Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monza, 2014

2014 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Italian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monza, 2014

2014 Italian Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “2014 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Finally nico doesn’t benefit from his own error!

      1. Formula Indonesia (@)
        7th September 2014, 14:34

        I have a feeling that he did it deliberately because he seemed slow enough to not missed the chicane, maybe the punishment??

        1. @f1indofans It was clearly a mistake and there’s no reason for him to do it deliberately.

        2. @f1indofans, I really don’t see race winning F1 drivers, well into a tight WDC, agreeing and going along with that, no matter how much a teamplayer they want to be. And Merc would also have not expected Hamilton to have been in that situation, I’d think.

          Nico if Ham ends up behind you during next races, find way to let him pass.


          1. Formula Indonesia (@)
            7th September 2014, 15:17

            Ok, so Nico really down this weekend

            1. Its something I saw in the practice sessions, Lewis was about .3 faster than Nico in the race pace when he came out in P2 to do his race runs. He only did 4 laps but they were about .3 faster than what Nico was doing. At the time I thought maybe it was a different fuel level, but it showed at certain points in the race that Lewis was clearly quicker especially in the second sector. Maybe Nico had a lower downforce and maybe thats why he was locking up into turn 1.

        3. @f1indofans
          If Nico really wanted to let Ham through he could’ve just done a slow out lap after his pitstop. That would’ve guaranteed Ham P1.

          1. Formula Indonesia (@)
            7th September 2014, 15:30

            Yeah, I think Nico was throwing a big chance to win. I was wrong before

        4. Given that non of the Merc drivers seem to listen to their bosses, I don’t think Nico would accept to a request to let Lewis win.

        5. Have you ever considered a career as a comedian? It would be asinine for Rosberg and Mercedes to even entertain such a stunt. It would totally devalue LH’s win and be effectively casting Rosberg in the #2 role.

    2. Ugh, Nico keeps choking under pressure. :-/

      1. Both of them are from time to time. They are having their own 2010.

    3. Williams has now more points than they scored in the previous 4 years combined under the current points scoring system.

      1. Nice stat! Great to see Williams improving so much this year.

    4. Good battle between force India and McLaren. Only one point in it now! Personally I don’t see force India getting the better of McLaren with their recent form, but who knows.

    5. All those who think it was deliberate and planned for nico to make mistake is wrong.
      The reason being he wouldn’t do such a risky mistake esp at corner 1. He would want to throw away his 18 points as well just for that. If he had to do and been told so [according to conspiracy] he would do somewhere else, NOT first corner.

    6. Everybody is talking about how Rosberg ‘cracked’ under pressure but if they both make it to Abu Double with a chance of winning the title, I think Hamilton will be the one to crack, not Rosberg.

    7. Awesome weekend for Williams. I am very, very hapy to see the team ahead of Ferrari. Red Bull is still way ahead, 100 points, so maybe a second place is unrealistic. But the table as it is today is fantastic.

    8. Has anyone else noticed that if Lewis beats Nico into 2nd place for the next 5 races, Nico can still win the championship by winning the last race (double points).

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        7th September 2014, 23:14

        singapore will have Ric on top again. Really @ians

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