3 comments on “Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Monza, 2014”

  1. Are they touching each other? Wow that is an amazing image. Ricciardo is a fantastic racer with outstanding skills that only comes from a man that has so much natural ability that this sort of racing comes naturally for and to him. Ricciardo in 2014 keeps proving what an outstanding talent he really is and that as the season progresses he outshines and proves his skills more and more. Hopefully 2015 will see RBR competitive so that both Ricciardo and Vettel can compete wheel to wheel with the Mercedes’s, Hondas and the Ferrari’s so that we will finally have the type of close racing that F1 fans really deserve.

    1. Agreed. There has been some truly great racing this season and I would enjoy seeing the Red Bulls, Ferrari’s and such come back into form as well. I look forward to the next seasons to see what developments are made to the powerplants…And there’s always HAAS F1! I feel really excited about the future of the sport.

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