FIA confirms 20-race F1 calendar for 2015

2015 F1 season

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The FIA has published the official 2015 F1 calendar which includes 20 races.

The same 19 races which were held this year remain on the calendar, with the the Mexican Grand Prix at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez the only new addition to the calendar. The race, which was last held in 1992, means the schedule will run to 20 events for the first time since 2012.

Four pairs of races will run on consecutive weekends: Malaysia and Bahrain, Germany and Hungary, Singapore and Japan, and USA and Mexico. As expected the Indian Grand Prix does not feature and the planned race at New Jersey, which was originally given a place on the 2013 schedule, has also not been allocated a space.

The schedule was confirmed at a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Beijing.

Round Race Circuit Date Forum
1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park March 13 – 15 Forum
2 Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit March 27 – 29 Forum
3 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit April 3 – 5 Forum
4 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit April 17 – 19 Forum
5 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya May 8 – 10 Forum
6 Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo May 21 – 24 Forum
7 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 5 – 7 Forum
8 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring June 19 – 21 Forum
9 British Grand Prix Silverstone July 3 – 5 Forum
10 German Grand Prix Nurburgring July 17 – 19 Forum
11 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring July 24 – 26 Forum
12 Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps August 21 – 23 Forum
13 Italian Grand Prix Monza September 4 – 6 Forum
14 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore September 18 – 20 Forum
15 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka September 25 – 27 Forum
16 Russian Grand Prix Sochi International Street Circuit October 9 – 11 Forum
17 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas October 23 – 25 Forum
18 Mexican Grand Prix Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez October 30 – November 1
19 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos November 13 – 15 Forum
20 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina November 27 – 29 Forum

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58 comments on “FIA confirms 20-race F1 calendar for 2015”

  1. Will double points still be on for next year?

    1. Hopefully not.

      1. Actually, double points will keep teams engaged for the unusual reward, instead of them moving development towards the next season. We all know that happens every season with only 2 races left. Nobody wants less quality of the competition, only because few of the important teams are not fighting for the constructors title anymore. Double points changes the game entirely because now, every driver does the math with the last race in the back of his mind.

        1. Why not make it triple points in 2015 then? Seriously, there can be no justification for this farce of a rule, simply because if a driver or team wins a championship because of it, it will be badly tainted.

    2. @toiago @craig-o Nothing from the WMSC so far on any rules changes. But if they ever do U-turn on it I wouldn’t be surprised if they just issued the rules with the double points line deleted.

    3. I think they expect to see the outcome of this year’s finale.

      1. that’s like playing russian roulette, and claiming that just because you didn’t die it was a great idea!

        Even if double points works out this season, i.e. doesn’t change the outcome of the championship but merely kept the possibility open, doesn’t mean that the system is working

        1. OK, so if the double rules creates no change of results that’s a good thing? Then why have it in the first place?

          1. I believe that is Mr. Hyde’s point.

  2. Ending on November 29th? This will be a looooooooong season. Despite this there doesn’t seem to be unnecessarily long or short breaks bar the usual summer one. At least they slotted Mexico in a sensible place.

    1. 3 Weeks between China and Spain

      1. Isn’t that standard practice now ?

      2. @master-firelee I think that’s a team request, because its the first ‘proper’ time they can get the cars back to base for upgrades since the season started.

    2. While i get that from a team’s point of view, like logistics wise it’ll be easier. But i wonder if it will cannibalise ticket sales at both venues. For example, the Malayasian and Singapore grand prix and held months apart for that very reason. Admittedly though Malayasian and Singapore are much closer in distance.

    3. I guess most teams would have preferred having Malaysia strung together with Australia rather than a bit later as they would be travelling via Malaysia to Australia anyway.

      Apart from that it does seem to mostly make sense.

    4. The short gap between 29th November and first tests will reduce my withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Quite happy with this. In the past two years we have got rid ok India and Korea and have Austria and Mesico instead. Just missing a French Grand Priz now.

    1. *Austin

      1. They never said anything about Austin

  4. the ‘super duper super mario double points track’ is still the season closer… Brazil is still not where it should be :-(

    1. See, if the double points finale actually took place on Rainbow Road I wouldn’t have a problem!

    1. hm, indeed. Another piece of proof that the calendar is made up by Bernie without regards for what Todt or the FIA would want @optimaximal

      1. What Bernie wants Bernie gets.

        On another note, am I right in saying that New Jersey is never gonna happen?

  5. I strongly like this Catalunya-Monza part of the calendar. Many great tracks in there.

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    12th September 2014, 12:47

    Well, no New Jersey… again.

  7. Why can’t we get rid of Abu Dhabi… (Yes, I know the an$wer)

  8. Blimey, I wouldn’t want be a mechanic on that schedule!

    Why don’t they join the first 4 races, Start in Australia then Malaysia, China then finish in Bahrain. 4 Races done and only one mammoth trek to the other side of the globe. Instead of flying all the way to Australia then all the way back only to go half way around the world again a week later which has to be someone’s idea of madness!!

    They could also maybe do Russia the week after the Singapora/Japan double header and also combine Brazil with the US/Mexico double header.

    1. There’s a lot of logistical issues like that. For instance I would have thought it would make more sense (purely from a logistical point of view) to go Canada > USA > Mexico > Brazil, but this is Bernie we’re talking about here so making sense is unlikely at best

      1. You really don’t want a race in Austin, Mexico, and Brazil in the summer. June is a great time for a race in Montreal, but you don’t want to shift Montreal out of the summer (I guess F1 could develop a snow tire…). You could move the entire Americas part of the calendar into the end of the summer/early fall, but then you’re going to run out of places to race in the early and late parts of the calendar.

        As much as I like the idea of the Americas stint happening all at once, I don’t think it’s practical.

        1. I believe only Austin is really warm during summer (33 C average high during June), while Mexico City is quite temperate year round (23 C during June) because of the altitude (2200 m) and Brazil is also quite ok because it is the austral winter during June (26 C).

    2. I am not saying you are saying this, but have seen lots of comments of people saying “oh the poor team members” such a long year etc.

      Hmmm, work for a F1 team, get paid handsomely, travel the world, yeah, tough life huh. I know, some of them have families, but they know what they are signing up for!

      1. Exactly – I’ll happily substitute for them should there be any complaints!

        1. Anyone got any specs on team wages ?

      2. You don’t often have a family when you sign up, but when it happens should you have to give up your job? I think 20 races is the maximim, specifically for this reason. Teams also want experienced members of staff, not just those that can travel the world all year and have no responsibilities.

        Heck, I’d also love to have such a job too but these teams also want the best mix of staff.

  9. I think the Russian GP should be excluded this year as well as next year as long russia continues its agressive politics against other states. I mean – innocent people are killed because of russian presence in Ukraine and yet…we are to enjoy a GP on their soil? Ban Russin GP, drivers and teams. But I guess Ernie doesnt care as he sets money over morale.

  10. I don’t suppose Austin will be happy to have Mexico a week after. Surely most of their crowd so far are from Mexico. How many will want to attend two races a week apart? How many will just goto the one which is cheaper?

    1. @ians there’s reports that ticket prices will be around the same for both races but yes, everything else accommodation, food, transport will be much cheaper.

      Also the Monday after the Mexican GP is November 2nd day of the dead, and kids don’t go to school (at least I didn’t when I was younger :p) so that’s maybe a reason why it’s there.

    2. I am just excited that North America has three F1 races now and one is a summer race.

    3. Would you go to Monza over Silverstone to even save 100€ on ticket prices? Not trying to say anything about quality of a particular track, just that it is a 1500 km drive from Austin to Mexico City — You can reach all of the other Europe tracks save Hungary from Silverstone in a shorter drive. Austin might indeed see a bit of fall out from Mexico, but we had Montreal/Indy on back-to-back weekends seemingly without attendance issues, and they were about the same distance apart.

      Furthermore, if I was a non-local wanting to travel to see an F1 race, I would see it as an opportunity to do a US/Mexico vacation bookended by two F1 races(for probably the price of a single EU race), and enjoy some of North America in between.

      1. My thought was more like not going to Monza because there is a race at Silverstone. In truth TV revenue far outweighs spectator revenue so I doubt the FIA worries about a few empty seats, although circuits will feel the pinch.

        Good point about the new business generated from elsewhere by the double header. I always try to time trips to the USA to fit in at least two NFL games.

  11. Every year, the Austin GP is moved forward a week or two from the previous year.

    When I attended in 2012, the race was held a week before Thanksgiving. This year it’ll be held during Halloween, which is a bone of contention between my friend who I’ve been to all the Austin races with and his wife, since it’s her birthday that weekend.

    Next year, the USGP will be held a week before Halloween. But if the sound of the V6s fail to inspire us this year, and we attend Le Mans next year, Austin may not see us in 2015.

    Mexico would be cool though.

    1. I had the opportunity to sneak in the Hockenheim race on a work trip this year (2006 Indy was my only previous race so I never got to experience the V8 era) — the sound does not make your hairs stand on end like before but they are still impressive see, hear, and feel. I did not use have to use earplugs at all on Saturday and only part of the race Sunday.

      My problem with the sound at the Hockenheim race is that they still turned up the PA speakers well beyond what was necessary, it was as if they hadn’t yet realized they could adjust to the new situation.

      1. @reg ”2006 Indy was my only previous race so I never got to experience the V8 era”
        – But 2006 was the first of the V8-era, though.

        1. @jerejj lol, thanks for the 5 year las later correction! I definitely meant to say V10 era, as I understood the V10 sound felt even more heavenly than the V8s. That neutered Cosworth in Toro Rosso didn’t really count. :) Thanks for the shout out, I really miss when I was more passionate about F1 and reading F1 news here was a daily ritual.

          1. @reg I didn’t expect a response. While I was re-reading through old articles (something I tend to do during each off-season), I decided to reply to some of them even if doing that to old posts 99% of the time useless.

  12. No India which is a shame, as I was one of the few who liked that race. No New Jersey – never going to happen.

    Abu Double still last of course :( Let’s just take a moment to compare the 2010 championship conclusion to those of 2007, 2008, and 2012.

    1. Agreed. I hope it appears on the calendar again at some point, but it seems unlikely right now. I honestly didn’t mind that race, unlike Valencia and Korea.

  13. It looks a cracking calendar to me – it must be the longest with the season finishing two days short of December. And it’s always nice to have the Nurburgring back. I just hope double points isn’t.

  14. The biggest problem I have with the calendar is that the final race takes place in one of the most soulless tracks, devoid of any character except for the building covered in Christmas tree lights.

    São Paulo is by far the better option for a final race. Amazing, unique track, it’s historic, and the atmosphere is brilliant. Abu Dhabi has had one classic race in 2012. Brazil has had dozens. Just goes to show, whether it’s FIFA or FIA, when it comes to deciding on venues money is far louder than the wishes of the fans.

    1. I agree about the final race needing a special venue. Sãu Paulo is akin to Monza when it comes to passion from the locals and the race has a special place in many drivers hearts as well.

  15. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a Norht American leg, instead of putting Canada there in the middle of the European leg and going back to North America in the autumn?
    I know, that’s where Canada has been for time immemorial, but perhaps a little change there wouldn’t have made a huge difference?

    1. What would the weather be like in Canada at that time?

      1. Average daytime temperatures go from 22 C/72 F at the beginning of September to 15 C/60 F at the end of September. If it’s overcast, near the end of the month, it can easily drop to a chilly 12 C/55 F. Push it to mid October and you could, potentially, have snow overnight if the conditions are right. Montreal (and most of populated Canada) has a climate of extremes. It’s sub-Arctic in the winter and sub-Tropical in the summer. The sweet spot for Montreal is mid-May to mid-August, which is also the sweet spot for the European leg. From a climate perspective and cultural perspective (if not a travel perspective) Montreal works best as part of the European leg.

  16. According to an F1 Fanatic post some time ago, the average temperature in November for Sochi is 11.9 degrees…
    @keithcollantine is that post still around?

    1. @pezlo2013 The average high for Sochi in November is 15.3 C and the daily mean 11.1 C.

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