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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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A video filmed by a fan at Suzuka revealed to the world the shocking ferocity of Jules Bianchi’s crash which left him with severe injuries and brought an early end to the race.

Out of respect to Bianchi, his team and family, that video is not featured in our regular collection of fans’ videos from each round of the championship. Details of what the video revealed about the crash can be found here.

Although Formula One Group or agents acting on their behalf have been quick to order the removal of the video from prominent video-sharing sites on copyright grounds, they do not appear to have done the same in the case of other publications who are hosting the video themselves. As regular readers of this series will know and as can be seen below, videos filmed by fans at tracks are not normally subject to copyright claims.

The original version of the video is almost three minutes long. Many sites are hosting a much shorter version of the video. Partly as a result of that editing, some people who saw the video made the incorrect assumption the marshals who were recovering Adrian Sutil’s crashed Sauber, where Bianchi went off, were not covered by yellow flags at the time.

From viewing the full length version of the video and comparing it to the footage broadcast during the race it appears the crash scene was covered by yellow flags and that the green flag being waved applied to an area of the track which the crash had been cleared from. Here is a series of comments which explains the circumstances behind the green flag in greater detail.

Before the Japanese Grand Prix took that horrible turn, these other moments were captured by fans at the track.

Maldonado goes off in practice

Ricciardo crashes in practice

Drivers parade: Watch out for Raikkonen

The start

The race resumes

Lap 3: Alonso retires

Lap 10: The racing begins

Laps 17 and 19: Ricciardo passes the Williams drivers

Lap 29: Hamilton passes Rosberg for the win

Lap 36: Ricciardo loses time in the pits

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2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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13 comments on “2014 Japanese Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Thanks for the article, guys. I am happy that you chose not to include the crash video in this article and I also think that FOM did the right thing by not showing it on TV.

    However, I think that an official video of the crash should be published now, with an appropriate warning to make sure that people can choose not to watch it. In times of fan videos and YouTube, it is hard to disguise it anyway – basically all the F1 fans that I know have seen the fan’s video. A lot of people have been saying “I watched it but will not post a link”.

    If Bianchi’s family does not want the video to be made public, then FOM / FIA should make an animation that explains what exactly happened. I think it is important that everyone can understand the extent of the accident and why it could happen.

    1. If anybody wants to watch the video it’s very easy to find, but at this stage there is no way that the video could be published by the FIA or FOM. Jules is still in a critical condition, the video could the video that shows how his life is changed for ever or even ended. It’s not for publishing.

    2. Bjornar Simonsen
      9th October 2014, 11:14

      Please explain to me how withholding that video does anything to help Bianchi or his family? Will it lead to a faster recovery? Will it remove any injuries? How does it help them? What good does it serve?
      Censor is not an answer, it just leads to more questions.

    3. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
      9th October 2014, 15:56

      I’m sorry, but @girts does not seem to have any argument as to why a video or animation should be made.

      1. @hanswesterbeek I believe there are basically two reasons: 1) The fan’s video is amateurish and as such it leads to misunderstandings and wrong assumptions, particularly when it is edited (Keith mentions the issue with yellow flags in the article). 2) People need to understand why certain changes to safety procedures need to be done and a video would be a good explanation and I also think that, after watching the video, not many would claim that the sport is good as it is and that nothing should be done to improve safety because the “DNA of F1” is more important.

        However, the opinion of Bianchi’s family matters more than anything else here.

        1. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
          9th October 2014, 17:18

          Are you talking about misunderstandings and wrong assumptions for the people investigating the crash and thinking about potential improvements to driver safety? In that case, I think they already have plenty of information.
          But because you seem to argue that such information should be out in the open, for us all to examine and discuss, I don’t see how that would be helpful apart from being aimed at sensation and the wrong kind of public excitement about motorsports. If “the people” need to understand why some changes have been made, (1) there should changes to begin with (but up to know there are none), and (2) the explanation “Jules Bianchi was severely injured because he crashed into a tractor” is sufficient in my humble opinion.

  2. was Raikonnen the one laying down in the back seat of the car with umbrella over him?

  3. The video I watched clearly showed the marshall new the removal vehicle waving yellow, however as the car was lifted snd being moved he started waving a green flag. This did not cause the second accident however my question is why wave green under crash conditions

    1. A green flag means the track is clear from that point. The track was clear from that point.

      Whether the entire circuit should have been under Safety Car conditions is a different matter.

  4. Such a shame for the Williams team. They could’ve had so much more points throughout the season. Hope they score some big points coming and keep Ferrari behind.

  5. What part of the circuit is the drivers’ parade shot from? I am trying to guess. Is it the part just after Spoon curve?

    1. It’s the straight between Degner and the hairpin (if the camera would pan to the left, you would see the bridge).

  6. Just watched that ROS vs HAM overtake. Time and time again. Amazing, with the spray coming off the cars.

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