Bianchi ready for “logical step” up to Ferrari

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Jules Bianchi says he is prepared to move into a seat at Ferrari if the opportunity arises.

With rumours suggesting Fernando Alonso could leave the team before the end of his contract and Bianchi distinguishing himself by scoring Marussia’s first points in Monaco earlier this year, the Ferrari development driver has been tipped for a promotion to the team.

“Well yes of course I feel ready,” said Bianchi during today’s press conference at Suzuka. “I’ve been looking for that since I’ve been in the academy end of 2009.”

“So now I did nearly two seasons in Formula One I think I have good experience and I feel ready for that, for sure. It looks like the logical step for me if something happen like this.”

However Bianchi, who tested for Ferrari at Silverstone this year, admitted there was no vacancy at the team for now. “Obviously at the moment both drivers have a contract so it’s not a question but if there is an opportunity I think it will be good for me and I feel good.”

Bianchi added he is pleased with his season so far despite not returning to the top ten since Monaco.

“You can always do better for sure but I think it was a good season for me,” he said. “I’m still trying to do my best in the next races we’re going to have and we will see. But for sure I did my best and I have no regrets.”

2014 F1 season

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27 comments on “Bianchi ready for “logical step” up to Ferrari”

  1. Everybody is saying how vital Alonso is for Ferrari. I say: bring it on. Give Bianchi a chance and team him up with Kimi…give them a decent car and bring on the 2015…my guess is Honda won’t break the ice next year, maybe the year afterwards. But as I said hundrets of years ago :)) Grosjean is my guess to be a McLaren driver next year…

    1. @yancheelaa It quite surprises me nobody else thinks that. He still has some rough edges but he’s clearly faster than many others on the grid. I would like Alonso at McLaren once more but I’d also like to see either Grosjean or Hülkenberg in their car. Together with Magnussen that is. Button should retire if you ask me.

      1. I always liked Button, quite a lot, I still would love for him to have another season like 2012 (I guess it was 2012) with a race like he had in Canada….but that time is gone I guess, and mclaren are in a hurry to step up as well :)

        1. Formula-I (@)
          2nd October 2014, 8:46

          I think you meant 2011 where he outscored Hamilton ;) He had a terrible race in Canada 2012, lapped by leaders (in a 2nd quickest cars in the weekend) and then finished in 16th, but i never see button race as terrible as that after Canada 2012

          1. Thanks a million. Yes the 2011 :) …for me one of the best races ever :)

        2. Canada 2011 was where it rained, he crashed, was penalised twice (I think), had god knows how many pitstops and won. Quite a race, huh? ;)

      2. Do you think it would be worthwhile McLaren replacing Button with Grosjean? If they wanted to ditch Button for next year, it should be for a meaningful replacement. It’s just my opinion, but I just don’t see Grosjean as being a step up from Button.

        1. no, I think the Renault last year made both Grosjean and Raikonnen seem better then they really are, because of how well the Renault managed its tyres. this year we see the true Raikonnen post 2006 and the true Grosjean in general. Button, Grosjean, Raikkonen – they are all at a similar level I believe. give JEV or Hulk a go ahead of those 3.

  2. I’d be all for having him and Vettel at Ferrari for 2016 – or even for 2015 (although Kimi is unlikely to be dropped like that for a second time, would be too expensive for them!)

    1. @bascb
      The way Kimi is going this season they might be able to drop him on a performance clause – if they want to.

        1. why not? it is true he has underperformed, nowhere near Alonso’s level over the cause of the season. they can drop him if they want, and pay him out if they have to, they can afford it, their road car sales are going well.

          1. I doubt they’ll have to pay Raikkonen a cent, he is currently out of the top 10 in the WDC. I vaguely recall Alonso’s contract says he can drop Ferrari if they finish 4th or lower in the WCC.

  3. “Bianchi added he is pleased with his season so far despite not returning to the top ten since Monaco.”

    Honestly, I never thought either Caterham or Marussia would score a point, ever. It was one hell of a surprise Bianchi did in Monaco. I also never expect them to do it again. I guess Bianchi feels the same and I do believe he is ready for a better team. Seeing the other Ferrari team is no step forward it is time to move up to the real thing.

  4. Formula-I (@)
    2nd October 2014, 8:24

    I think bianchi can do a Ricciardo, quietly impressive in mid to back team and when come to the top he shocked everyone. I believe Bianchi has capacity to do that, he just need consistency and Ricciardo was like that in STR

  5. Alexander (@)
    2nd October 2014, 8:42

    Personally I would love to see Bottas at Ferrari, maybe not in 2015 even though that would be great… but maybe he’ll replace Kimi for 2016.. Unlikely yes, but just a thought.

  6. So… I guess all pre-contracts with Hülkenberg were torn up after they signed Kimi? Huge loss if you ask me.

    1. Its actually pretty sad that Hulkenberg is again forgotten in this crazy drivers changing team mess. He deserves to drive for a top team but no one really thinks about having him on their team due to his weight. I fear he may never drive for a top team while he is at his prime form in his career.

      1. His might be one of those cases that he stays in the upper midfield for his whole career because the top-teams are full, only to get called up and finish with one last year at Ferrari as a reliable, experienced second driver next to a young hotshot before retiring the sport.

      2. I don’t think what Hulk needs is to sidestep to another non-winning midfielder like Ferrari or McLaren.

        1. No, he needs to move to a big or historical team and start building a foundation. As is, Mclaren have Magnussen, Button and Vandoorne to choose from; Williams have Bottas, Massa and Nasr; Ferrari have Raikkonen, Alonso and Bianchi; Red Bull has more drivers then I care to name.
          Among the impressive young talents, Grosjean’s and Hulkenberg’s futures are looking bad, while Bottas got a jackpot.

    2. Liam McShane (@)
      2nd October 2014, 20:09

      I have to say Hulk has been quite poor since the summer break. Perez has out raced him quite a few times.

      1. It amazes me how everybody keeps saying he needs a top seat when he hasn’t even been able to get a podium, while his not so well regarded and younger teammate has already scored a few podiums at Sauber & FI.

  7. I think that Bianchi is a future star waiting in the wings. Very similar to Alonso himself, who started out at Minardi, who also quietly did a very decent job for a team that was at the back of the grid. It isn’t an easy path into F1, however, if you’re talented enough and patient enough, then Alonso proved that you can succeed via that path.

  8. Phew, what a relief. For a moment there, I thought he was going to say “a seat at Ferrari? nah, I’m not ready yet, maybe in a couple of years. Thanks, though!”.

  9. You wish LOL

  10. To be honest, we have so many young talented drivers in slow cars, that I am suddenly starting to think that 3 cars a team is not that bad of an idea…

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