Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014

2014 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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    40 comments on “2014 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. If Ricciardo had kept his points from Melbourne he’d only be 17 points behind Hamilton…

      1. If everyone was like that Ham would be leading the WC

        1. But in that race he really did finish in 2nd so we can almost be sure where he would have finished. But we don’t know much much running in the fuel flow limit would have affected his position.

        2. I can’t recall any other driver being disqualified this year.

          1. its funny thou how much the gap has closed either way :)

          2. Yeah but if you’re counting points that never happened due to a penalty, you also count points that never happened due to incidents. After all they all never happened now didn’t they?

          3. that’s a very good point. accidents, mistakes and car failures are common and every gets them, but being disqualified like that does not happen often.

      2. @victor He would’ve been just 5 points behind if he hadn’t been screwed over by his team in Malaysia!

    2. Maarten van Berge Henegouwen (@)
      24th August 2014, 14:54

      First 10 drivers out of the championship race!
      (or 11 if you want to include Lotterer)

    3. What happened here Force India? They’ve gone from chasing 4th to 6th in about 2 races.

      1. The power advantage of the Mercedes and the good driving of Perez and Hulkenberg was masking what is actually a not so good car. Other teams are catching up or have passed now, including the other two Mercedes client teams.

        1. @toro-stevo Your “not so god car” assessment is wrong. It’s a good car. Or was. They’re just being out-developed thru relative lack of cash.

          1. “good”

            1. yes good, Rosberg has the god car.

          2. Williams are hardly awash in cash, yet they’re chasing Ferrari for third place with only one driver regularly in the points.

    4. Not only do we have Ferrari for Williams for 3rd in Constructor’s, it’s starting to look like Alonso vs. Bottas for 3rd in the Drivers’ as well!

      1. @npf1 4th, as Ricciardo is quite solid in 3rd at the moment! But it will be very interesting to watch.

        1. @strontium So overwhelmed by the race, I can’t read anymore! Thanks. :P

      2. about ALO: he’s behind both of the drivers of the most dominant team, and behind what seems to be one of the best drivers this season with a car way faster than the F14T and above a driver who finished in the podium in 4 out of 5 last races. He’s obviously punching well about his weight with that awful ferrari…

        1. But Kimi was fastest man on track for a while.

        2. @matiascasali He’s been on the podium twice, so I wouldn’t say he’s in very far over his head. He’s been very consistent, where Bottas and Vettel have had rather poor starts to their seasons. Look at Hulkenberg, he’s in front of Button and Massa, the former having finished on the podium twice. Still, Hulkenberg has scored in all races bar one, so that really means something.

          I’m not saying Alonso isn’t doing very well, I’m saying that most of his performances have been adequate, but only China and Hungary really were off the norm, in my opinion.

    5. Points since and including Canada: Rosberg 98; Hamilton 73; Ricciardo 102
      Points since and including Bahrain: Rosberg 177; Hamilton 166; Ricciardo 156

      Wouldn’t have picked that happening after Mercedes took 1-2 for five races straight. The situation is mostly of their own making, but at least it’s making things more interesting at the front for a few races.

    6. the Ferraris were so painfully slow on the straights… Was it them running a high downforce setup or the lack of Engine power compared to the Merc powered cars.. probably a combination of both

      1. @puneethvb Definitely both, but mainly the power lack :(

    7. One or two more bad races for Mercedes and Ricciardo is genuinely in the fight for the title. Who would’ve thought so after Spain or Monaco?

      1. nevermind the mercedes dominance: who would say that Ricciardo will beating so clearly Vettel, a year ago?

    8. Today should be the day Lewis caught up to Nico points wise. But even after the accident, to a person of Lewis’s talent, he should have went home empty handed. He should have at least scored. Yes, you can say that Rosberg doesn’t deserve to be leading that much, but Lewis really didn’t push today. It’s like he was thinking, “whatever”. Hopefully Mercedes will get their deserving 1-2 again in Monza, Lewis in front.

      1. Spa is a hard track to make your way from the back, though. When Schumacher did it in 1995, he was aided by the weather. In a dry race, I don’t really think anyone’s ever done it.

      2. His floor was completley damaged lol. He was not even much faster than Gro which is proof right there.

      3. @458rr Hamilton lost 40-50 points of downforce. Merc’s decision to leave him on the track with that damage was baffling. Any engine damage Hamilton suffers from now on, they’ll come under scathing criticism

      4. IMO Mercedes doesn’t deserve the championship. They should have won most, if not all the races this season with a very dominant car. But Mercedes haven’t improved the car much since the start of the season and haven’t brought many upgrades. They have been very bad with the strategy and the team’s management has been very poor with all the slow pit stops and unnecessary team orders and stupid tyre strategies. Also Ricciardo has been gaining on Rosberg and Hamilton in a worse car these past few races and has made far less mistakes than Rosberg and Hamilton combined.

        1. @ultimateuzair

          They’ve also let their drivers battle it out on the track… had they wrung their drivers in the neck and told them to stay put, they would’ve probably have more points.

          They thought/think that they have a Superior package that will win regardless if they lose a few points from inter-team battles, and the raacing on the top end has been open ended as a result.

          They certainly deserve credit this year, I don’t know which team you think deserves it more…. I can’t think of one for sure

        2. You must be watching a different F1 to the rest of us. Your post bears little semblance to reality.

          Of the twelve races this year so far, Mercedes has won 9. That’s 75%, which I would classify as “most”. Mercedes continue to dominate both qualifying and the races, despite the improvements in cars like the Red Bull and the Williams. They don’t need to bring billions of upgrades – with the margins they have, what’s the point?

          Of the races they haven’t won, one was due to reliability (Canada), the other was due to whacky weather (Hungary) and the other was due to a driver collision (Belgium). Of the other races, they’ve had eight races when both drivers have been on the podium, including six 1-2s. In the four races when one of the cars has retired, the other car has come first twice and second twice. The sole exception is Hungary, where they finished 3-4.

          That being the case, how can you say that their strategy has been lacking?

          The team management has nothing to do with the length of pit stops. That’s down to the people changing the tyres and the driver stopping in the right place.

          They’ve had precisely one incident of stupid team orders, at Hungary. Do you forget Bahrain, where they were at it hammer and tongs for ages, or when Hamilton was bearing down on Rosberg at Silverstone for lap after lap?

          I’m no fan of Mercedes, but to say that they don’t deserve the championship is ridiculous. Of all the teams, they and their drivers have performed the best thus far.

        3. @ultimateuzair, for a team as poorly managed as you say it must be a miracle that they have such a huge lead in the teams championship. I think their management is doing an excellent job, not only is Mercedes dominant but they are providing massive entertainment and drama and generating huge amounts of publicity, BMW should be worried.

          1. Ok, maybe I was a bit carried away by what just happened between Hamilton and Rosberg. Maybe the drivers are costing the team, definitely in this race.

      5. How do you know he wasn’t pushing?

    9. I really hope Ricciardo wins the championship, as neither of the Mercedes-drivers deserves it IMO. I know it doesn’t look likely, but who would have thought after Germany that Ricciardo wins the next 2 races?

    10. Wait, Caterham are ahead of Sauber now?

      1. But not because of Chilton who passed and finished ahead of the Caterham despite loseing a lot of ground due to a blue flag.

      2. I think Sauber should be in 10th now, they’ve finished 11th twice, Caterham only once.

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