Alonso salvages sixth as damage delays Raikkonen

2014 United States Grand Prix lap charts

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Fernando Alonso pipped Sebastian Vettel to sixth place after coming under pressure from the Red Bull driver at the end of the race.

The pair traded blows following Alonso’s final pit stop: Vettel, who had started from the pits, briefly got ahead, but Alonso’s fresher tyres allowed him to reclaim the position in the DRS zone.

A late pit stop allowed Vettel to come back at him, and at the end of the race the pair were separated by just half a second. Crucially, Alonso had broken free of the slower Mclarens earlier in the race after coming out on top in a scrap with Jenson Button.

It was another frustrating race for Kimi Raikkonen, however. He suffered damage on the first lap when he was hit by Sergio Perez, and that may have contributed to the difficulty he had looking after his tyres. That later forced him to make an extra pit stop with three laps to go.

Ferrari said both the medium tyres did not perform as well as expected for both drivers, but Raikkonen’s problems were particularly acute. “The collision with Perez might have damaged the left-rear on Kimi’s car and unfortunately he then had traffic on his second stint and excessive degradation that meant he had to make an extra stop,” said technical director Pat Fry.

“When we get the car back, we will try and see if there’s something wrong with it, although an initial look at the telemetry data revealed nothing.”

United States Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Use the controls below to show/hide different drivers:

Nico Rosberg111111111111111121111111222222222212222222222222222222222
Lewis Hamilton222222222222222212222222111111111121111111111111111111111
Valtteri Bottas344444444444444386555555555555555555555555555555555555555
Felipe Massa433333333333333964333333333333333444444444444444444444444
Daniel Ricciardo5766655555555551075444444444444444333333333333333333333333
Fernando Alonso6655566666666664310999988777666666666666666667666666666666
Kevin Magnussen75121212121212121212121212121210877776666671312101010101010999999988888877777788
Kimi Raikkonen887777777777777543111111111010121211121110888888777777713131313131413121213141413
Adrian Sutil9
Pastor Maldonado1010888888888888861615151514141313131313111097777771414141414141312121212121211101010910109
Sergio Perez1117
Jenson Button121115141413131313131313131313131198888778889914131313131313121212121212109999998889111112
Nico Hulkenberg139161515151414141414141414141412
Jean-Eric Vergne14129999999999999715141413131312121111101088141414141414131313131313121111111111111099888910
Esteban Gutierrez1513131313141616161616161616161614121214151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151514131314
Romain Grosjean161410101010101010101010101010851313121212111110109877111111111112111111111111111010101010109111111121211
Daniil Kvyat1715111111111111111111111111111197666614141414141312119999998888881414141414141312131415151515
Sebastian Vettel1816141616161515151515151515151513111010101099991214141312121212121110101010101087677771414131210977

United States Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap. Use the controls below to show/hide different drivers:

Nico Rosberg00000000000000016.76100000000.8961.3811.2721.4951.4881.6252.0972.3792.7272.70903.6752.7062.8062.5572.4272.5192.6932.4572.4362.4932.4281.92421.9912.5242.3912.473.4172.9982.8512.064.314
Lewis Hamilton0.9031.0591.5170.6860.7391.1570.6970.88511.0650.880.9281.1962.0212.64902.4322.5071.8171.4551.0670.7840.806000000000016.2490000000000000000000000
Valtteri Bottas3.3613.213.1742.1133.6384.4694.5315.3065.786.4777.3638.3049.04210.44611.66728.40711.4511.82112.30813.11313.71114.07314.3514.10414.79114.13613.92413.93513.92514.51133.90933.42633.77731.63315.53615.94117.42918.35519.79621.54223.17523.9724.85525.6326.18626.3527.02127.67328.80128.8729.2629.81130.69831.82630.28230.992
Felipe Massa2.5042.4192.6211.9072.883.693.8084.3134.9255.2145.9096.8477.469.10929.71626.6889.088.798.3938.5948.5118.5528.6738.0688.3487.7037.4457.296.9377.0647.3198.28128.89926.0129.4689.45810.7611.62712.69513.8215.24916.0717.21818.46319.30819.83321.03422.11923.18623.43324.04724.90325.40126.07225.93826.924
Daniel Ricciardo5.8915.5095.1012.874.3725.645.967.0317.7618.3938.7939.2269.74211.07131.0327.79910.49310.44710.32210.61310.76910.68310.87610.31610.8710.56610.159.9149.5179.4599.54328.47427.37424.2747.6217.8768.99.37210.09711.12612.48513.27314.18615.32716.1217.14518.49719.86421.28321.83522.6323.32423.79724.56123.96625.56
Fernando Alonso4.9574.3173.7462.6226.0888.239.63311.48813.28814.57615.7916.82617.66819.35321.12719.4223.37824.57125.57327.23729.77232.04434.33835.1437.01338.4139.43340.34940.7642.14742.55643.74644.24542.15526.8428.41930.93832.6235.12937.67140.26642.68145.61468.90569.76871.85471.07472.10475.21378.62777.70181.16286.17988.18694.84195.231
Kevin Magnussen3.54412.03512.6615.46410.04713.5616.14719.14622.36325.22727.37829.41931.51933.64735.98434.6219.33821.1122.86424.89727.17229.12630.99332.4735.79838.12142.21362.84962.65663.19664.02165.05265.52863.60148.3449.70652.53954.47656.6959.13561.91164.66466.44870.07872.33674.80177.79880.82783.5785.63387.93690.40892.63695.69298.097100.682
Kimi Raikkonen7.1366.5166.4233.4426.7749.2111.20213.57815.42916.81518.06419.68420.96922.58623.98622.3457.57928.81730.49932.35733.80435.73637.77240.77143.10845.50548.08350.14151.44952.95254.2755.66556.72555.6940.93142.60945.35347.30649.75652.77256.02759.20880.26781.35282.24582.81784.2587.9390.96994.40697.359101.965123.168123.342123.306
Adrian Sutil
Pastor Maldonado9.6947.4347.5683.9147.87410.64912.63915.06117.27918.9920.31721.60222.94624.60926.64850.46934.71735.99437.23739.07840.0141.23942.61143.10444.70545.91946.71749.43349.86250.61552.76454.00255.02153.9839.1660.92762.15262.88864.36466.49269.41672.22974.41876.59278.52880.48282.82586.03989.1391.52393.27696.15797.75599.524100.636102.87
Sergio Perez39.691
Jenson Button9.72516.64814.7636.35710.54714.28617.06820.03823.47426.05828.30730.38932.55734.83537.04235.59820.29422.41124.10926.57429.31631.55533.95336.61439.17941.33944.92149.24868.67969.69670.37670.99271.31669.54154.46855.71457.93859.43661.33163.63766.93468.90570.94973.57776.28678.53981.21284.17987.52289.68792.08195.66199.99105.024109.817
Nico Hulkenberg9.19417.09515.8966.89711.90715.92518.38421.39824.4527.29730.09732.35934.46136.80638.95737.36
Jean-Eric Vergne10.0288.8978.9834.2128.42111.36213.45515.83418.6520.80121.76823.26324.38325.71927.47749.57532.18732.7834.67435.58636.69137.94739.03639.74441.91643.19345.44147.59449.19270.66871.31271.70672.01970.30255.43857.22159.95561.8163.66465.89169.04971.72773.86475.81677.90879.87882.31785.49588.47890.80892.77894.87496.4298.22100.039103.863
Esteban Gutierrez11.21413.18413.8046.20511.38917.48121.42325.5429.41132.55435.03237.56939.78442.57245.0643.86129.21231.88436.13139.32768.33570.37572.15373.00974.59175.31976.49777.7278.79480.5282.1983.37984.64883.78868.98170.85474.65377.35480.32584.62107.933109.01110.214111.154112.106112.682113.434114.813115.984117.039118.609120.589121.783122.757124.379
Romain Grosjean12.6439.6910.1764.5658.77611.72813.91416.44119.33321.50522.71423.93825.11426.56628.14326.31130.56832.26234.07934.90235.85537.14138.25338.39941.30341.89943.21744.04744.83765.50166.21367.05167.58466.08751.63353.12755.39157.58659.82962.81866.4570.98973.03175.09777.2679.14781.77284.79488.05692.42594.24997.156101.047105.475108.67
Daniil Kvyat13.78911.17211.665.1059.64913.0515.43118.4821.53624.22426.08228.08229.8132.03234.41432.82717.31719.41521.03523.17725.50348.29548.9149.47150.54351.56652.80753.96854.7655.91556.93658.12859.27258.03343.33145.21548.2350.35952.95756.0859.96580.82581.83182.4248383.72185.06187.0489.81195.17107.507130.873129.718130.495130.759
Sebastian Vettel14.11216.05116.4847.35112.43917.13719.87423.21826.42129.30932.01934.24536.4738.95240.96539.27524.82726.50628.21630.32832.19334.53336.53137.96740.99745.66365.2765.24165.18566.39267.17767.90568.80466.94950.77951.57653.22855.28857.29359.79962.64863.81465.3368.31671.10573.10775.79779.25599.41298.06797.77497.5998.3398.59296.66295.734

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12 comments on “Alonso salvages sixth as damage delays Raikkonen”

  1. Ferrari better get used to finishing in the lower reaches and outside of the points next year.

  2. Rai is that bad that it is hard to judge if Alo is as good as ever, of course he is still great but eventually at his age he will decline, Kimi has been terrible.

  3. Even the lap charts look empty…

  4. How can a team that big and recourse plenty can be that out of touch?

    1. Simple, Ferrari had built themselves around creating a reasonable car at the start of the year and then using its extensive test facilities to improve it faster than others, they had a full test team, their own track and didn’t need to worry too much about computer models and wind tunnels being brilliant because they could model something and test it in the real world pretty quickly. The FIA then banned in season testing and Ferrari need to redo their whole development process, how many years have we heard of the correlation issues between wind tunnel, computer models and track even with the new wind tunnel. “Newer” teams (Red Bull and Mercedes for example) seem to have been able to change quicker releasing the need for a very good car from the start of the season as the development race throughout the season was a completely different thing. This year to make it worse the one thing they need to update (the engine and hybrid systems) is restricted to little or no development. I would assume Ferrari gave up months ago on this year and (fingers crossed) have a better car on the way for next year.

  5. Money has replaced common sense , that somehow money can buy wins /championship /common sense . Nothing could be further from the truth

    1. It’s not far from the truth. The teams with the biggest budgets do tend to win the championships the last 35 or so years. It started since the eighties when Williams started with Saudi sponsoring and the whole budget explosion started.

      Only teams like Benneton (95), Renault (2005 and 2006) and Brawn (2009) are exceptions. And this year Mercedes. Those did tend to have some clever thing that helped them overcome the budget deficit.

      Benetton had a new nose design, Renault had the tuned mass dampers and the right tyres, Brawn the double diffuser and Mercedes their clever cooling. Even Brawn is debatable though, because that car is reported to be the most expensive in the history of F1.

      Either way those 5 exceptions in 30 years hardly make something “further from the truth”.

      And of course Toyota is a notable exception of a team with the biggest budget and no result. To some extent so is Ferrari. Of if a team totally messes things up even the biggest budget wont be champion, but the order of the teams at the end of the years is pretty much in line with the team budgets. At best it matters one position plus or minus.

      1. I honestly don’t think Mercedes can be considered an exception this year if the figures discussed over the weekend where correct, they have spent $300 million this year on winning everything, thats pretty much the amount the other big budget teams are likely to be spending

  6. Has anyone bothered to make a comparison between Massa’s results compared to Alonso to that of Raikkonen?
    I will be very interested to see the differences, I am expecting to see Massa fairing better than Raikkonen.
    Maybe its just me but I don’t see too many cirtics as Massa had.
    It also seemed to be the same issues they have been complaining about.
    Please someone with facts and figures, assist
    As for Alonso, he is just quite simply a wizard

  7. I was very surprised when I saw that Vettel only ended up half a second behind Alonso as I thought that Alonso was quite a bit ahead of the group that Vettel passed in the last few laps. But it seems Alonso had an awful second-last lap where Vettel gained 8 1/2 seconds on Alonso. Anyone knows what happened? I guess he was very lucky that the finish line was not further down the start finish straight or it would have been very difficult to keep Vettel behind in the end.

    1. Alonso had a serious vibration problem for the last few laps. When he saw Vettel was closing fast, he drove flat out. Claims it vibrated so bad he could hardly see.

  8. The Lap-Chart looks so empty, yet the race was great. Funny how that turned out.

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