Lewis Hamilton fan, Mercedes, Suzuka, 2014

2014 Japanese Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Lewis Hamilton fan, Mercedes, Suzuka, 2014

Pictures from the build-up to the Japanese Grand Prix.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, Pirelli

2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2014 Japanese Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. Formula-I (@)
    2nd October 2014, 11:53

    Hahaha, that main picture really look alike Hamilton when he 9 years old

    1. Hamiltons “mini me”

    2. I think Hamilton went out with an Asian girl before Scherzinger, maybe they had a secret child?

  2. Forget Max Verstappen, Hamilton junior now set to make F1 debut with Mclaren, aged 6 and a half!

  3. Them crazy fans in Japan. It’s all fake, counterfeit. Love it.

  4. I’ve been to one Japanese GP… the fans are just amazing! F1 needs more Japanese GPs around the world- fans who really care about the sport. Suzuka is just such an awesome track…

    Everyone bemoans what is “wrong” with F1… and it is true you could look at it that way. Another way is to look at what is “Right” with F1- and a Japanese GP at Suzuka is as “right” as it gets.

  5. I was hoping for hi-res image of Susie Wolff anime here :(

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