Alonso explains qualifying outburst

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso explained what was behind his outburst on the radio which was broadcast during Q1 at Interlagos.

The Ferrari driver aborted his first run in Q1 and exclaimed: “Why? Why I can’t start a qualifying with a normal setting. How is possible? How?”

“It’s OK, it’s OK, no worries,” he continued, “I will make the straight, I will make the traffic, I will charge the battery and then I will start the lap. It’s impossible.”

Speaking to reporters afterwards Alonso said “I think in Q1 we were not ready with some settings that were wrong and we missed the first attempt”.

“Then things went back to normal,” Alonso added. He made it through Q1 and eventually qualified eighth, less than five-hundredths of a second away from fifth place.

“In Q3 we arrived with one set of tyres new to fight for the top positions,” he explained. “The lap was good. True that in one lap you can go from fifth to tenth, we are eighth, I think it’s what we deserve today.”

Alonso said the team’s priority for the race was to prevent McLarens from closing on them further in the constructors championship: “I think we were in Austin putting the two McLarens behind us but tomorrow they start in front so we need to recover some places there and hopefully we can do it.”

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Alonso explains qualifying outburst”

  1. the last straw…

  2. “… less than five-hundredths of a second away from fifth place.”

    El ‘o el.

    1. I thought that was a nit cheeky!

    2. 1:10,930 (5th) and 1:10,977 (8th) Really close.

    3. He loves that fifth place so much

      1. @gdewilde DRIVING a ferrari is The best position any one can get.

  3. made it to q3 not q1 small mistake there Keith

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      8th November 2014, 23:13

      “He made it through Q1″. No mistake there!

  4. Enjoyed his ‘ai yai yai yai yai……’ that was funny, hilarious and entertaining with the high pitched voice. F1 need moments like this once in a while.

    1. @johnbt I’ve said it before, it’s striking how few radio messages we hear from Alonso given how popular he and Ferrari are. This isn’t the first time he’s been critical of them on the radio either. Of course he’s not unique in that respect, but I do wonder what goes on with all those messages of his which we don’t hear.

  5. Knowing him, like i know. He done for make Ferrari look like a very amateur team. But what was very unprofesional was his reaction to the problem. 2 in a row with the spectacle of the fire, that wanted to extinguish by himself, while 5 people with extinguishers were there to do their job. But they leaved him the protagonist role. Ferrari doesnt need this type of spectacle in front of all viewers. If u want to critize do it in private, not on public and to the media everyday. He is getting very annoying now he is leaving Ferrari, and prepare for the frogs and all that will came from his mouth, when his departure to McLaren is confirmed.

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