Early race start due to Phanfone still possible – Alonso

2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso suspects there could be a late change to the start time of the Japanese Grand Prix due to the threat from typhoon Phanfone.

The race is scheduled to begin at 3pm local time which is just over 21 hours away. But with Phanfone forecast to move closer to the track, causing high winds and heavy rain, it may prove impossible for the race to go ahead.

“Unfortunately the typhoon expected tomorrow is creating a bit of tension because over the past two days we haven’t done any wet running and having to do the opening lap of the race itself in the rain always complicates matters,” said Alonso.

“Currently, we don’t know how much rain we can expect, so all we can do is prepare for a difficult race, because Suzuka is a circuit where, even in the dry, incidents can occur and it’s easy to make mistakes.

“I think that later today, the race director might take a decision regarding this, with the possibility of bringing the race forward.”

2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Early race start due to Phanfone still possible – Alonso”

  1. I’ve got a service to attend at 1 AM UTC so I actually hope it doesn’t get moved……

  2. Sean (@spaceman1861)
    4th October 2014, 11:19

    I hope they do move it so it doesnt clash with the nrl finals :)

  3. It’s now 16 hours to the original start time. The organizers handle this very, very, very bad. No official word as of yet. I really feel for the people who bought superexpensive tickets and have a costy train ride booked that gets them there 2 or 3 hours before the start. If the race starts early, this is an absolute disgrace.

    The should’ve given an ultimate decision at least 24 hours prior.

    1. I just hope I find out what time the race is starting before I go to bed, so that I know when I have to wake up.

      1. Go to bed early, get up 3 hours 5 minutes before the race and either play a 100% race in F1 2013 or re-watch a classic race while waiting for the start ;)

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