2014 Brazilian Grand Prix Friday in Tweets

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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It was an eventful day on and off the track as the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend began at Interlagos.

The day’s activities played out as depressing news broke about the closing of Marussia, and the more surprising development of Caterham trying to crowdfund their way to the final race of the season.

During the practice session cars crashed, spun and caught fire. Those that managed to string a sequence of laps together between the interruptions tended to chew their tyres to pieces.

Here’s how Friday at the Brazilian Grand Prix happened on Twitter.

First practice

Felipe Nasr, who was announced as Sauber driver for 2015 yesterday, drove for Williams in a practice session for the final time.

Second practice

Jenson Button was unhappy with his car’s balance.

Pits and paddock

This picture from Austin made for an interesting debate between Formula One’s current medical car driver and former doctor.

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2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Gary Hartstein covering himself with glory as usual. Apparently the most frustrating thing about being a retired doctor is not getting to tell people off every day…

    1. I’ve got so say I respected the guy and enjoyed his blog but sometimes he comes out as a total…. yeah, that.

      Some of his latest blogs were quite harsh. Specially the one about Jules’ accident. He used to give a great POV, nowadays he sounds just bitter…

  2. A hilarious “pitstop” by massa.

  3. “cars crashed, spun and caught fire”

    Sounds like a decent Hollywood action film.

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