Fine weather expected for F1’s third race in Austin

2014 United States Grand Prix weather

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Severe rain caused a lengthy stoppage during the World Endurance Championship’s Six Hours of the Circuit of the Americas last month. But there’s no danger of the same happening in this weekend’s grand prix.

Fine weather is expected throughout all three days, though the temperatures won’t reach Thursday’s peak of 26C.

A cooling front will see overnight temperatures fall considerably, though in the daytime they should push towards the mid-20s.

By Sunday the local area will be clouding over and warming up slightly. That will bring a chance of rain on Monday but none is currently expected for race day.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Circuit of the Americas

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2014 United States Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Fine weather expected for F1’s third race in Austin”

  1. Good news and I cant wait for this one, its by far the best of the new tracks!
    I am not a morning person but for the next 3 races here in Oz we need to be very early morning people!!
    Go Nico!!

    1. Just clarifying, it looks like daylight saving ends a bit late there in Texas, but I’m not sure if the F1 website takes that into account. Will the race be at 7am in Sydney/Melbourne or 6am?

      1. The race is at 7am

      2. @RL
        I think you will find its the 6am mate as our coverage in is 530am Monday morning and we are 30min behind. I did think last year it was earlier though more like a 4-430am start?

        1. Sorry I think I am wrong here, I checked 2 days ago and it was 530 but now 630am. So yes, 7am in MEL/SYD.

      3. You can get all the session times in the F1 Fanatic calendar here:

        F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

      4. I’ve found that the official site is pretty useless, but it is easy to at least click on the schedule and hit “convert to local time” for a quick reference of practice, qualifying and race times.

    2. @ayrtonfan12 – you mean next 2 but lucky guys for people on AEDST as you have got a good time to watch the race.

  2. Hopefully Lewis and Nico can have a good on-track battle for once. It’s highly likely that Lewis will win this, he’s been successful in the States. Nico has had bad luck around here though.

  3. I’m going to be at the track and I can’t wait! The weather here in Austin is absolutely gorgeous and should be just as good for the rest of the weekend. :) Will be my first time to hear the new engines in person since I had schedule conflicts and didn’t make it to Montreal this year.

    1. Have an awesome time @daved See if you can capture a good video or two for Keith’s fan video gallery!

      1. Oh, my girlfriend will make sure we get some good pics/video. She’s a HUGE F1 fan and so excited to spend the weekend doing F1 stuff. We’re going to Will Buxton’s “Meals on Wheels” fund raiser tonight and Joe Saward’s QA dinner tomorrow night. She’s still looking for other events around the race to attend. LOL

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