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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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128 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Italian Grand Prix”

  1. 9/10 What a race, great fun so seriously great battles out there, some fantastic overtaking moves! Brilliant! Only not a 10 because no actual battle for the lead, but the pressure got to Nico a bit there.

    This season, it’s turned out to be an absolute belter!

    1. I actually gave it 8.5 in my mind because of the lack of any battle for the podium, but goes up to 9 because it’s Monza! Just watching the cars is awesome!

      1. Trenthamfolk (@)
        7th September 2014, 14:28

        The battle was there, but it was largely psychological. I expected Rosberg to not defend too hard if Lewis caught him, but he was scared off the track, lol

    2. Real battles especially on the non DRS zones. Great stories, people coming back going down and back again, at different stages of the race. Very fair fights from Bottas and Perez (this is how you do it K-mag) definitely Perez my DotW.

      1. I agree, im very anti- DRS its encourages the wrong type of overtaking, i.e overtakes in a straight line which equals to a boring overtakes.
        But its monza! it didn’t happen like that and their was the breaking zone which made it harder too causing for mistakes even from the best of drivers out there.
        I hope the next race is just as good. I’m waiting for another Bahrain type of race wth lots of battles and clean battles from the infamous Rosberg and Hamilton!

    3. I rated it highly because the lack of pit stops kept the cars together forcing them battle each other on track, there was action all through the race, rather than just at the end.

    4. There won’t be any battle’s for the lead only the NR and LH saga, soap opera and trolling for each others advantage when they have the advantage that they have (1st to 3rd is consistently 28-30 seconds in every race) and one team dominates like the PETRONAS AMG Mercedes does. This year will go down as it did in the last four years and past of both the WDC and what F1 should be all about when one dominant team provides all for the lead irrespective of how far one of them is behind because they can make up the deficit by their pure advantage of power, speed and downforce and the other teams can only win if their drivers and/or strategy does not work out as they intend it to do.

  2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    7th September 2014, 14:24

    Far too many DRS passes, Ricciardo and Perez living up this race though.

    1. This. It was almost annoying to see Bottas passing everyone on the main straight using DRS like if he was on a motorway.

      1. Absolutely agree DRS means “Doesn’t Really Stand” as a pass in my book. And there were a lot today. The Perez v Button scrap was immense though, one of the best fights of the year.

        1. I don’t think you can criticise the passes by Bottas as he had such a great speed advantage that DRS didn’t make much of a difference. DRS worked here because it enabled the car behind to pull up alongside the car in front, making it a battle of the late brakers, which was really entertaining. Plus, as most of the cars were running within a second of each other from 5th to 9th they would all have DRS available. DRS doesn’t work well for the viewer when you can pass the car and pull in front of it before the braking zone.

      2. Difficult to see but Bottas was consistently very quick on the exit of corners so he carried a lot of speed. DRS is fine or perhaps you want to go back to cars not overtaking at all. There are plenty of overtakes for the odd DRS dolly to not ruin the fun. Well unless you demand every overtake is pure. In which case we need to get rid of engine maps, push to pass etc etc.

    2. @come-on-kubica, @danieru
      Actually that was not correct for many overtaking manoeuvres by Bottas – most of the ‘defenders’ had DRS as well.

  3. 9. Good race indeed. Lots of fun and emotion. Amazing overtakes (with Ric on the top).

  4. Great recovery by Hamilton scared Rosberg off the road, Great drives by Ricciardo and Bottas. Finally Massa on the podium again.

    1. You got it wrong. It was Alonso who scared rosberg off the road. Lewis just happened to be closer.

      1. @joshua-mesh You’re comment made no sense. I understand that it is meant to be a joke and it somehow relates to Alonso perhaps retiring in the same spot, and yet I don’t understand it. Care to elaborate?

  5. Great race, overtaking throughout (especially from Bottas and Ricciardo) and plenty going on. This season just keeps delivering!


    1. 9/10, actually! :P

    2. I gave it an 8.

      Great passes and lots of action behind the leaders who had themselves set up a great battle that never happened because Nico was not happy with only one trip to the run-off and added one when Lewis was within DRS…

  6. Didn’t like it a lot. Start was promising, but race was decided just through halfway and the midfield fights couldn’t make up for this. So a 6 for me.

    1. Gave it a 7 for the same reason, Perez and Ricciardo made me stay awake in the second half, for the rest nothing happenend.

      It doesn’t happen often that I rate a race lower than the majority of people, so a bit surpised to see so many people giving it a 8 or a 9. Rosberg made sure we would not see a proper Mercedes battle for the second time in a row, but the booing on the podium was undeserved this time.

      1. You’ve been spoiled. Lewis coming back through from 4th then driving like a man possessed to catch Nico. Bottas coming thorugh the pack twice. 3 or 4 stunning overtakes from Daniel and a brilliant save from Kvyat.

        Not a 10 but I stayed awake just fine.

  7. Trenthamfolk (@)
    7th September 2014, 14:26

    That was a brilliant race… Bottas was on fire, amazing racing, respect and car control from Parez, Ricardo, Button… great drama up the front with Rosberg and Hamilton, Massa’s 3rd is awesome for williams, and much deserved, great on-tracks scraps going on until the flag. Shame for Alonso, he’s been supreme this season with a dog of a car, shame he couldn’t last the distance today. Still, a 9 for me!

  8. Amazing race. Maybe the best Monza race since 2008 (which was wet) Tons of battles everywhere, Perez vs. Button the highlight and Bottas Man of the race. Shame he had that bad start. Also, did Rosberg deserves the title? That two off-road mistakes were not embarassing. The more mistakes Rosberg makes, the more convinced Hamilton deserves the title.

    1. *were embarassing. Also the booing wasn’t deserved today.

    2. @cocaine-mackeine Did you see the giant lock-up Hamilton had? Locking up is something all drivers occasionally do.

      1. I’m talking about Rosberg jumping the first chicane twice. Lock-ups are made by every single driver. That’s normal.

        1. @cocaine-mackeine As a result of locking up and not wanting a flatspot he chose that option. He could’ve also braked a little harder, accept a flatspot and still made the corner. The second time It even seemed he decided very early to go in there.

          1. @xtwl The first time was acceptable, maybe that was the reason. But the second time was ridiculous. Hamilton was coming faster than him, and the pressure was unbearable.

          2. @cocaine-mackeine I’m not at all saying he did in on purpose to gift HAM the lead but I did find it a strange move.

  9. I really enjoyed that race, good battles from start to finish. A bit too much investigations in my opinion. But a good race: 8/10.

  10. Formula Indonesia (@)
    7th September 2014, 14:28

    Is nico get lack of experience through turn 1, i think he was 4 times went wide over the whole weekend

  11. Rather boring mostly. Except for the Perez/McL-battles most battles didn´t last longer than one chicane, if at all (many more were just drive-bys on the straight), top 4 positions were predictable very early in the race.

    Voted 6/10

  12. Really good race, a bit of a shame we didn’t see some proper racing between Hamilton/Rosberg. DRS made things a bit too easy for Bottas. However I thought DRS worked absolutely perfectly for Riccardio in that it brought him close but it still required some fantastic skill to pass into the 1st chicane.

    1. @jethro I’m curious why Bottas having DRS somehow made it easier when the majority of the drivers he passed also had DRS — earlier than he did on each straight.

      1. Williams just have a better Dumb Racing System.

        I saw from the in-car stuff through practice that DRS was giving Williams a 40kph speed gain.
        Without DRS both cars were hitting 315-320kph, With DRS there both over 350Kph.

        1. I’m pretty sure I saw a Williams around 335-340 kph without DRS during practice, and in addition I would be very surprised if a car that is thought to be the most aerodynamically efficient on the grid could’t break 200 mph without DRS at Monza.

          1. They always use drs in practice. I’m sure that figure was with the wing open

  13. 8 points, pretty good race.
    I am not a huge fan of Rosberg or Hamilton, but Nico was my favourite in this pair. Now, I think they both do not deserve the WDC. They both make silly mistakes and crack under pressure.

    1. @slava yeah before this race, I was going to give Chilton the WDC, but his “silly mistake” today put him on pain with the rest of the field…

    2. Its f1 not x factor. I like racing not who has the best personality

  14. So Hamilton finally manages to break Riccardo’s run of victories.
    Who could have thought that @ the start of season :P

  15. 7 for me, good race, reasonable amount of action.

    1. +1. Would be less if not Perez and Ricciardo. It’s so much fun to watch them race.

  16. 8/10 fun race, great recovery from HAM and right choice to ignore race engineer after the stop.

    Great moves from RIC again and superb pace from the Williams, good to see Massa on the podium. Lots of fun from P5 to P10.

  17. Great race. Would like to see the mercedes challenged a bit more in races to come, but Monza was always going to be theirs. Good stuff from Bottas and Ricciardo.

    Perez totally took the cake with his sublime racecraft. Great defending and amazing overtaking. He thoroughly outqualified and outraced Hulkenberg.

  18. 8/10. The battles for 5th and below were great! Rosberg really threw that race victory away, poor performance by him cutting the chicane to give Lewis the victory. Ricciardo, Bottas and Perez were definitely the men of the race!

    1. Trenthamfolk (@)
      7th September 2014, 19:30

      Cutting the chicane is his trademark…

  19. 7 – could have been so much more if Rosberg hadn’t choked and we’d seen a battle for 1st :(

  20. Great clinical overtakes by ricciardo. Wonder where he could’ve finished if he hadn’t fallen back to 12th and 13th. Once again he has the speed to beat vettel. Vettel must be getting embarrassed by now.

  21. 8/10. Some really fantastic racing from Bottas and Ricciardo, I still have no idea how Perez kept his brakes towards the end to score points. Also so great to see Felipe Massa get one of the most deserved podium finishes I’ve ever seen.

  22. 6/10

    DRS made 90% of the passes far too easy & they were just no fun to watch, seriously how much longer do we have to put with with this Dumb Racing System?

    1. We, ‘the fans’, begged the FIA to make races more amusing. Now we have it.
      Maybe we shouldn’t have complained in the first place.

      1. I wasn’t one of those complaining before, I just had the Dumb Racing System forced on my favorite sport which I’ve loved for 33 years.

        It was a stupid system in theory & its even more stupid in practice.

        There is nothing even a little bit interesting or skill-full about a driver pushing a button & been driven easily cleanly past another car before touching the brakes. An absurd system which has zero to do with racing.

        1. DRS is part of why we are enjoying the racing even more than we have done in the past,
          in most cases this weekend if you had bothered to look at the car being passed it also had its wing open, which in-effect canceled out the DRS…

  23. 7 For mine, the race had its perks.

  24. Any race with a wheel-to-wheel duel that begins in the first corner and ends after half a lap is at least a good race. 8/10.

  25. 7/10. If Canada was Shock the Monkey, that was One for the Vine.

    1. Actually that was more like Dancing with the Moonlit Knight.

      1. Genesis and Peter Gabriel references are awesome and always welcome in my book.

  26. Rated it 7. Nothing to jump about, but there were some good moments.

    Great recovery from Hamilton, Bottas and Ricciardo, all of whom had terrible starts.

    To me, Perez was the man of the race. Aggressive & clean racing.

  27. 6/10. How can someone rate this race as good or great? There weren’t practically any battles for the first three positions, except some tension, which didn’t live up to expectations. Of course, there were battles for lower positions, but they weren’t very meaningful.

    1. A good battle is a good battle, no matter the stake.

  28. 10/10

    Best race at Monza for a long time and awesome battles throughout the field!!!

    This is a golden season for F1. That I am sure of

  29. Minus 3 points for Jean Alesi’s footwear. Seriously, a decent race all in all. epic race from Hamilton. Ricciardo is a beast. That guy is just unstoppable.

  30. Me oiled have been a 7 for me but Ricciardo’s amazing “switch-back” overtakes bumped it up to an 8. Phenomenal overtakes

    1. *would have* rather than “me oiled”

  31. Really enjoyed the Mid-field battle in that race but was a shame that we couldn’t see an actual pass on rosberg from lewis but either way 8/10 for me.

  32. 7. Exciting race behind the podium finishers. The battle between MAG vs. BOT and VET vs. RIC was amazing. But it was disappointing to see ROS make the mistake which sort of handed HAM the victory. It’s sad to not see another Mercedes battle like in Bahrain. But HAM definitely deserved this win. He was amazing all weekend.

  33. The races this season are very interesting.
    This one was a solid 8. Good fights and some great overtakings.
    Very happy for Aldo Costa.

  34. thought it was rather boring. 7/10

  35. 7/10 because of a couple of battles, otherwise would have been just 5/10.

  36. good race. 7/10. shame no battle for the lead.

  37. Gave it 8/10, great race but I felt it could’ve been better, e.g. if there was a proper battle for the lead and if there was a bit more strategy (the only real strategy seemed to be Ricciardo’s choice to pit later, which of course was fantastic for the racing).

    I’ll tell you what though, on reflection I probably would’ve given it a 10 if it was last year (or one of the years before that). Funny how some regulation changes that spice up the racing overall change your ratings…

  38. A solid 8. BOT doing the overtake show again!

  39. 4/10, okay-ish but nothing special. Could’ve been a great finale without the Mercedes team order.

    1. @dh1996 Umm, what Mercedes team order?

      Rosberg made a mistake (twice) that allowed Hamilton through – who was closing anyway – and then Hamilton held that advantage for the rest of the race.

      I have to say if you gave that race a 4/10 I’d like to see what it requires to get you up to the 8-10 range, hahaha

      (Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion… some people even voted 1 no idea why).

      1. Most people here give a 4 or 5 for really, really dull races. I would rate that 1/10.

        4/10 is not a bad race for me. But it’s not a race to remember, which it wasn’t today.
        Brazil 08 was 10/10, Spa 98 was a 9/10, Canada 11 was a 8/10, as was N’ring 97.

        I rewatch the race with Martin Brundle’s commentary (which I enjoy very much but sadly isn’t live broadcast here) in the evening on about, say, 70% of all race weekends. I won’t do that today because there wasn’t anything worth rewatching. Simple as that.

        As you say, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I believe that Rosberg’s “mistake” was planned. I read a few comments that his mistake in Monaco was planned and that one was far less likely ;)

        1. Completely agree. Giving totally forgettable (and only somewhat occasionally entertaining) races high scores simply devalues real top-notch races. Yesterday’s race was fine, but nothing special. We have separate rating system for Bottas, Ricciardo, Massa or Kvyat. But a race as a whole? It was rather boring.

  40. Shame that the Mercedes battle got neutralized like that, but the race behind them was exceptionally good for dry Monza. Definitely a 9 for me.

  41. Jonathan Sarginson
    7th September 2014, 15:11

    …beautifully staged!…Toto should be in the movie business!…so that’s what transpired from their little meeting at MB…!

  42. 8, almost a 9 from me. Compelling from start to finish. Lots of brilliant drives.

  43. 1. Because I want to bring down the average.

    1. @joshua-mesh What makes you think you have a bigger say in this than others?

  44. 8/10. Really enjoyed it. Being an English-born American, I really enjoyed seeing Hamilton win, but Rosberg is currently beating him on two counts: the driver’s championship (obviously) and knowledge of Italian.

  45. 9/10 for me. Good racing for 5th and below. Great racing by BOT,RIC and PER. RIC’s strategy was once again better than VET,but VET still did a good job on those tires.

    1. You don’t think RIC did a better job on his tyres in the 1st stint to thereby allow himself the better tyres in the 2nd stint? He was matching Vettel’s ‘fresh tyre’ pace when he was on 20 something lap old tyres in the 1st stint.

      Credit where credit is due…

  46. 7-10, DRS was way overpowered once again.

    Man I loathe that artificial gimmick!

    1. I have to say I think I mind DRS even less now that you can pass without it. As we saw today drivers were fighting back through the Curva Grande into Variante Della Roggia, so DRS was stong enough to initiate a fight but not strong enough to conclude it (most of the time). Which, IMHO, is how DRS should always work.

    2. DRS was way overpowered once again.

      Funny you say that because on Monza they run so little downforce the DRS in fact is less effective than at other tracks.

      1. I guess that’s what’s confusing him. The added effect of slipstreaming and the difference in drag between the cars already created a “DRS effect”. You could see Bottas close up to cars even when both had their DRS open.

  47. 8/10. Great race by Hamilton, Massa, Bottas, Ricciardo, Perez, Magnussen.

  48. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    7th September 2014, 15:47

    Great fun. It would have been a bit boring if Hamilton had made a good start, as it was he also held up Bottas who then sliced through the field :-)

    Stonking overtakes by Ricciardo, I replayed both his dummied passes.


  49. 7/10 from me. Enjoyed Bottas and Ricciardo’s overtakes but was quite looking forward to a race-long fight between Hamilton/Rosberg that ‘again’ didn’t happen. Kudos to Perez though. Magnussen penalty was fair.

  50. Mega moves by RIC on VET and MUG.

    Lewis on Massa…..

  51. 7… I thought. Now after reading others it looks like I just didn’t have a clue what was going on due to nbcsn woeful coverage. Know all about adverts in America though. Feel sorry for u.s fans.

  52. 9/10. Would’ve probably given it 8.5, but for my expectations this was an interesting race. Bottas made the first half thrilling, Magnussen thankfully put some good defensive driving in there or those DRS overtakes would’ve looked too simple. I loved seeing cars using the tow through Curva Grande and attacking at della Roggia, we had some great battles like Perez vs. Button, some scares like Kvyat and some surprises like Magnussen or Massa. Probably as I cheered for Massa and Rosberg I was more anxious at watching the first part of the race when the gaps were getting smaller and though the battle never occured I was enthrilled. Although probably it must’ve been as entertaining for Hamilton fans to watch their driver catch up and win, so I don’t think I’m too biased. Alesi’s interviews (such silly questions!), the drivers talking in Italian to that lovely crowd ended that on a high.

  53. James (@jamesjames123abc)
    7th September 2014, 16:20


    Any battle for the lead was gone once Rosberg made that mistake. Massa had a quiet race in 3rd, and it was obvious that Bottas would make up postions easily due to the speed of the Williams. The fights between VET/RIC/MAG/PER/BUT were good to watch, but that was about it really as far as the action goes. Plus, the race was so short, something I never like!

  54. Danny, 2 laps without brakes

  55. I didn’t see things quite the same way as a lot of others.

    There was DRS overkill here. Never good.

    We were denied a proper wheel-to-wheel battle between the Mercs and the Williams due to various reasons which was poor. Magnussen’s (unjustified imo) penalty after his strong drive was another thing which reduced the rating for me.

    However, there were some good battles up and down the field and we saw some good passing. But at the end of the day it was a pretty mediocre race.


  56. 8/10 Fascinating battle up front, and further down some of the most exciting racing I’ve seen. Button and Perez displaying some phenomenal driving skill, and Ricciardo putting in some utterly amazing overtakes. What a year to be an F1 fan.

  57. 6. monza is great for the speed, but not that great otherwise. the drs is certainly helping, others the cars would have had no overtaking rather sitting in dirty air. the best part was perez vs Hamilton, seeing ricciardos now familiar best driver performance in seconds half of race (came from ten seconds behind vettel to finish 10 seconds in front of him), and the great monza croud for podium, proudly waiving Ferrari flags even when Ferrari are not winning, and showing their appreciation for Massa, the Italians do not forget their Ferrari drivers. was great to see Massa have an untroubled weekend, was a long time coming, hopefully he has a few more before end of season.

  58. What I think was particularly important was that unlike many venues Robbers errors had repercussions. A driver making a mistake such as his breaking error lost out by a small amount of time. All tracks should have this built in. Spa has it as we saw Vetted loose a place by running wide at the end of la combe straight. But Canada, earlier in the year didn’t. Physical barriers such as at monza and spas are the best way of having safe run offs (instead of gravel) but with an unavoidable penalty. This is very important factor when looking at track design and satisfactory outcomes from driver mistakes.
    Not sure why Kmag was given penality but button wasn’t, and that parents overtook by going outside track limits….

  59. 7/10 It was an OK race, but most of my enjoyment was spoiled by the ridiculously powerful DRS. Monza doesn’t need DRS, it never has. I just don’t understand why every track needs two DRS zones – that’s thinking in solutions rather than in problems, in my opinion.

    Also, it was unfortunate that right at the start, two of the three contenders for the win dropped back. Thankfully Hamilton managed to recover and we would have seen an epic battle – but then Rosberg outbrakes himself and lets Hamilton through without a fight. I thought it was a bit of an anti-climax.

    It was fun watching Bottas and Ricciardo fight their way up and fantastic that the FIA have stopped handing out penalties for every little incident. The strategy on the other hand felt a bit flat, with every driver in the top ten on pretty much the same strategy.

    1. what about that Magnussen penalty?

      1. @mian I thought Magnussen was a bit too aggressive there. Bottas was alongside him, so he should have given him at least some breathing space, but he forced him off the road. It wasn’t a major incident though, so I think five seconds added to his time was fair.

        1. You saw Button do the exact same thing in next chichane on Perez? Where are the line in punishments?
          Are they not allowed to race anymore, if you can’t defend a guy attacking outside on the hero line, where are racing at?

          1. @mian If you watch it again, Button took the racing line when forcing Perez off whereas k-mag doesn’t and actually clearly jinks to the left, something no doubt the stewards could have easily seen on the on boards. It’s definitely not clear cut though granted.

          2. Button lost the position. Magnussen did not.

      2. When seen from overhead Bottas was clearly ahead entering the corner, Mag got off the brakes to get back alongside but failed to give Bot any track room.

  60. Have to vote for 8, good racing overall. And did anyone else notice the podium ceremoney? Whoever is the GENIUS with the super long flag pole, with whiteboard and marker tied to it, AND making it to the front row to have the drivers sign it.

    I salute your brilliance.

  61. Loved it. Proper race refreshingly free of multiple tyre stops and nagging race engineers (and Lewis completely ignored the instruction to stay 2 sec behind, good man). Great passing skillz from Ricciardo and Hamilton, and Bottas used his car’s strengths and DRS well. As good as it gets while there’s one or two teams clearly better than the rest. 9

  62. Nico is a great pilot, except when hamilton slope the car very close to him …

  63. 7/10. DRS and short race time cost it an 8! This is a great season thank god. After last year this is the perfect antidote.

  64. Have to see it again, and, I hold @Andae23 highly, so, will watch it and be back!

  65. Really loved the save of Kvyat! Heroic stuff. Apart from that incident, a lot of expectations, but almost none fullfilled. Credits to Ricciardo though, intelligent moves.

    Gave it a six.

  66. BORING!! A 5 at best.

  67. Hard to call this one. It was entertaining, but not very exciting (especially at the front; once Hamilton made it past Massa it was clear – at least for me – that he was going to win this one). 6/10

  68. I think 8 for me.

  69. Not the best race of all time, so 7/10

    LH, great recovery, not sure what happened to Nico, Lewis was just in DRS, but not close enough to make a move. As with most of the previous posts, would have prefered it to be decided ON the track, but closing the gap in the WC will make it more interesting for everyone.

    Not too many mentions of Felippe (and he had less TV time than the Caterhams), but excellent and well deserved ride to the podium, and nice to see him beaming in front of what must seem to him his home crowd (I think most Ferrari fan’s will agree).

    Bottas excelled as usual, fast becoming a star. Williams, keep this lineup, it works and we love it…

    RIC, definite driver of the week, stunning passes, he decided where to overtake 4 turns before on both occasions, future WC?

    Perez/Button, I think they enjoyed it as much as us ;)

    Raikkonen = seat available with Ferrari, and Magnussen, please grow up (you could become a good driver).

    Lotus, disgrace to the badge you decided to stick on your sunday afternoon track car.

    Toto, Niki and Paddy will be over the moon, mistakes like we have seen today would not have gone unpunished by the competition in previous years, luckily a 20sec advantage allows lock-ups and visits into the Italian countryside.

  70. I gave it a 9 for a multitude of reasons. One reason is NO safety car which allowed the racers to race…. TOO many underserved penalties…. twice for KMag, just ridiculous, what in the world are those alleged stewards of the race world thinking!!!! Good job by DRicc, poor SEbV must be wondering what in the world is going on, especially after a couple years of great fortune and now SebV can not get a handle on his car… AND the HILITE for me was seeing FMassa on the podium!!! Great to see him smiling again. Thanks, RnR PS had to be morale buster for Perez going to Austin……

  71. I gave it a six, and that was only because of RIC. If it was not for him, this race would have been like watching paint dry.

  72. Its now a little obvious that SV was over rated and MW was just average! DR is way better than SV! At one stage he was 17 sec behind and he caught him and beat him in same machinery! DR is in FA and LH league! VB isnot far behind!

    1. I gave this race 7 good but not top notch!

  73. I thought it was a great race and gave it an 8.

    The opening few laps seemed a bit quiet and I wasn’t optimistic about the rest of the race but after that there seemed to be action throughout the race.

    We had Hamilton recovering from his bad start and pressuring Rosberg into a mistake to take the victory. Bottas also recovering from a bad start overtaking several cars in the process.

    Then there was Ricciardo late stopping and charging through putting in some impressive overtakes to finish fifth and finally we had a good battle between Perez and Button.

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