2014 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2014 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Situation is simple: Rosberg takes out Hamilton in Abu Dhabi or loses. Gonna be interesting to see whether he goes for it at the start Senna style or whether he waits for mid-race, Schumi mode?

      1. @klon @gicu

        First, it’s one thing to take out a rival if it doesn’t matter if you also retire. Trying to take out a rival while not damaging your own car too much is obviously far harder.

        Second, the FIA has said it would take action against a driver who won the title in that way. That may never have been put to the test, but nor has anyone tried it since Michael Schumacher did 17 years ago.

        So this is a million miles from “simple”.

    1. You mean takes out HAM but still carries on ? That requires some skills !

    2. Even if he takes out Lewis, there are chances that he might as well retire. So I dont see any point in taking out Lewis deliberately by Rosberg.

    3. To complete that, both Schumacher and Senna were leading the championship and crashed on purpose to stop their rival from winning. In other words, to make the parallel work, it would be Hamilton who takes Rosberg out, not the other way around.

    4. I think if he did that he would (if the stewards have any sense) get disqualified.

    5. You mean Hamilton? If Rosberg crashes at the start, he loses.

    6. He needs to do a Spa.

  2. Wait…. if they scrap the double points rule now the championship isn’t decided yet! Let’s hope for a miracle……

  3. Pretty much only reliability can stop Lewis from winning the WDC. Finishing 2nd in a Merc is easy. If I was Lewis, I would play it safe with the car now.

    1. Lewis always made a lot of errors during championship deciding races. There’s a real chance a Red Bull or a Williams could get in the way for second place if he has an off day.

    2. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
      9th November 2014, 19:30

      He played it safe all weekend long at Brazil back in 2008. And he won the title by the smallest of margins, just because Glock struggled on Dry Tyres…

  4. Simply put, something needs to go wrong with Hamilton to prevent him from winning the championship. Second is virtually guaranteed without a mechanical issue, error in the pits or an incident on track.

    As discussed above, could Rosberg prove the one to initiate the latter possibility? You could definitely argue he possess the cynicism on the basis of Monaco and Belgium, without having to stretch the imagination too far beyond the realms of reality, to undertake such action. Would he be able to if an opportunity presented itself however, or would the FIA serve to strip him of his points?

    1. @vettel1 It’s a question isn’t it? Rosberg’s been on such a charm offensive since Spa I think Toto did threaten him with the sack if he did it again. But a wdc is such a carrot, I don’t know if he’d make the exchange. It would probably be this wdc or none, after all. History says the stewards would bottle it.

    2. Even with some kind of incident on track or in the pits Hamilton can “easily” overcome any deficit. On average, the Mercs have finished about 30 seconds clear of the rest of the field in the last few races. Half a minute is ample time to to stop in the pits and have a nice cup of coffee.

  5. Although I’m a Rosberg-fan, I don’t want him to win the title because of double points or Hamilton’s misfortune. So I guess I can only hope Lewis somehow finishes 7th or below in Abu Dhabi…

  6. Simply not enough for Nic0 just one race with double points left.

  7. Here’s what Hamilton or Rosberg must do to win the 2014 championship at Abu Dhabi:

    If Hamilton scores no points (334), Rosberg must finish 5th or higher to win (337).
    It Hamilton is 10th (336), Rosberg must finish 5th or higher to win (337).
    It Hamilton is 9th (338), Rosberg must finish 4th or higher to win (341).
    It Hamilton is 8th (342), Rosberg must finish 3rd or higher to win (347).
    It Hamilton is 7th (346), Rosberg must finish 3rd or higher to win (347).
    It Hamilton is 6th (350), Rosberg must finish 2nd or higher to win (353).
    It Hamilton is 5th (354), Rosberg must finish 1st to win (367).
    It Hamilton is 4th (358), Rosberg must finish 1st to win (367).
    It Hamilton is 3th (364), Rosberg must finish 1st to win (367).
    It Hamilton is 2nd (370), Rosberg cannot win.
    It Hamilton is 1st (384), Rosberg cannot win.

  8. The irony is that we have the championship going down to the wire regardless of gimmicks like double,triple or even quadruple points being available in the last race, so Bernie has once again made a mockery of F1 just to squeeze a few extra petrodollars out of the sheik or possibly just to get him to accept last place in the calendar.

  9. Ricciardo is now guaranteed to finish 3rd in the championship, regardless of the outcome in Abu Dhabi.

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