Vergne also gets grid penalty for engine change

2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne has become the second driver this weekend to collect a grid penalty for an engine change.

Vergne joins Pastor Maldonado in receiving a ten-place grid penalty having moved onto his sixth different internal combustion engine.

Team mate Daniil Kvyat had the same penalty at Monza. All three are Renault engine users.

Vergne, who had qualified 11th, will now start 21st alongside Maldonado on the back row of the grid.

It is the latest in a series of setbacks for Vergne this weekend. “I didn’t drive FP1, I had two technical issues in FP2 which shortened my running time, I could complete only 3 laps in FP3 this morning,” he said.

“The race is tomorrow and anything can happen, even starting from the back of the grid,” he added.

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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Vergne also gets grid penalty for engine change”

  1. Oh Jean-Eric… Talk about kick a man when he’s down, multiple times. Poor bloke, will he actually ever get any luck?

    Is there anyone left who doesn’t feel sorry for Vergne?

    1. Well it’s a great opportunity for him to show us how many cars he can pass, assuming the safety car leaves the track sometime.

  2. Formula-I (@)
    4th October 2014, 10:42

    What a shame…… He is the most unlucky driver in f1 this year.
    – Lost a seat in RBR
    – 6 mechanical failures in race and Qualy
    – might not get a drive next year (other drivers like hulk, perez, bianchi still get a midfield seat)
    Thats sound a little, but if you’re him, you you will had heavily depressed and frustation

    1. And is in F1 in a year when his weight is penalised.

      1. forgot about that. just looked at the stats of this season and jev after singapore is on average in quali a tenth a lap ahead. considering the weight disadvantage i dont think kvyat is that great. kvyat is good but he hasnt had a standout drive like vergne did at singapore. mind you sainz and verstappen should be interesting. mabey verne could go to wec like every other red bull reject

        1. Nissan LMP1?

        2. Agreed. Vergne needed that drive last year. He’s a little inconsistent and riddled with bad luck but he does have these awesome drives in him.. Monaco 2012 I think was one? I heard his weight is worth +0.2s or something a lap. Some guy, should have been given a 1 year deal at RB and given Kvyat another year. Not really a fan of his, and his comments about Vergne being passed up haven’t endeared me to him either.

  3. I really feel sorry for this guy. He gets kicked out of STR next year, misses out on the RBR seat which gets taken by a 20 YEAR OLD! And on top of that, not many seats are available anymore. When there are drivers like Maldonado, Gutierrez, Ericsson, Chilton and Sutil on the grid but he isn’t really hits the nail on the coffin for Vergne.

  4. This guy can’t catch a break! I wish him better luck wherever it is he races next year.

  5. Verstappen broke his engine, so he should get the penality next year. Poor JEV, he deserves a good seat, you never know the season is not over….

  6. What team’s gonna want a driver as unlucky as that?!

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