2014 Belgian Grand Prix grid

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Nico Rosberg 2’05.591
2. Lewis Hamilton 2’05.819
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 2’07.717
Red Bull
4. Fernando Alonso 2’07.786
Row 35. Daniel Ricciardo 2’07.911
Red Bull
6. Valtteri Bottas 2’08.049
Row 47. Kevin Magnussen 2’08.679
8. Kimi Raikkonen 2’08.780
Row 59. Felipe Massa 2’09.178
10. Jenson Button 2’09.776
Row 611. Daniil Kvyat 2’09.377
Toro Rosso
12. Jean-Eric Vergne 2’09.805
Toro Rosso
Row 713. Sergio Perez 2’10.084
Force India
14. Adrian Sutil 2’10.238
Row 815. Romain Grosjean 2’11.087
16. Jules Bianchi 2’12.470
Row 917. Pastor Maldonado 2’11.261
18. Nico Hulkenberg 2’11.267
Force India
Row 1019. Max Chilton 2’12.566
20. Esteban Gutierrez 2’13.414
Row 1121. Andre Lotterer 2’13.469
22. Marcus Ericsson 2’14.438

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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54 comments on “2014 Belgian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Out-qualifies the Spa Master by 1 second in equal cars. Not bad.

    Also stunning from Rosberg to beat Hamilton in these conditions.

    1. Alonso and K-Mag. Agree about Rosberg. Kind of watching Hamilton thinking he’ll make a mistake at each braking zone, he needs to calm down a bit in these situations. Rosberg’s got him just where he wants.

      Should be a good race tomorrow. Get your money on Alonso for the win ;)

  2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    23rd August 2014, 14:05

    That was weird.
    Q3 stopped raining, but it never really dried out too much.
    Still very slippery in T1 and bus stop chicane.

    Should be an exiciting race tomorrow :)

    1. @tophercheese21

      The (track) temperature is not high enough for it to dry like it did in Hungary.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        23rd August 2014, 14:08

        Oh yeah, I suppose that explains it. I forgot the ambient temp was so low.

      2. Very long track too so the cars are clearing it less often.

  3. Nico Rosberg deserves this year’s title.

    1. @roald What? In what way the guy is leading when the form should not be that way? You telling me this is a fully deserved lead in WC?

      1. Neither of them would have a “fully deserved lead in WC”.
        He is leading, with or without luck, get over it.

        1. @udm7 get over it that does not mean with 8 races to go he fully deserves the title

  4. This time Hamilton and Rosberg are close, unlike last races. Bring on the SHOWDOWN for TOMORROW!!!!!!

  5. Rosberg has got the legs on Hamilton as the season progresses. He’ll win the title this year as he tends to make less mistakes when on the limit.

  6. Nico Rosberg continues to show that he’s got what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Hamilton right the way til the final lap in Abu Dhabi.

  7. Very impressive from Lotterer. Yeah it’s Caterham, but to jump in to these extremely complicated car with all those technologies going in the background (brake by wire sic!) and out qualifying Ericsson in his first outing by a second?
    Seriously… ask Kovalainen how is it to step in for a one race to the car you don’t know (even though HK was driving similar cars before his journeys).
    It’s of course still just Saturday but nonetheless great job by him.

    1. They have similar technologies in the LMP1 cars with the hybrid & brake by wire stuff so it won’t be all completely new for him.

      And the super formula cars in japan are not so far down on power or downforce to an f1 car (Certainly at a higher level than gp2 & the world renault series) & again the LMP1 cars are also not too far off f1 downforce with more overall power than f1 so again not as big a step as some other new drivers.

      Thats not to say its still not impressive to jump into an f1 car for the 1st time in 12 years & do that well.

    2. Well his teammate is Ericsson, he couldn’t get on the podium in a Mercedes.

      1. Well his teammate is Ericsson, he couldn’t get on the podium in a Mercedes.

        Are we sure about that? I bet he (and also Chilton) could.

  8. Massive lap by Vettel, a shame Ham made those two mistakes. Great job by Lotterer (or is it the new car \ Ericson.s lack of speed ?)

  9. Gideon Hadi (@)
    23rd August 2014, 14:14

    Rosberg know he’s a bit slower than Lewis, so he keep calm and made brilliant pole, meanwhile Lewis was stuck in his own trap (tried to pressure Rosberg but made mistakes)

    1. Um, wwhhaaatt? Rosberg is slower so he kept calm and beat Lewis?

      1. Gideon Hadi (@)
        24th August 2014, 1:08

        Sorry, I think i made wrong sentences. I mean Nico tried his best

  10. On another note, Rosberg has beat Hamilton 8-4 in qualifying this season (6-4 when taking Germany/Hungary into account). I don’t think Lewis has ever had a teammate faster than him in qualifying before across a whole season, has he?

    1. What’s more worrying is that Lastyear Hamilton tried to convince himself the reason he was getting beat was because didn’t like the FRIC and the brakes, this year he has none of those excuses yet Nico is giving it to him even more this season.

      1. Mate i dont see how giving it to him when Ham was ahead in Silverstone and came in he was way quicker in Silverstone aswell. He also had 2 qually exits in Q1. He could not do a lap in Monaco either. I mean you make it seem like it is Ham-Button in qually. Ham has been the faster racer this year though.

        1. He did get a lap at Monaco it was slower than rosberg

    2. Mate it is since Moanco though when Ros has screamed to me he is faster. Monaco no one never knows. Just look at it on balance do we know he beats him in Silverstone? Ham came on so their ppretty even, no? I dont no how you can say he is faster than him though even today you will probably say it is an excuse but Ham was awful on his lap especially first corner the gap was only 2 tenths. Ham missed a banker yet again. Which meant he could not do a slow lap like Nico i maybe wrong but surely that helps?. Ham did say he had a glazed break if anyone knows what that is?

      The gap last year was in Ham’s favour in qually he is not suddenly slow is he.

      1. Maybe he’s messing his laps up because Rosberg is pushing him over the limit??

        He looks nowhere in the practice sessions then like a thunder bolt in Q3 he slams in a stonker.

        Hamilton is showing the cracks, Rosberg will be champion IMO. He tends to make less mistakes when on the limit and is just as fast if not faster than Hamilton.

        1. I would say Ham doesnt like these brakes, he liked the brembo better this year but now can’t use them since that accident in Germany. I dont thing its pressure because Lewis also struggled getting the brakes up to temp in Hungary when he spun in the first lap. Nico likes the brakes better and had two laps (out lap plus slow lap to get the brakes up to temp) Anyway the race is tomorrow and despite the pole I still think Lewis will win it tomorrow :)

          1. Agreed. HAM drives with more rear brake bias compared to ROS and he’s also a very late braker. I’d say he’s having a hard time adapting to the brake-by-wire system

          2. Well he needs to make his mind up because last year he was blaming the BREMBO brakes for him getting out qualified. It can’t be easy to accept that someone is possibly faster than him.

          3. The brakes are different this year, smaller brakes in the back (because of BBW), Im not sure how the front is different but I assume if they changed the back they must have changed the front to balance the changes they made to the back. I assume that they expected more braking power was needed due to the torque they would have this year and made the brakes a little bit harder to get the temps up. And since Hamilton uses a more rearwards brake bias he may struggle to get the fronts to temps quickly enough.

          4. Well that’s his problem if he can’t adapt, every driver will have a million excuses for why they’ve been outperformed by their teammate.

          5. Any excuse for lewis

        2. I think Rosberg is hiding pace in practice sections.

          1. Yep either that or Hamilton is showing his hand way too early, either way Hamilton is looking more vulnerable when pushed to the limit and no quicker.

            Whoever says this pairing his like Senna and Prost needs their heads testing, they are far too close in outright speed to be compared to those two.

      2. Hey Dan, a glazed brake is when you don’t manage the temps enough, and let the brakes get too cold, then brake hard for a corner. The brake disc becomes very smooth and has little to no grip on the pad, hence ‘glazed’

  11. Not very good for Ericsson. He’s done 11 races for Caterham and been outqualified significantly by a teammate who has spent less than 4 hours in the car.

    I hope Lotterer’s solid performance prompts more teams to look elsewhere for talent in the future. I feel that there’s a lot of talent going unnoticed in championships like Super Formula.

    1. Lottery has done a great job, but don’t forget he is driving the B version of the car and Ericsson isn’t.

      1. Loiterer is a second clear of his teammate. im sure the car might give him a couple of tenths but the rest is down to skill

  12. Hamilton did it again !! When you want a nice banker lap, he messes it up. And what did he say yesterday – let Nico read all the data so that it would be even more painful when he will be beaten( something along these lines) .

    Guess what lewis!! Nico won the round one. If only lewis will focus fully on track and stop playing the mindgames, he will be ahead on track. But I think he is more interested in mind games than actual on track performance.

  13. The gap between MB and other engines is still stunning. 2 secs = wow!

  14. Man Lewis needs to get his act together. Every time he seems to come out with fighting talk he gets slapped down in qualifying. Just quit talking and focus on the driving. Look at Nico’s data more if you have to. Just beat him. I just hope he can do the job in the race.

    Good laps from Alonso and Vettel, and Williams promising a lot in practice but underachieving when it comes down to it, much like Lewis currently.

  15. Guys im not making excuses but when they are in press room Ham has never said that he had a problem this year he as not made an excuse well today he said he had a glazed break or something. And i don’t think he was disrespecting Nico but why would he say it?. He looked so bad in first corner on exit, you have to admit he was losing big time in that first corner?. Also he breaked so early end of sector 1. I am not taking nothing away from Ros guys just putting some perspective 2 tenths with if true he was right their with Nico. I think very premature to people above saying he will win title. Have they been watching same F1 as me. Hamitlon actually can fight Nico tommorow for a change.

    Also annoys me how people think Ros was not good, this suddenly makes Hamilton bad. Ros is clearly great too, we know Ham has the talent advanatage i think that is obvious but Ros has alot more other things. I think Ham gets too worked up i think alot has to do with Vet winning 4 WC and he is still on 1, i mean with his bad luck you would surely understand it.

    1. How is it obvious when on pure one lap pace rosberg is faster

  16. Hamilton is getting pushed over the limit, if I was him I’d put all more time in practice into the long run pace and forget about qualifying, the car is easily quick enough to qualify on the front row.

    He needs to let go and accept that he maybe isn’t the quickest driver out there and concentrate on the win, long run pace all the way.

    1. Which on balance he is certainly not slower.

    2. “He needs to let go and accept that he maybe isn’t the quickest driver out there”

      I’d agree with that if it was 7-4 in qual when Hamilton didn’t give it away in Silverstone, had his brake fail and car smash into a wall in Hockenhiem, then have his entire chassis melted in a fire in the following qualifying.

      Strange how some people forget Rosberg spinning and messing up his Q3 laps earlier in the year, isn’t it?, not to mention lucking (if not actual cheating) into a result in Monaco

      7-4 to Ros so far this year is a skewed number, but if some people want to believe its like that on pure pace. Then thats upto you.

  17. Good Job Sebi

  18. Amazing job by Fernando, only 0.069 behind Vettel in a car with massive downforce. Congrats to Rosberg. Amazing race tomorrow, I hope there is some fight between Ferrari, RB and Williams, but I guess Ferrari if is dry, will go back very quickly.

    1. Who is to say the Ferrari hasn’t got massive downforce? Can’t stand these assumptions that the Ferrari is a bad car and Alonso magic is behind every good result.

      Maybe the guys back at Maranello need at least some of the credit always directed at Alonso.

      1. “Can’t stand these assumptions that the Ferrari is a bad car”

        It’s not an assumption, its the truth.

      2. Both Ferrari drivers have cited low downforce on this car through this season so not sure how much more in touch you are with the car. But to make you feel good about your baseless comment, let’s just say that the Ferrari is best on the grid and it’s Alonso’s weak driving that has dropped him down the standings.

      3. Ferrari and RB are almost similar on performance but RB might have that lil bit more pace this season. It definitely has not been like the past 4 years when RB had the outright fast car with Ferrari building some trucks comparatively.

        Something has changed at Spa though. I think Ferrari might be faster here. Something to do with covering the exhaust and recovery of the heat energy?

        Tomorrow’s race will tell us if Ferrari have improved the car after the break or not. But it certainly is no Merc!

  19. Seb will beat Daniel now .he has got to grip with the car and will prove all his doubters wrong . Also i hope Hamilton is getting his just desserts for all the times he has implied that he could do what seb did with the best car he clearly cannot win even with a car at least a second faster

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