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2014 Singapore Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg tested the limits of the new radio rules, Caterham faced a race against time to get Marcus Ericsson’s car repaired – and a downpour hit the track after qualifying.

Here are the Twitter highlights from Saturday.

Final practice

Nico Rosberg made sure he wasn’t asking his team something they couldn’t tell him:


Caterham rushed to complete a wiring loom change on Marcus Ericsson’s car in time for him to get on the track in Q1.

Rosberg out-braked himself at turn eight early in the session and went into an escape road, which raised a few eyebrows.

Romain Grosjean was apoplectic after more problems with his Renault engine in Q2.

A software problem ruined what had been Kimi Raikkonen’s most promising qualifying session of the season so far:

Pits and paddock

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2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. I thought Lotus’ tweet was a bit cheeky about ROS running off in Qualy. But as always, they like to be noticed :P

  2. I think the Mercedes chassis is at least as good as the RBR, I just think the power rating of the track bunched the field, in the end the spread (if you take the troublesome caterham of Ericsson from the equation) was around 3 secs and more impressively all on the same tyre on a long lap.

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