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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Japanese Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s coverage of the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix in the UK:

Friday 3 October 2014

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Japanese Grand Prix first practice liveBBC201:5002:0003:30
Japanese Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F101:4502:0003:30
Japanese Grand Prix second practice liveBBC205:5506:0007:30
Japanese Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F105:4506:0007:30

Saturday 4 October 2014

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Japanese Grand Prix third practice liveBBC202:5503:0004:00
Japanese Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F102:4503:0004:00
Japanese Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC105:0006:00
Japanese Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F105:0006:00

Sunday 5 October 2014

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession starts
Japanese Grand Prix liveBBC16:007:00
Japanese Grand Prix liveSky Sports F15:307:00

For details of coverage in your area see these links or share information in the comments:

If you’re unable to watch the race at your location, join the F1 in Pubs forum to find a place to watch the race:

Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2014 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2014 Japanese Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Are we talking am or pm here?

    Excuse me for being dense its still early…

    1. Looks like a 24 hour clock. Assuming you live in Europe, Japan sees the sun before us (kind of) so you have to get up nice and early.

  2. Formula-I (@)
    2nd October 2014, 9:59

    In Southeast Asia it always on Fox Sports

    1. In Australia its on Network Ten’s digital channel One

      1. Australia is not Southeast Asia ;-)

        1. I know but there is a channel called Fox Sports. Its close to being one haha

  3. Ah, those rough, hard Friday mornings, here comes another one – when you can’t decide whether to stay awake until the day’s action starts, or go to bed early as that 2am (3am for the marginally luckier me in GMT+1) is right on the edge.

  4. Stay up late for FP1, sleep over FP2?
    or sleep early and wake up for FP2?

    1. And you call yourself an f1 fanatic ? Poor show ! ;)

  5. I am in Japan. Where can I watch the GP? Is it on the domestic FTA channels or only Pay?

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