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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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Unsurprisingly, today’s talk at Suzuka was dominated by the news on the 2015 driver market.

Sebastian Vettel’s departure from Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat’s promotion, and rumours of where Fernando Alonso’s heading were the major talking points. But at the end of the day thoughts returned to the ominous weather forecast for tomorrow.

Here’s the story of Saturday at the Japanese Grand Prix on Twitter.

Vettel leaves Red Bull

Before final practice began, Red Bull surprised the Formula One world with the news of Vettel’s impending departure.

Third practice

Track action, especially in the morning session, was somewhat overlooked given the day’s developments.


There was a lot of bunching up at the chicane as drivers prepared for their final attempts in Q2.

With rain expected in the race, Red Bull focused on Sunday performance.

Pits and paddock


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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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6 comments on “2014 Japanese Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets”

  1. That tweet from Mercedes sums it up really. Epic race track, epic silly-season, a massive storm on it’s way and a battle between team-mates for the win. Tomorrow may only be about half-points if the rains pours down, but it beats the hell out of Abu Dhabi aka Abu-Double!

  2. Japanese fans really are some of the most dedicated around. 6pm and the stands are still full.
    I hope they will have the sense to go home in time tomorrow for their own sake.

    1. @hunocsi Although it must be said that you can replace ‘Japanese’ in that tweet by Belgian, Italian, British aswell…

      1. True, I just wanted to quote the Williams tweet, but I guess the tags weren’t working.

  3. @keithcollantine, F1.com no doubt know exactly what is happening, Bernie probably conceived and brokered the whole deal, for the “good of the show” I’m sure.

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