2014 Hungarian Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen’s high-speed crash at the damp turn one alarmed Jenson Button during qualifying. Here’s the story of Saturday at the Hungaroring in Tweets.

Third practice


For the second Saturday in a row, a technical failure prevented Lewis Hamilton from fighting for pole position. His session was over in Q1 as his Mercedes caught fire.

After qualifying

Meanwhile, Ferrari were unhappy with the performance of their junior racer Raffaele Marciello in the afternoon’s GP2 event. The race was won by Charles Pic’s younger brother Arthur.

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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6 comments on “2014 Hungarian Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets”

  1. I would like to report that the main covered grandstand is full. But it isn’t. More empty seats than people I reckon.

    No wonder really. Those tickets are truly expensive and I’ve been there two years ago – you can’t see anything from those stands apart from the main straight, but the overtaking/braking zone is far away from there and even the DRS doesn’t really work into T1. Really the only upside to those seats is the cover, but every other seat is better at the circuit as I’ve tried them at other series.

  2. That Monacon flag on the podium could’ve been Indonesian…….

  3. Another disappointing race from @R_Marciello. Blame neither bad luck nor the team but only two unacceptable driver’s mistakes

    Wow, that’s pretty harsh coming from your employers.

    1. maarten.f1 (@)
      27th July 2014, 7:50

      @adrianmorse That tweet has been removed, wonder if this one replaced it :)

      Don’t think they should’ve tweeted out the original. Tell him that behind closed doors, fine, but not for all the world to see.

      1. @mmarten-f1 The one you linked came before the penalties.

        1. I meant @maarten-f1 and *penalty

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