Top ten pictures from the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

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Ten of the best pictures from the Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

Max Verstappen

The Toro Rosso garage was surrounded by photographers as Max Verstappen made history by becoming the youngest driver to participate in an official F1 session, three days after his 17th birthday.

Daniel Ricciardo

The tricku Suzuka circuit caught out several drivers during practice, including Daniel Ricciardo.

McLaren mechanic

Sparks fly in the McLaren garage.

Romain Grosjean

Last year Romain Grosjean led more laps of the Japanese Grand Prix than anyone else. This year in the recalcitrant E31 he never ran higher than 13th.

Lewis Hamilton

Even the Giant Spider of Suzuka was no match for Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes W05.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Clouds loom over Jean-Eric Vergne during practice. The weather was a talking point throughout the race weekend as the approaching typhoon Phanfone prompted calls for the race start time to be brought forward.

Sergio Perez

The rain duly arrived on Sunday but the race started at its usual time. Sergio Perez discovered how treacherous the track had become after he left the pits before the race and spun off on his way to the grid.


With rain pouring down, the race started by the Safety Car – and then came to a stop again. Following a delay the race finally got going on lap ten.

Lewis Hamilton and Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell gave some encouragement to Hamilton before the start of the race. Hamilton went on to win – leaving him one victory short of Mansell’s tally – and the pair were reunited on the podium.


The fading daylight and returning rain cast Suzuka in gloom as the race entered its final laps.

The serious accident which befell Jules Bianchi then brought the Japanese Grand Prix to an early end, and left the sport in shock.

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Image © McLaren/LAT, Lotus/LAT, Red Bull/Getty, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Pirelli/Hone

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  1. Nice collection! My favourites are Grosjean and Perez.

  2. That’s a lovely pic of the Force India.

  3. The picture with Jean-Eric Vergne in it is an absolutely stunning picture!
    also, as @timothykatz mentioned, the Perez-picture is incredible!
    One of the best ‘top ten pictures’ of this year.

  4. Beautiful collection!
    BTW, what hangs from DR’s suspension and looks like Bernie’s hair?

  5. hope that spider bought a ticket!

  6. the perez and vergne ones are outstanding. such variety!

  7. Some beautiful pictures from a very tough weekend for everybody…

  8. G (the H&S Manager)
    10th October 2014, 13:34

    No PPE used at Mclaren ;-)

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