Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monza, 2014

2014 Italian Grand Prix grid

2014 Italian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monza, 2014

Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’24.109
2. Nico Rosberg 1’24.383
Row 23. Valtteri Bottas 1’24.697
4. Felipe Massa 1’24.865
Row 35. Kevin Magnussen 1’25.314
6. Jenson Button 1’25.379
Row 47. Fernando Alonso 1’25.430
8. Sebastian Vettel 1’25.436
Red Bull
Row 59. Daniel Ricciardo 1’25.709
Red Bull
10. Sergio Perez 1’25.944
Force India
Row 611. Kimi Raikkonen 1’26.110
12. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’26.157
Toro Rosso
Row 713. Nico Hulkenberg 1’26.279
Force India
14. Adrian Sutil 1’26.588
Row 815. Esteban Gutierrez 1’26.692
16. Pastor Maldonado 1’27.520
Row 917. Romain Grosjean 1’27.632
18. Kamui Kobayashi 1’27.671
Row 1019. Jules Bianchi 1’27.738
20. Max Chilton 1’28.247
Row 1121. Daniil Kvyat* 1’26.070
Toro Rosso
22. Marcus Ericsson** 1’28.562

*Ten-place penalty for engine change
**To start from pit lane

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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32 comments on “2014 Italian Grand Prix grid”

  1. About time. Come on Lewis!

    1. Exactly what i thought mate about damn time. Ros has had edge admittadely though Ham has had a few issues in 2 qually sessions. I just want Ham to win more races than Ros if he wins atleast 2 more it will make Nico look so stupid.

      1. Yeah. I was beginning to think I was jinxing Lewis by watching. Glad that isn’t the case. Hope we see a competitive fight between the top 4 tomorrow and that Mclaren beat Red Bull.

        1. Yes would be nice dude a good Mclaren is better for the sport to me thats why i love Williams this year but im biast as a Ham fan so hopefully they can beat Nico tommorow:).

      2. I just want Ham to win more races than Ros if he wins atleast 2 more it will make Nico look so stupid????? So kindly inform me how Ham winning 2 more races makes NRos look stupid??? Thanks, rnr

  2. Formula Mercedes?

    1. Formula Rosberg…

  3. Very important from Hamilton’s point if view that he comes out of the first chicane ahead with those speed trap times from rosberg & bottas

  4. Formula Indonesia (@)
    6th September 2014, 14:08

    of course Nico did not participate on FP3, but otherwise it still a decent job by Lewis

    1. If the gap was say 0.057 something i would agree but not nearly 3 tenths that is a huge margin at a track like this between teammates. Ros has probably done more laps anyway Ham done 16 in FP2 Ros 41.

      1. Nico is running slightly less downforce so while he’s faster down the straights, He’s a few tenths off in the corners which explains the gap.

        If you think back to I think it was 2010 when Lewis was at McLaren & he went with less downforce compared to Button, He was a few tenths off Jenson that weekend as a result of that. It would have perhaps paid off for him in the race for overtaking had he not retired after the contact at the 2nd chicane.

        1. Exactly what went through my mind after qualifying. I don’t think 3 km/h advantage on the main straight offer Nico chance for an overtake unless Lewis makes a mistake tho.

  5. Ferrari were completely anonymous again, despite looking good in practice sessions. Shame.

  6. Right let me just say i think Alo pound for pound is best driver but yet again he dissapoints he is a WC why cant he not get 5th when he was edging the Mclarens?. At crunch time Alo has done this quite a few times same with Hamilton lately.

    1. McLarens just turn the merc up a click. I’m not sure how you can expect Alonso to do anything more than be the best of the rest.

      1. Good point still think this is fairly common with Alonso

    2. But if you look at Alonso’s lap, there was not a single mistake, it was an almost perfect lap. The car is 99% of the problem in this case.

      1. Taking the opportunity to knock Alonso when McLaren have made a step forward is poor form people. Alonso has put the Ferrari where it belongs. A tenth would have got him up two places but the McLaren drivers did great laps too, fitting of the car they find themselves in at Monza.

  7. I think Nico may be running a bit less downforce than Lewis (Thinking about overtaking in the race) because Nico has been a few kph faster down the straights through qualifying & was always the faster of the 2 in sector 1 with Lewis finding most of the time advantage over Nico through sector 2 & they were about equal in sector 3.

    1. Who would you say it will help in race i would say Ros i hope im wrong but maybe Ham will have better wear and if Ham is overtaken as long as he is as fast he will still be ok because of DRS.

      1. Tyre wear is usually a non-issue at Monza so I don’t expect that to be any more or less of a problem regardless of downforce levels.

        As I said in a reply above, In 2010 here it was Lewis who went with a bit less downforce compared to Button & he was a few tenths slower than Jenson as a result of that in qualifying. We didn’t get to see how that differing downforce levels played out in the race as Lewis retired on lap 1.

      2. Hamilton’s down force should make him mighty through the parabolica which should mitigate some of Rosberg’s higher top speed, Hamilton needs two mighty first laps especially through the middle sector to brake the DRS. If he doesn’t he could be in trouble.

    2. id say you were probably right, as in the post quali interview, he made it a point that comparing his lap times to lewis was meaningless. i think unless he’s ordered otherwise, nico is going for an early overtake on lewis again.

  8. Marussia is leaving Caterham behind.
    Until Kobayashi return…

    1. It pains me that Kobayashi hasn’t had a better seat offered to him. Really hope he ends up somewhere with a more competitive car next season.

      1. +1

        It amazes me how people discredit Kobayashi while praising Bianchi to the skies. The Caterham with a Renault engine is clearly slower than the Marussia with a Ferrari on any circuit, but even more so on Monza.

  9. All Mercedes’ problems can go away if Rosberg comes publicly and say he would let Hamilton through if he was leading to give him back 14 points (7+7) of the possible 25 (multi12) or 11 (multi12) he cost him in Spa.

    1. opps I meant multi 12 and multi 21.

    2. You mean all your problems?

    3. Mate… Seriously???

  10. See Alo saying all the rest have a teammate near and he has no one haha Kimi is a huge embarassment he should retire.

    1. I think that’s an unfair statement. Alonso has a brilliant F1 mind, but let’s not forget that Kimmi does too. He strung together similar performances to Alonso when he was at lotus. Kimmi has to deal with the best driver on the grid during an era when adaptability is key. He and Vettel have shown that they would pale in comparison to Alonso in getting to grips with new tech in their hands. Alonso is a natural and I’ve seen him learn tracks and conditions faster than anyone. The talented ones will catch up. Kimmi is one of them.

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