Niki Lauda, Toto Wolff, Hungaroring, 2014

Caption Competition 57: Lauda and Wolff

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Niki Lauda, Toto Wolff, Hungaroring, 2014

Niki Lauda and a slightly damaged Toto Wolff survey Mercedes’ opposition in the pit lane at the Hungaroring.

Wolff arrived in Hungary after suffering several injuries due to a fall while mountain biking with other Mercedes employees.

Add your funniest suggestion for a caption in the credits and a selection of the best will feature in an upcoming F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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  • 95 comments on “Caption Competition 57: Lauda and Wolff”

    1. “Let Ricciardo win another one and I’ll break the other arm”

      1. I think we have another first post winner!

      2. Winner!

      3. I didn’t bother enetering, this one is so good.

      4. @crackers superb….. Bulls eye.

        me too.. this one is too good. I am not bothering to enter…….

    2. “Well, at least this injury is temporary…”

      1. @wessel-v1 Incredibly bad taste and not at all amusing.

        1. While I agree this is at least borderline, I don’t think Niki would be actually angry at Toto if he said that.

    3. Elderly fan wanders the pit lane with “Africa” artist.

      1. Haha, yes!

    4. “How did Ross Brawn make them obey orders?”

    5. It’s not looking good Niki….Had to change my Facebook relationship status to ”its complicated” !!

    6. For some reason, the promotional poster for “Rush 2: the sequel” failed to capture the public’s imagination.

      1. Lauda, Wolff get ready for the next Expendables movie…..

        1. Paddy Lowe and his wife to be the villains, while Ross Brawn comes back to save the day…

    7. The Rat and the Wolf are now aware of the Bull.

      1. haha not bad!

    8. In the end, their power struggle manifested itself in a round of arm wrestling. The rest is history

    9. “You should see the other guy…..”

    10. Wolf: Oh my God, this hurts so bad.
      Lauda: Really? I’ve been through worse.

    11. Toto asks Niki to cycle the Hungaroring for an “exploratory lap” to avoid a repeat of his recent bicycle injury. Niki gives a resounding “no”.

      1. Mercedes are walking wounded in Hungary – literally – and are seeking damage limitation for Lewis after another Q1 blow out.

    12. Lauda: “Maybe next time you’ll listen. I said no team orders dammit!”

    13. Lauda: “Lewis told you Roscoe doesn’t like strangers…”

      1. I like that one! :)

    14. “This track gets slippery as hell in the wet. Found out the hard way yesterday.”

    15. Lauda, “The next time you give team orders, it’s going to be the other arm”

    16. Wolff: “My arm and W05 has one common thing”.

    17. We hope Horner didn’t see us nicking their parts.

    18. Don’t believe that F1 is turning into a circus? Then how do you explain those animals in the paddock?

    19. Well that was the the last time we discussed with Nico and Lewis who gets preferred treatment.

    20. Ok fine, I’ll do it up myself, but once we get to the loo, I’m giving you a team order.

      1. Love it! Although the mental image it invokes is not good.

    21. In this instance Lauda agrees with the amount of time spent fixing the Armco.

    22. TW: … and that’s how I fell off my bike. Funny story, right?
      NL: You’re better off letting Susie be the permenant driver from now on.

    23. “Toto Wolff with his right hand man Niki Lauda”

      1. @damo00r, I quite like that!

      2. Nice one.

    24. “Okay Niki, lets see if we can make these guys believe that it’s your arm that is broken.”

    25. I hope I’m clear now: no team order in my team!

    26. Nice try Niki, but there’s nothing in that pocket.

    27. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      16th August 2014, 14:39

      “Get some sponsorship on it Toto, do you know how much I earn from my cap?”

      1. My fav for now. :)

    28. Niki hitches a ride for one armed ‘colleague’

    29. Toto, who ordered the new rain jackets?

      Look! I can put my bloody arm right through it!

      (insert Lauda-esque expletives as appropriate)

    30. After Hungary GP.
      Wolff: – Lewis is an …..!
      Lauda: – On the other hand, we still have 4 legs to kick our pilots and to make them follow our orders!

    31. if this goes tits up we can still be the new Larel and Hardy

    32. Laura between teeths to Wolf: if you or your guys sabotage Lewis car again, it’s gonna be more than an arm, now smile for the camera Wolf.

    33. Here at Mercedes, we now recognise the ideals behind Double Points.

    34. Toto tells Lauda why he breaked his arm. It is told that it happened when Toto said to Susie she would not drive in FP1 at Hungary.

    35. “But Niki, it’s your turn to talk to Bernie!”

    36. Lauda: “That’s what happens to you when you mess with a Stevenage boy”

    37. “Lauda and reportedly clumsy Toto who hit a door earlier in the week..”

    38. Maybe if we try to look really involved in conversation we could be the next caption competition. – Toto. What caption competition? – Niki

    39. Wolf: The time has come. I need to take this team order matter into my own hands.
      Lauda: Oops. Too late. :D

    40. Niki Lauda To Toto Wolf; “I told you what would happen the next time you touched me”

    41. Who do you think you are, James Hunt…?

    42. Toto: A lot of broken things at Mercedes lately
      Niki: What I fear is if it catches fire

    43. They broke all you’ve got, your arm and your team orders. Now can i manage the second half of the season just alone?

    44. Wolff: “Hamilton is my right hand man!!” :P

    45. So do you want an autograph on your arm?

    46. I told you not to laugh at the F14 T, in front of Montezemolo…

    47. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      16th August 2014, 22:35

      Lauda: You are totally out of your mind!
      Toto: Louder Niki, I can’t hear you!

    48. It’s a dangerous business we’re in Niki.
      Tell me about it,…

    49. Toto : “You can’t be serious, it was a simple accident nothing to do with that black cat, nothing else is going to go wrong”

    50. Mercedes: “We let our drivers fight unless it’s a nasty fight. Then Niki and Toto will have to do it for them. Round 1 went to Niki.”

    51. Toto’
      I really wish you’d wear a Merc cap Nikki !

      Have you seen the prices at the merch stand?

    52. Well, Toto, it doesn’t look like we’re in Kansas anymore!

    53. Toto… I have a feeling were not in Kansas anymore !!

    54. “I like the way you’re thinking Niki, but I don’t think this qualifies us for a handicap parking spot”.

    55. I told Lewis’s mechanics to set up your bike the same way you asked them to set up his car

    56. Nicki: Ross used to run the team single-handed and didn’t need a bike !

    57. Lauda: Now you forget all about team orders, yes!

    58. Niki: What did I tell you not to make fun of Steven Seagal?

    59. Toto: – …and that stupid reporter said that I’m from Australia. So, how could I tolerate this and not punch him?
      Niki: – Yeah, it is a hard fight, but people should finally learn the difference.

    60. “Toto you know if it continues like this and we let Ricciardo win then we will look like die Wurst und Sauerkraut”

    61. Niki and Toto cast an eye over the F1 paddock.

    62. Lauda: “What’s the time, Mr Wolff?”
      Toto: “That is not funny.”
      Lauda: “Nico says you can have his glove with a watch on it!”

    63. repeat after me nicky “to you… to me… its easy and I want that summer season in Blackpool next year”

    64. Even Nico passed on signing Toto’s cast.

    65. Due to his permanent “thumbs up” pose, Toto was giving a misleading impression of how he felt the race went.

    66. And I told him, that I would have given my right arm for a Mercedes that does not break down, and that’s what happened…

    67. Niki Lauda keeps his tough reputation intact by making it look like it’s Toto’s arm that’s injured

    68. No body realises how Hungary the Lauda Wolffs are for victoriesthis season.

    69. Ross should be dealing with this !!!
      He’s the one who told Lewis that Nico would never keep up !!!!

    70. Ricciardo is getting $500k for the whole season and he has 2 wins already .

      Lock him in for next year +_ 10%

    71. TW: Who wants to take the Break your arm challange? NL already broke mine so I challenge Frank Williams to brake Pat Symonds arm.

    72. “Niki, when I said I’d give my right arm for a constructor’s championship, it was a figure of speech!”

    73. Next time Nikki, do it yourself.

    74. Toto’s injured right arm turned out be Niki’s left!

    75. Team Burned & Broken on World Tour 2014

    76. Lauda: “Im the Rat, I always find a way go Ninja F1!”

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