Mercedes explain cause of Hamilton’s brake failure

2014 German Grand Prix

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Mercedes and brake supplier Brembo have explained the cause of the brake failure which led to Lewis Hamilton’s crash during qualifying for the German Grand Prix.

A statement issued on Sunday by the two said “both parties can now confirm that the quality of the disc material was not a contributory factor”.

“Instead, extensive analysis and experimentation has demonstrated that the specific interaction between the structure of the brake material in question and the brake mounting on the F1 W05 Hybrid was at the root of the failure,” it continued.

“Countermeasures have already been applied to both the disc geometry and the mounting to ensure there can be no repeat of the failure.”

Following the investigation Mercedes say they can “once again run Brembo brake disc material, should it choose to do so, in race conditions”.

2014 German Grand Prix

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  1. and mercedes felt it is today, a race day that they have to do that?

    1. What does today being a race day have anything to do with the timing of this press release. I’m pretty sure the actual race team didn’t release it since it came from both parties.

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