Threat of rain recedes at Monza ahead of GP weekend

2014 Italian Grand Prix weather

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Earlier in the week it looked as though Formula One was heading for its seventh rain-affected qualifying session of the year at Monza.

However the forecasts for this weekend’s action increasingly point towards three dry days of running, albeit without the September sunshine normally associated with the last European race of the season.

Conditions will be warm, regularly hitting the 25C mark over the course of the next three days. But the sun will only make intermittent appearances through the cloud cover.

The cloud will begin to break up by Sunday, meaning the race should see the best conditions of the weekend.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Monza

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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Threat of rain recedes at Monza ahead of GP weekend”

  1. Is there a record for most rain-affected qualifying sessions during a season?

    1. @royal-spark This must be up there with the most. So far we’ve had rain during qualifying in Australia, Malaysia, China, Britain, Hungary and Belgium.

  2. What would ToroRosso do if it rained on Sunday and JEV won the race?

    1. Will JEV be allowed to cut the corners?

    2. @brunes Nothing. They’ll celebrate but that’s about it. Though it’ll probably get him a seat for next year. Maybe at Lotus if Grosjean moves to McLaren? Or Caterham?

    3. Does Jev have any backing ?
      Might he be a candidate for a caterham seat , ?

    4. they would say – Red Bull is so awesome that even drivers in their early 20’s that we discard can win races….

      I know that TR is their ‘driver development program’ but to me it doesn’t feel right that drivers in F1, drivers of what should be the most highly demanding race series are un-developed… Booting out drivers at the age of 24 is ridiculous, I mean if they are not good enough for a seat in F1 at the age of 24 then they shouldn’t have gotten one at the age of <20

  3. Rain again for quail? Most welcomed. Rain and a drying out track will even be better. A crazy and epic race once more, as each race gets better this season. Bring on Monza.

  4. No rain please. Let’s go Williams!!

  5. Looking forward to a rain free weekend. I’m desperate to see what kind of lap times people will be posting.

  6. I swear that whenever Lewis hamilton has a shot at the title there’s always more rain-affected/chaotic races. Don’t worry I’m not suggesting it’s some crazy conspiracy, it’s just something I’ve noticed (or am I wrong?) 2008, 2010 and 2012 spring to mind.

    1. true: simple seasons- 2011, 2013 vettel won. hamilton not in with a shout.

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