2014 Singapore Grand Prix Friday in Tweets

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado needs a new chassis, drivers fall foul of the new radio limits and FOM are finally getting the hang of social media.

Here’s Friday’s Singapore Grand Prix highlights from Twitter.

Team radio ban relaxed

The day began with the news that the planned limits on radio messages had been drastically cut back.


First practice

Some drivers continued to ask questions their engineers are no longer allowed to answer;

However Lewis Hamilton was able to get this piece of information about his brakes:

Kimi Raikkonen’s brake trouble was more serious:

Second practice

And Sebastian Vettel’s engine problem was even worse. Fortunately his team intended to change it before the race anyway:

Pits and paddock


The Tweet above is from yesterday. And sure enough…

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

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2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. Is Peter Bonnington answering the question before last? That could be a way round the ban.

    1. You mean the “discuss later in the garage”? That wasn’t ever going to get banned, I think other engineers said that as well.

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