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Marussia has announced Formula Renault 3.5 racer Will Stevens has joined the team as one of its reserve drivers.

He joins Alexander Rossi in that capacity. Like Rossi, Stevens was previously linked with Marussia’s rivals Caterham, as part of their young driver academy. Stevens drove for Caterham in a test at Silverstone in July, and in last year’s young drivers’ test.

According to Marussia, Stevens will participate in “a number of free practice one sessions during the remainder of the season”. However he will not drive for the team today at Suzuka in place of Max Chilton as had been rumoured.

The 23-year-old is currently sixth in the Formula Renault 3.5 series having won the season-opening race at Monza. He was fourth in the championship last year.

“Will is a driver we have been watching since he arrived in Formula Renault,” said team principal John Booth.

“We have admired his ability to learn quickly and compete in the thick of the action, so we are very pleased to add him to our roster of official reserve drivers, which is now looking very strong indeed. It is great to be able to take such promising talents as Will and Alexander under our wing and help them progress to the next level.

“We look forward to seeing Will perform in the MR03, when I am sure he will demonstrate some further signs of his obvious potential.”

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9 comments on “Stevens appointed as reserve driver at Marussia”

  1. How many reserve drivers does a team need ?

    Am i being cynical ? Or is it cash per lap conditions here ?

    Or perhaps multiple drivers are needed so the team continues to have a reserve driver on hand when the other has race commitments elsewhere ?

    1. The trick is to make them pay for being reserve drivers. And then, when your star drivers rubs the finger in your face and leaves in the middle of the season, you sell the seat to the highest bidder.

    2. @greg-c, I wonder if they have room for Simona de Silvestro.

    3. As much as it needs to stock up your budget is the right answer, I would say!

  2. Article posted af 2.19 am

    Bless you Collantine !

  3. Stevens has a good karting record, but his time in cars has been tough. He has always been in the shadow of other better drivers. While there’s no doubting his pace, he’s probably only as good as Rossi, and not as good as the likes of Sainz, Merhi, Gasly, Rowland etc.
    I didn’t know he had much money, but he probably has. Being British, I’m sure he has a lot of contacts too, in the motorsport world.

    1. @wsrgo I think he might have a bright future in sportscar racing. His race pace is usually much better in FR3.5 than in qualifying, and he’s already with Strakka…

      1. @hunocsi Indeed. I recall a few races last year where he charged through the field to get a podium.

  4. Is it just me, or does Stevens look a lot like Paul di Resta in that shot?

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