Pirelli chooses softer tyre compounds for final races

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Super-soft tyre, Singapore, 2014Pirelli has picked a softer mix of tyre compounds for two of the final three rounds of 2014.

Although it will continue to use the hardest tyres from its range for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, softer compounds have been chosen for the races at the Circuit of the Americas and Yas Marina.

The soft tyre will be used for the United States Grand Prix for the first time, along with the medium tyre compound. The previous two races at the Circuit of the Americas were run on the medium and hard tyres.

For the season finale in Abi Dhabi Pirelli will bring the softest tyres in its range – the super-soft and soft compounds – which it describes as “the most suitable choice”.

2014 and 2013 tyre compounds

Circuit2014 Option2014 Prime2013 Option2013 Prime
MelbourneSoftMediumSuper SoftMedium
Monte-CarloSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoft
MontrealSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftMedium
Red Bull RingSuper SoftSoftn/an/a
HockenheimringSuper SoftSoftn/an/a
SingaporeSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftMedium
Circuit of the AmericasSoftMediumMediumHard
Yas MarinaSuper SoftSoftSoftMedium

2014 F1 season

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11 comments on “Pirelli chooses softer tyre compounds for final races”

  1. *downward deserves

  2. Supersoft and soft in Yas Marina sounds good.

  3. So, who is going to drive for Marussia this weekend? Or are they going to skip ths race?

    1. @rojov123 reports from sochi say marussia are present with two cars. it’s most likely going to be rossi who will drive for them the rest of the season.

  4. I cannot understand why the DOTW and Rate the race will not happen. Is that somehow going to make Bianchi better? Or his family feel better? Or is it out of “respect”? if so, how does removing those articles achieve that??
    I really do not understand unnecessary sentimentality. For all the “concern” people have shown, i am yet to see anyone who has put their life on hold due to the incident.
    Please @keithcollantine, let normal service resume on the website.

    1. @kbdavies the world of f1 is living in another status since sunday. a talented young driver had a massive accident and is still fighting for his life. so i completely understand keiths decision of not making those two articles, i would absolutely do the same. i also wouldn’t know how exactly i should rate the race, since the happenings have had a massive effect on my view.

      so i’m all for keeping it a bit low after bianchis incident (as are most other f1 websites at the moment), at least until bianchis state is not critical anymore.

      1. But you have not explained how “keeping it a bit low” affects or influences Bianchi and his family. For all the sentimentality on show, the FIA are continuing racing. Drivers are continuing to fight for WDC. Teams are continuing to fight for points. The only benefit i can see is for Keith removing these articles is this sense of “false sentimentality”; which achieves nothing.
        It is not like the removed articles are like having a celebration or party, is it?
        Bianchi’s accident actually affects the race rating; so to remove that feature is actually befuddling.
        And for the record, no other F1 site has deviated so much from their normal programme.

        1. @kbdavies it doesn’t directly. it’s matter of respect.

  5. You would think Pirelli would prefer the more positive publicity they have received from races when they have used the harder tyre combos this year, however I guess they prefer more talk about lousy tyres to be generated even if it degrades the racing even faster than their lousy tyres degrade.

  6. Ham really has NR measure on Hards imo, Except Spain. I think this helps Nico quite alot. Hamilton needs to win 2 of the final 3 races and he is champion. He could do with winning these next 2 and then in Abu Dhabi put no strain on the car and come 2nd.

  7. Seems like Pirelli are back to the negative press after a very short spate of positive…. You have to wonder whether they do it for this reaction!

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