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Classic cars from F1’s past raced on one of the most recent additions to the calendar when the Masters Historic Racing series supported last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Machines from the seventies and early eighties took part in two daytime races as part of the support package for this year’s F1 round.

Here are the cars in action.

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Images © Singapore GP/Sutton

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7 comments on “Classic F1 cars in action at Singapore in pictures”

  1. It’s odd. Seeing the current F1 cars race around daytime Singapore looks wrong. These photos look just about perfect!

  2. I’ve never seen the Marina Bay track in the day before! It looks so different, almost like an Indycar circuit. Maybe that’s why it’s such a good track

  3. Who needs GP2?

    1. Also, that Lotus 76 looks absolutely evil.

      1. and it was the first DRS ever!

        1. Natural DRS, should I say

          1. it had a movable wing when the double wing was mounted.

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