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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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A series of spins and crashes during the two practice sessions showed Suzuka is tricky enough in dry conditions. But the impending arrival of Typhoon Phanfone remained a cause for concern on the first day of action in Japan.

It was far from the only talking point however. Fernando Alonso’s future remains very much in the spotlight – so much so that even such trivial matters as which team members he offered a bunch of grapes to did not pass without comment.

And Caterham team principal Manfredi Ravetto appeared to have done little to assuage concerns about his team’s financial situation after talking to the media.

Here are the Twitter highlights of an eventful day at Suzuka.

First practice

Three days after his 17th birthday, Max Verstappen became the youngest driver ever to take part in a grand prix weekend – two months younger than the television graphics said he was:

Verstappen’s session came to an end with a few minutes to spare.

Second practice

The Japanese crowd did not see much of their hero today, as Kamui Kobayashi quickly crashed out of the afternoon session, while Roberto Merhi drove in his car in the morning.

Sebastian Vettel checked whether his team mate was alright after a crash similar to the season-ending one Timo Glock had had five years beforehand.

Some drivers were still having to be reminded their colleagues on the pit wall are no longer allowed to answer all of their questions:

Pits and paddock

A Caterham press conference left more questions than answers about the seriousness of the team’s financial troubles.


The threat posed by Typhoon Phanfone remained a major talking point.

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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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4 comments on “2014 Japanese Grand Prix Friday in Tweets”

  1. It has been more or less confirmed that Alonso will be joining McLaren-Honda in 2015. As an Alonso fan, it just seems so surreal and to be honest, I don’t see how it’ll get him a third title. But it’ll be better I guess, than Ferrari. But if Alonso jumps ship and Ferrari are competitive next year, pfft, we’re in for an interesting couple of interviews.

    1. I see it on a few sites that he might swap places with Vettel… There’s a lot of rumors and uncertainty, it will be an interesting few weeks, I would never have thought that before yesterday, I thought the top 6 teams will keep their current lineups for 2015, but nothing is sure now.

  2. Does Pirelli have a Typhoon compound???

  3. Does no-one else find it ridiculous that during practice, when the driver and mechanic are working together to optimise the car for the track, that the mechanic cannot communicate progress to the driver via radio?
    I agree with the ban during competition, but practice ?

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