2014 Hungarian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo’s pass on Fernando Alonso which won him the Hungarian Grand Prix was among the video highlights captured by fans at the race.

Here’s more footage which also shows Lewis Hamilton’s fire in qualifying, and how he passed Kevin Magnussen immediately after leaving the pits at the start of the race, then had to catch the field again after spinning at turn two.

Also Daniil Kvyat nearly lost control of his Toro Rosso at the same corner where Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel slipped up.

Raikkonen catches Alonso during practice

Hamilton’s Q1 bonfire

Start: Slow motion

Start: Bottas passes Vettel

Start: Vettel re-passes Alonso

Lap 1: Magnussen, Hamilton and Kvyat catching up

Kvyat almost ‘does a Perez’

Vettel spins

Ricciardo passes Alonso to win

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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8 comments on “2014 Hungarian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Loved that save of Vettel.. and it looks like Alonso went on defensive line to the left but Daniel was fast enough to take the lead from inside. I would like to see more videos of users so feel free to get in touch with me users :)

    1. When the car goes sideways like that there’s not much the driver can do to save it.
      And he actually spun more than Pérez, but for that same reason he didn’t hit the wall, so lucky!

      1. He let go of the breaks at just the right moment, that is worth applauding to.

      2. @mantresx that’s not true. If the car is on asphalt if you lock all four wheels while the car is spinning it will continue on the exact forward trajectory it was moving at the precise moment the wheels were locked.
        It’s hard to say if this was indeed a spectacular save or just plain luck but the phenomenal instincts of these drivers tell me there may have been more than just luck involved. That the car was facing the right way when it finished spinning … well… who knows!? Seb? :)

        1. @psynrg Well I can tell you something I noticed recently, in the Massa-Magnussen incident in Hockenheim, Kevin did apply steering lock while going backwards so as to end up in the right position and possibly to avoid the Red Bull next to him, in this case he definitely did it deliberately.

          And Vettel… @mateuss maybe you’re right, I just watched Canal+ onboards and he did let go of the brakes a split second before the car pointed the right way, so that could’ve helped a little bit to stop the spin, well spotted!

    2. Maybe he was doing donuts for the crowd ;)

  2. Pretty amusing to see a Michelin truck parked in the infield of the course when just down the straight you see Pirelli banners everywhere.

    1. @beejis60 There are other race series during the weekend where they do use Michelin’s.

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