Tony Fernandes, Robin Frijns, Marcus Ericsson, Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham, 2014

Caption Competition 56: Caterham

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Tony Fernandes, Robin Frijns, Marcus Ericsson, Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham, 2014

It was all change for Caterham at the beginning of the season with new branding and an all-new driver line-up: test driver Robin Frijns joined rookie Marcus Ericsson and new signing Kamui Kobayashi.

But the changes didn’t stop there. Last month Tony Fernandes, frustrated at having gone four-and-a-half years without scoring a point, sold his team to new owners.

Add your funniest suggestion for a caption in the credits and a selection of the best will feature in an upcoming F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Caterham/LAT

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  • 99 comments on “Caption Competition 56: Caterham”

    1. “Take a good look, people. After this year, you will never see these faces in Formula 1 again.”

      1. Winner!!!

    2. “These are the men that have volunteered to sail the Titanic.”

      1. nice one

    3. AMR (@aiera-music)
      9th August 2014, 11:57

      “To answer your question about the car’s front appearance, something like the one on the guy at the far end.”

    4. “And I have some bad news. One of us, will be evicted mid season”

    5. “…but only one can be America’s next top model…”

    6. “And on my left you will see all the people still employed at Caterham”

      1. Winner! surely

    7. “So tell me gentlemen, How much did you all pay to be here?”

    8. “So which one of you will end up in the WEC first?”

    9. “Twenty pounds, twenty pounds the current bid. Do I hear twenty one, twenty one, sir? Madam? SOLD for twenty pounds to the man at the back.”

      1. I laughed out loud at this one – excellent.

    10. Tony: “Now, show me your pockets.”

    11. 3 of you arrived. You’ll probably all leave.

    12. “As introductions at Caterham commence, note their proximity to the door.”

    13. “So guys welcome to Caterham F1, the best feeder program straight into the British Touring Car Championship”

    14. In a last-ditch attempt to save money, Fernandes announced that all team members would now be required to wear much smaller trousers…

    15. I’d like to introduce you to our three new accountants Dewey, Cheatem, and How.

    16. TF: “And the bidding starts at £5000 for each driver…. £4000…. £2500…. anyone?….£2.50…. “

    17. Q: Are you guys concerned at all about this pointless team being sold?

      A: No…we’re calling ourselves ‘The Catermen’ and if it doesn’t work out we’re also available for karaoke nights. Now we’ll be right back with your appetizers.

      1. If you can’t beat ’em, Cater ’em.

    18. LATG (@lotus-grosjean)
      9th August 2014, 13:15

      As there are speculations that the Caterham F1 car is slower than a catering car, I hereby remind you: Think before you drive!

    19. “My dear shareholders, Marc my words: If we can’t Kob with the losses we’ll turn to Robin!”

    20. “Up next we have this handsome young Swede who almost scored a point in Monaco! Let me hear your first bid please, ladies and gentlemen. The first bid, please… anyone? No?”

    21. TF: “The door is located behind us. We’ll all being using it sooner than you think.”

    22. Fernandes: “We don’t know how this team would run without you guys … but as of Hungary, we’re going to try and find out”.

    23. Kobayashi appears to be dancing:
      “Come on everyone, follow my lead… OOPA GANGNAM STYLE”

    24. “And this is what the podium won’t look like with three car teams.”

    25. The usual suspects are still standing as Caterham’s annual musical chairs contest enters its final round.

    26. “Kraftwerk announce new line-up.”

    27. “Caterham’s catering team”

    28. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th August 2014, 14:40

      They are One Direction… and the direction is the exit.

    29. Who do you think will escape first?

    30. We have three drivers here…who will be here at the end of the season and who will be out those doors first…let’s find who is the weakest link!

      1. Feel I need to make a change – see new comment :)

    31. We have three drivers here…who will be here at the end of the season and who will run out of money first…let’s find out who is the weakest link!

    32. Tony’s rendition of “My Way” draws a mixed response from the Caterham drivers.

    33. After much time, money and effort, Tony decides the time is right to announce his 2014 AirAsia cabin crew team

    34. Robin may have been confused as to what Tony meant by, “Pick up the refreshments at the coffee shop.” Kamui and Marcus, though, never went through an easier press conference in their careers.

    35. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      9th August 2014, 15:36

      “King Joffrey signs with a Formula One team.”

    36. Tony: ‘Bets on who leaves this team first?’

    37. Tony: Now Kamui, how many points will we score this year?

      1. -Continued-

    38. The F1 Rocks concert in Singapore will feature a new band on the scene…

      1. @mathers A powerless trio!

        1. Yes! That’s brilliant!

    39. Fernandes introducing the first half of season’s line up.

    40. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      9th August 2014, 17:08

      “Underperform lads and you won’t get paid!”

    41. Three Musketeers of Caterham are for sale…..Anyone?

    42. Tony : Gentlemen, please smile your hearts out because one day we will feature in a caption competition.

    43. OK, Robin, how are your and Christijan’s last names’ pronunciation again? I think there’s this @andae23 person claiming Crofty’s to be wrong……..

    44. OK, so Al-bears, this is Robin Frins, and he’s going to do some testing at Zandvoert as soon as I leave.

    45. Reading the faces from left to right: L – “I really don’t know what I’m doing here” Middle – “Yep, all eyes on me” Right – “I know, I can’t believe I’m here either.”

    46. Graham Norton: “Representing ‘England’ in the Eurovision Song Contest is Tony Fernandes supported by 3 dancers dressed in green”

    47. With one of his pockets already empty, Fernandes hold a firm hand on the other

    48. TF: “-Three drivers and only two seats, so gentlemen, bring out your check book !” :))

    49. This is a serious team with the best drivers

    50. Tony decides to use the Blind Date game in a last ditch attempt to find his drivers a new team!

    51. (This will only work in Southeast Asia, but anyway…)Having taken suggestions from Kathleen and Mark, I’ll fire………wait, why is Tony written on the script?

    52. Bernie over the loud speaker, “You’re not going to make in the fashion industry either!”.

    53. “Come on Kamui,don’t be shy…move your hands and show them the inspiration for our Caterham 2014 nose.”

    54. Christijan Albers wearing a Colin Kolles suit wearing a Tony Fernandes suit

    55. “And to my left this gentlemen right next to me is only the test and reserve driver who didn’t flash enough cash for a full time drive and next to him are the two drivers who did flash the cash. Now gentlemen, I know Bianchi is a quick driver and all but there’s no reason why Caterham can’t beat Marussia in the WCC. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to be scoring points anytime soon, right?”

    56. For a cash strapped team Tony sure is eating ok !

    57. Caterham will be shifting its core business to Catering,

    58. Tony Fernandes and his models at the unveiling of his new “Blue Flag” line of men’s casual clothing.

    59. Guess, who’s gonna drive our winner car out of these guys?

    60. TF: ‘Bachelor number 3 – where is the strangest place you’ve crashed your Caterham?’
      ME: ‘i’d have to say that would be into the pit, Tony…’

    61. MB (@muralibhats)
      10th August 2014, 7:16

      3 and Half Men

    62. Caterham Karaoke. It ain’t over til the fat leader sings! Oooops.

    63. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      10th August 2014, 9:14

      “Kamui! How dare you fart during my speech!!”

      1. I just had to be on the phone with my girlfriend when I read this post, hahaha.

      2. I keep reading this comment and scrolling up to the pic. It’s making me laugh every time. Good Stuff.

    64. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      10th August 2014, 11:24

      Whose line is it anyway? It’s always Kamui’s.

    65. …and here are the 3 stooges …. err, I mean drivers, that will be with us for the near future….

    66. Tony is giving his leaving speech “Its lovely that so many of you have turned up to say goodbye”

    67. Paul Rodríguez
      10th August 2014, 16:46

      Yes Tony, that was the best PA we could rent with our sponsor money

    68. Gentleman, there’s the door all of you will be exiting from after the season finishes.

    69. James (@jamesjames123abc)
      10th August 2014, 18:54

      Caterham reveal their GP2 line up for 2015

    70. Tony: Bernie says: Think before you Caterham.

    71. On this season’s “The Bachelor”, the contestants will be handing out blue flags instead of roses.

    72. Tony – “And on the far right, we have Kamui, a former podium winner. Bidding will start at $1000…”

    73. Tony “Hands up if you plan to stay until Christmas”

      1. Tony “I’d like to introduce you to the three drivers who’ll pay you this year”

        1. Tony “Those in favour of double points for us only” Robin “It doesn’t matter, we’ll never be IN the points”

    74. Who, what and why.

      1. You win!

    75. Tony: “So… which one of you already has a good savings-plan and health insurance? We need to lay-off some people”

    76. Tony Fernandes: “Dear team-owners, welcome at the first-ever Caterham drivers auction! Up for auction we have 3 very nice drivers in decent shape with very little mileage. They do come with a superlicense. Place your bids!”

    77. “mmmwwwaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa; you have no idea what’s coming…”

    78. Introducing, the driver line-up with the skinniest jeans in F1….

    79. If you lose in the racing game, then you still qualify as a Ninja. drmrs 8/12/2014 Rockville, MD

    80. Auditions for Caterham’s got Talent don’t go as well as planned

    81. Henry Ford once said you can have any colour so long as it is black. Do you agree with his comment?

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