2014 Italian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Italian Grand Prix

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Fans captured video of several highlights of the Italian Grand Prix including Daniil Kvyat’s dramatic brake failure and Lewis Hamilton’s first pass of the day.

Even the marshals had their cameras out to film the action. Here’s a selection of the best footage.

A cheer for Raikkonen during practice

Start: Grid

Start: Roggia

Kvyat passes the Marussias

Hamilton passes Magnussen

Chilton walks back


Alonso’s points streak comes to an end

Kvyat’s Rettifilio brake failure


A marshal films the victory lap

Underneath F1’s best podium

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2014 Italian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2014 Italian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. That last one is about two paces back from where I was stood. Very thankful to see this video! I can genuinely say I’ve accomplished a life-long dream. How lucky am I?

    1. i was there too, exactly in the same position!

  2. I can’t believe FOM didn’t show us that brake failure! And yet they wonder why people are switching off. When something dramatic happens, they don’t even show it!

    1. Were you watching the race?

  3. … highlights … including … Hamilton’s first pass of the day.

    Hamilton’s only pass of the day. Massa let him by (it’s not 2011 anymore) and Rosberg went off track for his other overtake.
    And yet people still voted for him as DOTW?

    1. If only Hamilton could have made more overtakes and been in 0th place…

      There were no more cars to overtake, maybe that’s part of the reason he was voted DOTW don’t you think?

      1. No @john-h, I don’t agree that is a valid reason to vote Hamilton as DOTW.
        In previous seasons Vettel would disappear into the distance and not get DOTW because he was in a dominant car. As Keith and others have previously shown, this years Mercedes is far and away more dominant than anything Vettel ever had. The Mercedes also has a relatively much more powerful engine and great top speed, so Hamilton and Rosberg can pass people on the straights, which is an advantage that Vettel never had.
        So I cannot see the logic that if Hamilton wins he should automatically get DOTW. Can agree he did better at Monza than Rosberg but apart from that I don’t think he did anything special compared to half a dozen other drivers who actually had to fight for position.

        1. Fair enough. I’d argue that Vettel should have won more dotw though @juan-fanger

  4. Here’s a cool fan video of Rosberg’s mistake into turn 1 and Hamilton capitalising from it. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUo1xE5d32o

    Who would’ve thought the Tifosi would be cheering for Ham!

    1. The video also shows Alonso’s retirement.

    2. How did I miss that one :/

  5. Nice pictures! :)

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