Hulkenberg apologises for Perez collision

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Nico Hulkenberg apologised to Force India after colliding with his team mate during the Hungarian Grand Prix and retiring from the race.

Hulkenberg hit the rear of Sergio Perez’s car at the final corner and spun into retirement. “It was not the best day in the office,” he said, “and I’m feeling very disappointed.”

“The track was drying out and I was quite close behind Checo when I made contact with him at the final corner. The previous lap he had taken a much wider line so I tried to overtake on the inside, but he took a tighter line and I couldn’t back out of the move.

“I made contact with his car, lost my front wing and went straight on into the barrier. It was my mistake and I’ve apologised to the team.

“It’s especially frustrating because there was a lot of potential in this race, but I guess it was one of those days when things didn’t go our way.”

Perez went out in a separate incident later in the race when he lost control of his car and crashed heavily into the pit wall.

“It’s a very disappointing end to our weekend, just when it looked like we could have scored some big points,” he said.

“I went a little wide on the exit kerb of the final corner, lost the rear and that was it – I was in the wall. It was a very unfortunate end to our race and I feel sorry for the team because they deserved some points today.”

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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22 comments on “Hulkenberg apologises for Perez collision”

  1. When was the last time Hülkenberg made a race-ending mistake? Just to know how long that streak was…

    1. Im going to say Brazil 2012, when he slid into hamilton, his race wasnt completely ruined as he still finished fifth or sixth i think but he lost out on chance to win

      1. I think the last (and only one before today) that resulted in a DNF was Monaco 2010. Not completely sure, though.

    2. brazilian gp 2012 perhaps

  2. Disappointed for FI, I hope Spa will suit them better

  3. Sorry to see Hulkenberg retire, but grateful to see him acknowledge it was his mistake and apologize. He’ll be back.

  4. Eh it didn’t matter in the end Perez crashed on his own.
    I’m very dissapointed with Perez performance this year.
    Apart from a Podium a ton of crashes and very few points.

    1. To be precise he had accidents only in Monaco (not entirely his fault), Canada (Massa holds part of the blame here) and Hungary (on this last one 100% his mistake)…I’d say he’s had more bad luck than erratic driving: in Australia he had mechanical issues, in Malaysia where he did not even start the race, last Saturday’s hydraulic problem, in Silverstone where he got bumped by Vergne in the first corner… Don’t crucify him just yet, wait till the season is over, we should be impartial in our arguments. Have a great day!

      1. Nice Marcrob, well said. I totally agree with you on this.

      2. In Canada it was 100% Perez’s fault.

        1. It was 100% Massa’s fault.

          1. Can we stop this please. Massa had his share and Perez has had his share and both have moved on time for others to the same

  5. Nice to see him acknowledging his mistake

    1. They both did, hope they level their games up in Spa!

  6. Really disappointed with both Force India drivers today. Even more so than Sauber, they had some interesting opportunities today, as they could have benefited from strategic errors from McLaren and Williiams and Vettel’s spin.

    I think both will have something to make good to the team at Spa. The car has gone a little backwards in pace relatively, but recently they haven’t looked like the team that finished 3rd and 4th at Bahrain.

    1. I suspect there may be an element of over-driving from both drivers. The car has been uncharacteristically slow in practice sessions (as in Sauber pace) and the drivers seem to be dragging it into Q3 or on the cusp thereof. I suspect better handling would give the drivers more confidence and you’d see much better pace and fewer mistakes.

  7. Hulk had great possibility to have some points here. He was able to finish in front of Vettel. Great that he acknowledges his mistake. Should learn from that.

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    27th July 2014, 21:08

    Is rain Hulk’s enemy?

    1. The last I know, hulk was always a better driver in rains but his mistakes ruined most chances he has got.

  9. Gutted. Wasn’t a good day at office for the boys today. Hope they come back stronger in Spa…

  10. Maybe it was Vijay’s haircut, !!!!!

    really, did anyone cop a gawk at that mullet ?


  11. I am always impressed by Hulkenberg. This just proves that he is human by making an error. But it also shows the kind of human he is by openly apologising. It’s getting very tight between FI & an improving Maclaren. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season! I hate this break in the year. Bring on Spa

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