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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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A banner produced by a group of fans criticising current Formula One led to teams being quizzed on the state of the sport during today’s press conference.

Other people were much happier with F1’s arrival at Monza, particularly Roberto Merhi who made his practice debut for Caterham.

“My dream finally came true and I drove a Formula One car out of the garage for the first time in my life,” he said. “The car was pretty quick on the straights and the first outing was amazing when I went full on power, a very nice feeling.”

Here are more of the Twitter highlights from Friday at Monza.

First practice

Second practice

With some drivers not far from getting grid penalties for using more than five of a single power unit element, FOM have introduced a useful graphic.

After missing the morning session, Romain Grosjean struggled in the afternoon, leaving the track on several occasions.

An electrical problem limited Lewis Hamilton’s afternoon running, but some quick repair work by Mercedes mechanics at least allowed him to do 16 laps.

After the session

McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne took pole position in GP2, while championship leader Jolyon Palmer will start tomorrow’s feature race from the back of the grid.

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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2014 Italian Grand Prix Friday in Tweets”

  1. @keithcollantine – With regards to the new FOM graphic on engine parts. Is the number the amount of different units used, or the amount of used that cannot be used again? If it’s the first, do we have any data for how many usable components each driver has left, as surely that would be more useful…

    1. I was thinking that. What does it matter if they’ve got plenty of old ones which still have life in them?

    2. Exactly my thoughts too. All components of the power unit are “serviceable” right? So what sort of eventuality would render a power unit or a component completely unusable? What are the components that are not allowed to be fixed at the factory? Read somewhere that Lewis was running his burnt Hungarian GP engine in FP1 and FP2, So what gives?

  2. Probably about time Palmer got some bad luck, all the other championship contenders have had some at some point. Particularly as he’s not really doing anything too inspiring to win this title, and hasn’t won a race since May.

  3. Rosberg: “Driving style advice.” Ross: “Copy, fifth gear through the Lesmos, we’ll advise on anything else.”

    Oh man that’s so lame. Of course this kind of driver to pit communication is allowed but asking ‘how do I drive my car faster?’ surely can’t be good for your reputation as a driver.
    I know Toto n’ Paddy would never allow it but if Hamilton insisted on withholding racing data from Rosberg then it’d be pretty clear who was faster.

    1. This is coming from a Hamilton fan… But has Hamilton never asked for driving advice any time this season? Drivers always ask about where they can save tyres, gain grip or in general where they can speed up. Hamilton has been on the radio many times asking where he is losing time to Nico. Does that mean Hamilton is only faster because he relies on that info?

    2. how does that got to do with which is faster? if anything it show that he is clever for fully utilizing the resource around the team.

  4. stefano bondani
    6th September 2014, 0:07

    About the banner:
    As an Italian who lives in Milan, I was in Monza today, as it has been for some years now.
    Getting to Monza is to me no different from going to a sacre temple, I worship that place, it has a huge, deep vibration, for what has come through it during the decades. That place is mystical.
    Now I don’t want to be annoying, or sound nostalgic, or whatever, I’m just stating a fact, and I’m not alone in this: the big change, right or wrong, will not bring new fans to the track, and I’m pretty sure it will bring less, starting from next year. We are forgetting what importance had the sound of the cars. While entering the park, you could hear from far away the screams of the racing beasts in the track, tearing those engines apart, and you started having goosebumps. You had goosebumps from the first moment, till the last car had returned to the pits, all day long. Each time a car would pass by, you would watch your friend by your side and smile to him, because of that little earthquake. Each time, your entire cranius would vibrate, together with your stomach, and your heart would follow. So many goosebumps that you would feel cold at moments. It was an experience you could not tell: last year I convinced a friend of mine to come to Monza for last V8 race of history, to make him understand what I was talking about. He just couldn’t believe it. He was shocked, in a positive way. He imagined the sound of F1 to be as it was that of GP2. After that W.E. he started to get slightly interested in F1, he watched Senna, Rush (movies are an easy way to get in), bought a simulator for his pc, started asking questions I was amazed to answer. The experience had so much impressed him that he started to get into F1.
    This year, being he a newbie casual fan, and so having a fragile base of interest, he’s lost it. He said it was because the sound was now not amazing at all. How can you blame him?
    I’m an hardcore fan, so what about me? does F1 still gives me goosebumps? I’m sorry but no. Not on track at Monza. I enjoy massively the races on tv, that is as good as ever. But on track the music has changed. Now you can enjoy F1 live because of what you know, because you know how it works, and what people are doing, so inside of you, you think: that is something very enjoyable, and difficoult, and I appreciate that. But it’s not an istinctive thought, it’s a rational conclusion.
    I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, F1Fanatic community, I’ll still watch races and love the sport, but point my light to this.
    As I was heading home after FP2 (had work to do) I heard GP2s from the exit of the park. I headed back to listen to that, wich gave me smiles again, some goosebumps again, and wich gave back to Monza the aura of sacrality it seemed to have lost.

    I hope this gets to a solution sooner or later. To some of the fans, sound isn’t that important. To me it is.
    F1 isn’t dead, but has for sure lost a big peace of his heart.

    1. I completely agree with you all the way from Montreal. I am a hardcore fan too! I will NOT be going back to watch races live at the track anymore. It’s not worth it anymore. I was bored during every practice session. There is no excitement, no emotion no aggression from the engines. I could go on & on about what is lacking in F1.

      At the Canadian GP many people were extremely disappointed & are on the fence about returning next year. Low attendance in Germany probably does not have a lot to do with Vettel not winning. I would first blame the lack of engines noise/excitement & then many stupid rules, changes etc to tracks, cars, penalties, poor tires etc.

      Maybe some German’s can chime in???

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