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Championship leader Lewis Hamilton received this unusual banner to sign during the last round of the championship in Russia.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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119 comments on “Caption Competition 62: Lewis Hamilton”

  1. LH: “This picture isn’t quite right is it… You forgot to draw on my ear rings.”

  2. As Lewis gazes upon his future, he can’t help but wonder the chins of yonder.

  3. I guess I’ll be Russian away if he keeps a bad mood.

  4. ‘Who’s frickin’ idea was this?’

    1. Winner right here

  5. … To Bernie. Keep your chin up times will get better. Thanks for supporting Medcedes.

  6. Lucky we have to keep our weight down.

  7. “Do I really have to color my cap in a right color?”

    1. *”…myself”

  8. Lewis shows why he got an ‘F’ in art class when it came to self portraits.

  9. “When a white guy come second, he alway look like dat”

  10. After being questioned about the quality of Lewis’ artwork, Mercedes explained that the mid-season ban on Front-to-Rear InterConnected Suspension system used in their pens made them considerably harder to draw with.

  11. LH: “I’m sorry, my name is Lewis, Nigel is right there.”

  12. Sem (@05abrahamsemere)
    25th October 2014, 14:07

    As Putin prepares to revive the glory days of the old Soviet Union, a picture has emerged from the Mercedes camp depicting Putin with a raised sickle sporting a Mercedes cap. An urgent press release from the Kremlin stated: “The 2014 season demonstrated the technical expertise of Mercedes-Benz on a world stage. With 13 wins from 16 races so far, their dominant performance this year has been true to the promise of the Mercedes-Benz brand: The Best Or Nothing. We welcome this partnership with the partnership with Mercedes and look forward to many successful years together.”

    Toto Wolf then further explained that Mercedes-Kremlin have now developed hybrid hypersonic fusion-propelled rockets that travel faster than the speed of light and is able to hit any target on earth under .007 seconds, which he believes will aid Mercedes-Kremlin’s goal of world domination, particularly Europe and the United States. It is also believed that Ross Brawn has returned to negotiate the contract deals with Vladimir Putin. Niki Lauda is adamant that, despite this venture, they will remain competitive for the 2015 F1 season. It is rumoured that Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will be firing these rockets from cockpit enclosures deep within the Kremlin.

    Both drivers were unavailable for comment.

  13. “Hang on… is this me or Roscoe?”

    1. I like this one :)

  14. Win a second championship, be a man, блеять! (russian for damn it!)

  15. Lewis drawing the 2014 season as if it was a person
    Mercedes on top
    Ricciardo got his nose in there
    Alonso always raise a eyebrow
    and the rest is just a mess

    1. *raises*

  16. LH ” If this looks like me, then I’ll eat my hat’

  17. Lewis Hamilton being discouraged to go the Michael Jackson route.

  18. Continuing what has become known as the 1st World War, Descendants of pro-Tsardom Russians are fighting Austria by telling Lewis to hammer his Austrian boss.

    They’re also fighting the UK because King George V didn’t let Tsar Nicholas II into the UK, since Lewis hammering Toto will certainly result in the former being fired.

    The latter will then retire, giving rise back to Red Bull, which, despite being Austrian, has got a Russian driver in it. The Russia Kvyat’s from might not be the Tsardom but they’re preparing a coup.

  19. i’m drawing my first kid’s comic book about an English carpenter entitled ‘Hammertime Lewis’. It’s like ‘Bob the Builder’ only angrier…. with super powers

  20. Lewis: “Why am I not black?!”

  21. Maybe it’s because I’m black that I’m not black on the drawing…

  22. “Roscoe could draw something better than this”

  23. In Russia, the bottle of vodka draws a portrait of you.

  24. For some reason, the printers made a huge mix up with the Lewis Hamilton & JP Montoya merchandise

    1. ouch for montoya lol

  25. “Really?! I don’t remember looking that bad the last time I saw my reflection in a bottle off vodka”

  26. In Russia, the bottle of vodka draws you.

  27. …And over here we have Lewis’ marker on canvas entry called, “How I see Nico Rosberg”

  28. Rosberg after Abu Dhabi GP

  29. a chilling subliminal flashback of dad suddenly came to mind within Lewis as he was shivering

  30. ‘Well, at least they drew my cap in the right style.’

  31. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    25th October 2014, 16:29

    Hammertime… to your drawing!!!

  32. ‘I’m gonna put Rosberg’s name man…’

  33. ‘Errm… Im gonna put Rosberg’s name’

  34. “I think you’ve mistaken me for my teammate.”

  35. That’s Rosberg being “hugrier” than Hamilton, but too bad Hamilton left him little to eat.

  36. Dude, you’ve got this picture totally wrong. My eyebrows look nothing like that…

  37. ” I’ll just add a bit of smoke out of Ron’s ears…. Perfect!”

  38. “And if you can just sign to confirm that this photo of Mr. Wolff is a genuine article and was taken by yourself on the evening of this year’s Belgian Grand Prix, we can be on our way”.

  39. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    25th October 2014, 17:32

    Lewis signs Mercedes’ quirky thank you card to Ross Brawn on winning the Constructors Championship.

  40. “I’m not signing this.” Lewis isn’t fooled by the design of the 2015 McLaren contract.

    1. Nice one!

  41. ” Hey, Nicole are you sure all that all that yogurt is good for me “

  42. I’m very hungry, but just not THAT kind of hungry

  43. “You know Roscoe is a dog, right?”

  44. I thought there would be a lot less stupid PR work when I signed for Mercedes.

  45. “Somebody, get me a mirror quick!”

  46. You know that the pictures I post on twitter are Roscoe’s and not my own, right?

  47. Ok, I’ll just sign here then to race for Merc next year?

  48. Hmm..that guy has really cap-sized

  49. A fan attempts to capture Lewis’s expression the moment Nico hit him at Spa

  50. “If you could just sign it ‘To Ron, with love from your pal, Lewis’ that’d be great, thanks!”

  51. FAN: Aren’t you Dwayne Johnson?

  52. “Did Rosberg commission this?”

  53. Lewis Hamilton auditions for Bo Selecta

  54. Raúl Valencia
    25th October 2014, 19:56

    For me, the man in the banner is Churchill… If I’m right, it’s funny that Lewis is driving for a German team…

  55. Lewis signing: To my dear friend Norbert

  56. “What the **** am I signing?”

  57. Even more rumours reach light about Jean Todt replacing Hamilton for for 2015.

  58. “No Lewis, this mix-up at the printers has nothing to do with not shaking hands with President Putin.”

  59. Victoria Palmer
    25th October 2014, 21:37

    LH “I wish Ron would stop sending me menacing portraits pretending to be me. I’m happy where I am”

    1. Thankyou for that. Nice to learn something new.

    2. Thanks for the link!

  60. hey does anyone know how to spell Deennttiisstt?

  61. Why am I signing a picture of

  62. Originally this banner featured both Mercedes drivers, but Lewis was eager to prove how hungry he was.

  63. “Oh, quite electrifying poster, he looks KERSED. And by the way, I can tell you that from next year we will also have WURS, wake up recovery system, which basically is an electric shock up your ass in case you fall asleep during boring races.”

  64. “Jeez, am I really that ugly?”

  65. Lewis Hamilton: How does my picture compare to Nico’s? Is it good?
    Jock Clear: Err, there’s nothing I can say, really. No possibility to compare.

  66. Thanks to all my fans in Russia who follow F1 on BBC5. Lewis.

  67. Judging of the “Lewis Hamilton” world portrait championship.
    “Dude, this is a Caterham of a portrait. Score 1/11”

  68. Ham: Well this is weird. I wonder if keith will use it in a caption competition….

  69. Lewis: “This is outrageous. They’ve forgotten my ear stud!”

  70. @immovablehill
    25th October 2014, 23:17

    Of course I’ll sign your banner but you do know Éric Boullier works for Mclaren not Mercedes?

  71. Mistressofspeed
    25th October 2014, 23:38

    “It’s me! Putin on ‘Hammer time’, Buddy.”

  72. Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing will be alright. Woke up this morning, it’s just a dream…

  73. “Ok Mr. Putin, I’ve finished your caricature. Next!”

  74. “With money so tight in Formula 1, Lewis takes on a second job as a caricature artist.”

  75. Michael Harris
    26th October 2014, 2:49

    John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott gets more egg on his face after this picture is released showing his new allegiance to the German marque!

  76. Attakorn Saiyasombat
    26th October 2014, 3:17

    …and a little more on the ear…there we go!

  77. Finally someone understands just how hungry I am!

  78. You do realize, don’t you, that “Hammer Time” doesn’t literally mean that somebody punched me in the face with a hammer, right?

  79. I think I may have just laid a brick looking at that image for the first time.

  80. Lewis Hamburger was asked to sign a banner from his fans

  81. This is purely russian comix character, some kind of common guy who asks you to be “a real tough man, damn it”
    “damn it” is replaced by russian F word, but widely used as…as nearly any part in sentence :)

  82. “Hey! that’s white, not me for sure.”

  83. You must be a huge Nico fan to draw me like this.

  84. After signing the 25th copy of a poster of Bill Murray, Lewis realises he is starring in his very own Groundhog Day

  85. “Yeah, you’ve captured Nico’s inner self perfectly!”

  86. Ronald Sebuhinja
    26th October 2014, 10:19

    This teenage mutant ninja version of myself wouldn’t even need a car to win races!

  87. “I’m much better at staying between the lines than Nico…
    but then again, he does struggle with track limits.”

  88. Yeah I better sign it. It’s the only way it’s gonna fetch anything on E-Bay for the poor bloke.

  89. OK, I’ll sign your silly poster, but I won’t play with your Scaletrix cars. I have a full size Scaletrix to play with all year long.

  90. “I don’t look that bad even during Halloween.”

  91. “Wow…I didn’t know you were such a fan, Mr Nixon…wait…to who? Sure thing, ‘To: Tricky Dicky, my number one fan…L.H.’ By the way…nice likeness…oh, you drew it yourself…beautiful sir, just beautiful.”

  92. Following a lacklustre Russian GP the FIA hopes to improve the show and rein back Mercedes with a ban on driver coaching via trackside banners.

  93. Don’t know what the rest says, but I’ll sign anything that has my name on it!!

  94. Many were surprised to see the result of Vladmir Putin’s PR team consulting Lewis Hamilton for advice on improving Mr Putin’s public image

  95. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

  96. Ahh, finally, my new driver’s license has arrived.

  97. “I wonder if this teenage mutant ninja version of me would even need a car to win a GP race?”

  98. Smeagol obeys Mass-tah. Yee-hss, Precious!

  99. ‘Lewis, you’re not you when your hungry, eat your Snickers’

  100. Luis Rodrigues
    27th October 2014, 10:21

    These guy’s.. like Chinese merchandise + Russian Vodka..
    I’ll sign ”Batman”…

  101. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    27th October 2014, 11:21

    They say the camera adds 40 pounds, but Lewis had never realised it also adds 30 years, changes your skin colour and ruins your dental work.

  102. This is what happens to nico when he gets angry.

  103. aditya shrivatri
    29th October 2014, 8:54

    Fernando ! where the hell are you now days !!!!!!

  104. i don’t think nico would appreciate you showing churchill in our Mercedes gear

  105. “Dear Russian radio listener, glad you’ve finally met me in person.signed Lewis”

    1. Hahaha!
      Good One!!!

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