Wet weekend ahead in Brazil but race may be dry

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix weather

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Last year rain fell on every session during the build-up to the Brazilian Grand Prix but the race itself was dry. F1 may be in for a repeat this weekend.

Rising heat will bring thunderstorms on Friday but after that conditions will begin to cool and settle down. From a peak of 30C tomorrow the mercury will not rise far above 20C on race day.

Spells of rain and sunshine are set to keep drivers guessing throughout qualifying. That will continue into Sunday, at which point the forecast becomes less clear. Initially Sunday was expected to be another wet day, but some models are now indicating it could turn out dry.

The prospect of another wet race is likely to raise concerns just over a month after Jules Bianchi was seriously injured in a crash during the rain-hit Japanese Grand Prix.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Wet weekend ahead in Brazil but race may be dry”

  1. The rain would be a surprise, actually. We didn’t have a rain-less year like this one since the 1940s.

    Water levels are at an all-time low at dams, situation is pretty dire.

  2. Hope we have a wet race. I feel we have had less wet races lately. Not full wet but sort of intermediate area. Don’t want race to be stopped either.

    1. Trouble is with F1 for the past few years is we have seen so much rain in qualifying and almost none in the race, and they keep throwing out red-flags every time it gets slightly beyond intermediates. This won’t be helped in any way by what happened in Japan.

  3. An inconsistantly wet race for me, inters at the begining, slicks in the middle, inters at the end, race changing tyre decisions, Jenson Button rocketing up the feild culminaiting in glourious failure, a leveler of a track, all sorts of shennanigans, generally the best races in F1 at the moment, we dont get them enough.

  4. Are the houses really that close to the circuit?

    1. Yes, it’s close but it’s farther than it looks on the picture.

  5. Lewis is usually brilliant when it’s wet but the year he was leading in Brazil he was hit by Hulk who failed to control his car in slippery conditions… same scene would be dramatic this year.

    1. @jcost Well, I remember the wet Brazillian race where a German with a Ferrari-engined car put him out of the championship lead for a few moments….:)

      1. @davidnotcoulthard how could I forget the best finale I’ve ever seen in F1?

  6. It will be interesting.

  7. Just watched the 2003 race. An absolute classic, that one! Anyone rememeber that??

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