2014 Singapore Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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At Singapore F1 fans can get much closer than usual to the action. How close? Take a look at these videos from the race weekend and find out.

Different vantage points

Q3 up close

Historic F1 races

Rosberg stranded as formation lap begins

Kobayashi slows on formation lap


Turn five

Marshals clear up Perez wing damage


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2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2014 Singapore Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Noticable difference between the start video and the other modern F1 vids. It seems that the right microphone makes a huge difference….

    And what a difference, i love the his of the turbo, the whine of the ers system and the perceived general volume of these new cars. All FOM needs to do is sort out the way they record the sound because this amateur footage does a much better job then the company of a billionair…

    1. The only thing I do gert a better spound out of my TV is to put the sound in mode ‘Cinema’, then you can hear the depth of the turbos.

      1. nice tip. thanks

    2. I know it’s incredible, the whines in beginning of the turn 5 vid, is that the MGU-K or the turbo? I love these different noises so much, we need way more of this.

  2. fom need better mic’s i like the turbo sound

  3. Great videos, especially the one of the start. It captures a real sense of speed. Makes me realise how bad the TV cameras are at capturing speed. They’re too far away and they track/pan to follow the cars, taking all the speed away.

    1. At Valencia they had a camera on the wall of an inside bend, the cars would fly past at around 200mph a few inches away, I loved that shot, probably the only interesting thing that would ever happen that weekend, haha. We definitely need more of this, especially on street courses where the action isn’t great.

  4. I’m quite interested in knowing how the noise levels of those historic cars compared with the 2014 and 2013 cars. From the videos, it seems like those 70s cars were as loud as the 2014 cars, but it could just be the different microphones.

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