Schumacher returns home to continue recovery

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Michael Schumacher’s manager has issued a statement confirming the seven-times world champion has returned home from hospital, nine months after suffering serious head injuries in a skiing accident.

The statement gave no further details of Schumacher’s condition but noted he still had a long way to go in his recovery.

“Henceforth, Michael rehabilitation will take place at his home,” said the statement issued on Tuesday.

“Considering the severe injuries he has suffered, progress has been made in the past weeks and months. There is still, however, a long and difficult road ahead.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the entire team at CHUV Lausanne for their thorough and competent work.

“We ask that the privacy of Michael’s family continue to be respected, and that speculations about his health are to be avoided.”

2014 F1 season

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38 comments on “Schumacher returns home to continue recovery”

  1. Godspeed you! Red emperor.

  2. May his road to recovery be short, swift and succesful. I hope all the best for my childhood hero!

  3. Such a relief to hear about him after quite a while. And wonderful to hear he’s on to the next stage of recovery. Here’s hoping that being at home helps him bounce back even faster. Keep it on Michael!

  4. Another piece of the statement: “It should not be assumed that massive changes in his health status were the reasons for this move.” – I don’t know what to make of that.

    1. If anything, I’d take it to imply there’s no massive change, just a slow, gradual change that’s eventually made it possible for him to return home.

      1. Yep, don’t take him moving home as a sign he’s now made a giant step towards being back to his old self. He’s just made the crossover from needing 24 hour care in hospital to needing 24 hour care at home. Still, it’s another positive step

    2. the same as all statements before… He’s not recovered and probably won’t, but at least he’s stable enough to live at home.

      People expect miracles, and there’s no such thing… A paralyzed friend of mine is always asked if he’s “better” now, many years later, when the only thing that get’s better is his way of coping with his injury. Untill I get a statement from Michael himself, I’ll assume the same goes for him

      1. I’d add to that it also means that he is not just brought home to die in a couple of days/weeks. Actually the whole statement is more positive for his prospects than I would have expected, so yeah, good luck getting up and going as well as possible Michael.

      2. “People expect miracles, and there’s no such thing”

        No faith…

        1. We hope for a good outcome and trust the doctors to do their very best for him.

          We do not wait for magic to heal him.

      3. Yes, I believe that, unfortunately, you are right. Corinna, his wife, spent more than $10 million building a recovery/hospital area at their house. I don’t think this move means he is better, it simply means he is now home, but still in hospital.

  5. Keep fighting Michael. Even in this fight you and your family are an inspiration.

    Of course we don’t know the possibilities, but Michael has shown little regard for what ‘should’ be possible before…

  6. Formula Indonesia (@)
    9th September 2014, 15:59

    Keep fighting Schumi and win your 92nd race.

  7. Great news! Get well soon Michael!

  8. It is still better than nothing, the progress is slow at this stage and after. What is important, is that there are signs of progress. The best of luck and health to him and his family.

  9. All these utterly pointless statements which gives no information whatsoever to his fans and well wishers regarding his health situation is ridiculous. Either give us snippets of information with actual value(eg. Michael can make responses/he can blink/..etc) or stop making these statements. Even with all these statements, for all we know, Michael is still in the exact same situation as he first got admitted into the hospital. And that is almost a year after his accident.
    I wish him a speedy recovery but the complete blandness of these press releases makes me frustrated.

    1. I think MSC being out of hospital is a pretty valuable snippet.

      1. And what information other than the fact that “Michael has left the hospital” did it give you? Any information as to his actual condition? No. That was my point.

        They should just release a statement “Michael is still alive” every couple of months rather than these ones.

        1. Eww. Really? What right do you have to demand private details? As a fan, you should hope for the best and take opportunity to voice support for him and his family.

      2. Wasn’t his wife building a hospital wing onto there house to care for Schumi? I think his release is meaningless for us as to signs of his recovering or not and lack of any real news being essentially bad.

    2. It’s up to Michael’s family what information they choose to give. I think if there were any major leaps, or signs that he would fully or even mostly recover, they’d share it. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s how things are going to go. I understand your frustration as a fan of Schumacher, but you have to respect the wishes of the Schumacher family and their handling of this incredibly difficult time for them.

        1. Well said @colossal-squid When they ask for their privacy to be respected, they are also showing us where that line is in the sand by telling us the amount they have. It is disrespectful to insist on more. It is not about his fans. It is about his family.

          I have never been a fan of MS, but that was about the racer, and to some extent the man, with respect to how his personality fit in with his on-track actions, but I would never profess to know the man, and he is also a human being.

          For what little we heard today I took comfort for his family and Michael that they were home. That can only help Michael and will hugely help everyone else’s lives as they can now rest more peacefully and better cope with caring for him without having to “live out of a suitcase” which can be so tiring itself.

          They are home. That is a victory in itself.

  10. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  11. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    9th September 2014, 18:34

    He is a perennial winner, and he will beat this and recover.

  12. c’mon Mike

  13. I’ll admit that I thought they’d already announced that he’d returned home some months ago. Hmm.

    Well, either way, while I was never a Schumacher fan and actively rooted for somebody… ANYbody… to beat him , I would never wish this on him. Though he’ll never see this small message in the corner of one of a zillion websites… I’m rootin’ for you, Schumi.

  14. While this gives no insight into his current state or any information as to his prospects going forward, as a fan I’m delighted to hear that he is stable enough to go home, and be cared for in the privacy of his own house. I hope this isn’t the last we hear about Michael and that however unlikely it may be, more good news will come. Keep fighting Michael!

  15. I remain, as always, cautiously optimistic to any news of progress. Thoughs with you buddy.

  16. I understand that the family wants some privacy, but he was a personality, it was a hero, it had fans that cried for him, and I think His Fans deserve to know more. Fans aren’t asking for pictures or videos, they just want to know what’s going on, and that doesn’t represent any threat to him, his family or privacy

    1. HE was a hero*

    2. What’s going on is he’s returned home. Or is that not enough for you?

    3. I agree oliveiraz. Although the family does have the right to tell, or not tell, whatever they want, we live in a world where people follow sports stars and celebrities and want to know things because they care about them (rightly or wrongly, seeing how they never meet theses celebrities anyway). But, the spotlight is thrust upon certain people and I would think some people understand the trade-off and would keep their fans slightly more informed. Judging by what’s been released, I fear there is a chance he’s in nearly a vegetative state and simply that will be sustained at home instead of a hospital.

  17. My brother had the same injury as MS from a motorcycle injury at low speed but that was 33 years ago and he didn’t recover, he was brain dead and on a respirator and we had to turn the respirator off after a week but that was then, and today they are more advanced and the same injury can be more proficiently managed and/or slowly cured to a certain level with modern medical physiotherapy and medications. But it is good news that MS is at home and maybe he can make some sort of a recovery be it just for him to be conscious and eventually legible. Either way I wish him a speedy recovery to whatever recovery he can make from this tragic injury.

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