finish that much higher up) had strategic errors, Grosjean retired and Maldonado was nowhere. Still, they finish outside of the points with one car while the other retired.

    If they won’t score at races like this or Monaco, I honestly don’t see them scoring at all this season.

  9. Nice to see Nico still a head of Hamilton.
    Even though Hamilton fans tend to forget about it the championship often.

    1. lol.

      Rosberg should have extended his lead to way beyond 20+ points today, even 30+. But Hamilton reduced the lead having had his car in flames the day before and starting from the pit laned.

      Scared mate? ;]

  10. You’ve got to hand it to Ricciardo for always being there when it matters, but this is one of those races again where fortune favoured him as others were faster.

    Though a great drive nonetheless, and a great guy!

  11. Taking into accpunt that Alonso is free to leave FERRARI IF RED TEAM DO NOT FINISH BETWEEN THE BEST THREE (CONSTRUCTOR’S CHAMPIONSHIP) I doubt we will see another performance like today’s one. NEXT YEAR HE WILL BE BACK IN MCLAREN.

  12. To me, it’s fantastic to see Williams only seven points behind Ferrari in the fight for third place. It’s a shame that Massa was unable to bring more points in recent races, but Valtteri is doing an awesome job. I was shocked to see both Williams enter the pits 24 laps from the finish and put medium tires, as I am sure both Massa and Bottas would be able to manage 24 laps with the softs.

    1. Agree… Or softs in the previous pit and hards on the last.

  13. I really couldn’t understand Mercedes in this race. Why were they asking Hamilton to let Rosberg threw?
    It’s kind of amazing that a guy that is busy clicking switches and buttons in a computer like steerwheel while driving in heat in a relentless circuit can have more clear image of things that a tone of strategist in the garage and pit wall and England.
    According to them it was fine letting Rosberg threw because he had one more pit-stop and was no threat to Hamilton. Yet Hamilton thought differently since first he wasn’t sure his tyres could last until the end(they really were horrible by the end) and because he thought Rosberg could still be dangerous for his position. And he was right. Rosberg almost overtook him by the end.

    Could it be that Mercedes wanted Nico threw because they thought he had a chance to win the race and cared about the win but not about Hamilton’s championship?(As we saw he had the pace with the new tyre). I don’t think so. If that was the case then Hamilton had even better chance to win since he was a second ahead and had fresher soft tyres in the garage. If he went in the pit and put them on, he would be even faster probably on catching Alonso. But then he wouldn’t act like an obstacle to Ricciardo and the Red Bull might have been too far ahead. So did Mercedes wanted to use Hamilton so they can get a win with Rosberg?
    No i don’t think they actually had such thorough thinking. If they had they would have had the brains to pit Rosberg 2-3 laps earlier and avoid some back and forth of “Why isn’t he letting me threw” .
    If they done that Rosberg would have certainly at least be second and they would have avoided a lot of embarrassing radio communication. If they had pitted Hamilton also he would have passed Alonso and be at least second also.

    So in other words Mercedes was completely oblivious to the pace their own car could have with fresher tyres on. And they had even less picture of things than Hamilton had who clearly saw the potential of Rosberg becoming dangerous to him.

    Also Hamilton could really had the win if instead of putting mediums he put two sets of softs for the end like Rosberg did. So he lost a race win right there and i imagine that is where his unhappiness on the podium is coming from. The guy had a lot of fresh tyres and Mercedes didn’t use them.

    Mercedes strategy guys screw up simply because they underestimated their own car and the soft compound.

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